Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 2 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 2 April 2020

Jalal is leaving the bazar when ruks comes and says you bought every color from jodha jalal says this is because to show her that her every color is under me. Maybe this is her last holi . Ruks laughs and says strange she sold colors to you. She gifts jalal a shawl and make him wear it. He thanks her and leaves.
Maham comes to ruks and tell her jalal bought all colors from jodha’s stall. ruks says to maham that the life of her is de colored by jalal so what will happen if jalal buys some colors from her.

Hamida says to jodha i am proud of you , you took part in meena bazar for me and everybody liked your stall and ask about jalal jodha says he bought all colors hamida is happy that he liked your stall. Jodha says my intention was different behind putting colors in my stall and tell her about holi hamida says i know about holi. When jalal was child i hide in some hindu palace and there i played holi with them. Jodha is excited that she knows about it jodha says to hamida that i dont want to destroy the rules of the palace and dont want to play holi with very much fun, I will play with hindu womens here. it is our religious festival i am attached to it and jalal has given me permission but You are my mother here so asking permission from you hamida allows her saying its your right and i am happy jalal is now understanding this. Jodha gifts her something when hamida ask are you leaving jodha thinks for a while and says i am your daughter so cant gift you randomly hamida blesses her.

maham is shouting on hindu servants what you think you will get off for today no you all will work. Nobody can deny my orders go and do your work. Other side in jodha’s room she sees colors and ask servant why these colors are here servant informs jalal has sent them here.she remembers holi in amer when suja said you will not remember us when you will play holi with your in-laws. Jodha comes out where all women are present. They are terrified to play because of maham jodha says maybe she doesnt know about jalal’s permission nothing will happen lets play all says because of you we can play holi for the 1st time here. Jodha applies colors on all womens . Reva applies color on her and runs jodha runs behind and throws color, suddenly maham comes and colors get thrown on her face. Jodha is shocked and says i didnt do it intentionally maham smears her face , gives a angry look to jodha and leaves. All are tensed as maham didnt said a word and left in anger.

Maham is looking herself in mirror. When resham comes with new suit maham throws it and says this color will remain like this go and tell that jodha intentionally did it. Outside jalal is with priest. He explains the importance of being a king to jalal that he should do justice according to his religion. Resham comes and informs that jodha put color on maham. He comes to her and is shocked to see her like this. Maham says jodha did this jalal says i allowed her because it was her right maham says then she should have played in her area why she was throwing colors in garden. She cries and says she did this intentionally, you know after my husband’s death i am wearing white color only but jodha spoiled my simplicity by putting this color on me. I would have killed myself there only but i couldnt as my loyalties are with you and kingdom but she disrespected me, my simplicity and my religion priest agrees with her jalal fumes and leaves. Maham wipes her tears.

Hamida is with other ladies who says this is wrong this shouldnt have done hamida says i know she did unintentionally lady says but she disrespected maham and our religion. Hamida says even unintentionally yes she did a big mistake.

in jodha’s room. women says to jodha we shouldnt have holi in garden mistake was our. Jodha says its not your mistake. It was mine i should have seen before throwing color. Jalal comes to jodha all are tensed , all leaves jalal is very much angry and throw all colors on ground jodha is stunned. Jalal says i allowed you to play holi because i thought it was your right and what you did made fun and disrespect of my religion. You hurt bari ami a lot. Jodha says i will deny anything and i am ready for any punishment. Jalal says punishment will be decided after talking with priest but in my point of view your biggest punishment will be that you go back to amer tomorrow itself he leaves jodha is saddened.

Maham comes to jodha . Jodha folds her hands and ask forgiveness from maham. Maham ask if your parents get to know about it will they forgive you? Jodha says no they will not and i am ready for any punishment maham says good as your mother menavati is here and has to announce your punishment jodha is stunned maham ask why stunned we are serving her very nicely here jodha says masa has come alone. Maham informs that jalal had sent a letter to amer so your mother has come to take you from here. I dont understand one thing like you are not interested in rules,regulations,tradition,religion of here i also dont understand your rules and traditions, in your tradition family of a girl dont go to their in-laws and don’t even drink there but your mother is here to take her daughter. you like to color the world tomorrow when jalal ask mena to take you away i will like to see your decolored face. jodha looks at her.

adham is shouting on javeda how dare she if she is jalals wife so she can destroy my moms dress i will force him to punish actually fault is of jalal he had given her this much freedom javeda jokes adham grabs her maham comes and saves her. She says jodha got punishment jalal is sending her to amer he was sending earlier too but now with hatred. She was so arrogant and was changing rules of here but now she is going so i will be the incharge now like before . Resham whisper something in maham’s ear she says to adham do one thing only never misbehave with jodha and give her respect whenever sees her adham says never maham says not to forget she is king’s wife Javeda takes jodha’s side and says this is right adham is about to attack her with knife maham stops him and ask javeda to go and make juice. She leaves maham ask adham to control his anger.

