Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 23 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 23 April 2020

Jodha ask moti that jalal was saying that he didnt touch me, is it true? Moti says why not? Why will he lie to his wife, and who can stop him? Jalal has no fear to say a lie and if would have done that then it was his right, you are husband and wife.

Here ruks says you played a lot, sad now jodha will lie in some corner of palace, jalal ask arent you jealous? Ruks says this not the 1st time you spent night with other wife, why would i be jealous? Jalal says you should be as a wife.
There jodha says what i am wife 1st he need my permission now think it as my arrogance.
Here ruks says she was arrogant now she will cry for whole her life, she leaves, jalal says i cant understand these women, they are something else as friend and behave otherwise as a wife whether its jodha, salima or ruks.


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