Scene 2
Hamida is with womens and ask why menavati has come here. I think it is not related to holi incident as it happened today itself and jalal asked her to come before today thats why she is here and he knew that bharmal is involved in fight there must be tension in amer still he asked mena to come so there must be big reason, all says lets go to court only then we will get to know whats happening.

Scene 3
In jalals court he says after talking to jodha i have taken a decision that jodha will go back to amer. Both mena and hamida objects and ask why. Mena says with respect when you blamed my sons they didnt ask you once but i know want to say something she says it is our tradition that we never go to daughter’s in law but i am here because you asked. We tell one thing to our daughter at her marriage that we are breaking ties with her and she belongs to in laws from now on so how can i take her back is there any complaint against her? Jalal says its better if you dont talk about complaints and when i arrested your sons it was king’s responsibility and now i want jodha to go so its husband’s decision and it is jodha’s decision also. Mena looks at jodha and ask how you can even think of it. You want to come as divorcee.

Parents feels good when daughters come home at festivals but not like this and you know very well in which situation this marriage happened we are still paying the cost of it bharmal is fighting with people who turned against him only because of this marriage sukanya’s proposal finished, her marriage is not happening only because of this marriage with all these facts in mind you still want to come with me cant you think about the disaster this divorce will bring? . Amer is your place but clear one thing that agra is your home only. And no doubt you born there but your death should be here only i cant take you back jalal looks up mena folds her hands and says to jalal that i cant follow this order jodha stops her and says if you dont want me to come back i will not. I cant see you begging in front of anyone and dont think because of this my love for you will decrease no my love for has increased a lot you are the best mother. I will never come back to amer as divorcee. I will never make you mother of divorcee its my promise, jodha wipes mena’s tears. Mena blesses her and greets everybody.

Jodha is crying in her room. Moti comes to console her jodha says leave moti says no jodha says why when mena rejected to take me were you there. Jalal wants me to go mena wants me to stay if i am depressed here then what you will get here nothing i am not able to breath here i just want to find myself and a way to get of this situation in peace so Its my request as a friend and order as a queen to leave me alone . She leaves. Jodha cries thinking of mena’s words and their past moments then jalal’s word about divorce that he as a husband is ready to give her divorce. She sees her 2 souls one says think about mena she has other responsibilities too she has 2 daughters also how can she take you. Other says how you can forget that you are married to him think if you were married to any hindu king then would you behave like this.

There are responsibilities of a wife which you never fulfilled you took 7 pheras with him but didnt follow a single one. Jodha says what about jalal he also took pheras with me he had responsibilities as a husband too but he never fulfilled. Her soul says no he fulfilled his every duty gave you respect in front of everyone made a mandir in harem for you even allowed you to play holi in palace, it was only you who never gave him rights and never behaved like his wife, it was you who came here with hatred in her heart for him you never accepted his traditions and all. Why are so angry now all were your fault so you should go back other imagination says no think about mena dont go back both the imaginations keep pressurizing her on their respective point. Jodha shouts enough both fades away jodha says there is no place for me in agra and in amer so i know what to do now.

hamida ask are you fine here mena says i am sorry i didnt take jodha with me hamida thanks her for it. Mena says i took very strong vows from her in full court it is not difficult to understand why jodha wanted to come but.. hamida says i understand. Mena says when husband and wife it doesnt mean they should separate ways, they fight because love is developing between them and they dont understand. They are understanding each other thats why they fight because of differences but that doesnt mean they hate each other hamida says trust me if you allowed her to come with you even then i would’ve stopped her. Mena says now i am in peace as you are here to take her care. Mena bows down hamida says dont do this i am with jodha nothing will happen to her you go with peace. Mena says ok i am leaving for amer and goes.

hoshiyar informs that jodha is not seen anywhere in palace jalal says jodha is not in palace and ask maham and hamida how can she not be seen in palace? He ask minister to start searching for her everywhere. Jalal is leaving hamida ask where are you going he says i have to do something before things go out of control. jalal comes across ruks who adds fuel in fire by saying that if the stamp of divorce comes in life of a wife than she she cant breath and can do anything like suicide and in jodha’s religion Jauhur is allowed also jalal says she doesnt belong to amer that she can follow any tradition of them she is my wife and my respect is related with her ok we dont share cordial relation but i cant allow her to play with my respect I have to stop her.

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