Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 14 October 2021


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 14 October 2021

Salim is in jungle, he recalls how Anarkali was dancing in function, how Jalal announced his marriage with Mann. he find some people there drinking wine, he sit with them, he ask what you guys are drinking, they say it is unhygienic wine, he ask Salim to drink too, Salim recalls Anarkali dancing as

dancer, he drinks wine, he recalls his marriage announcement, one man says you seem to have hurt in heart, Salim says when God have given heart then he has given pain too, my pain is that whom i love most is whom i hate most and the one whom i dont love is going to be my life partner, and the one whom i wanted as life partner, i dont wanna see her face now, Salim says i should leave now, he is inebriated, and starts leaving the place. the same agent people comes there and looks at him and says that Jalal is not in city, we have to finish our work fast.
Anarkali brings out her ghungroos, Zil stops her and says you wont dance now, you danced because we wanted money for your father but now he is no more, Anarkali says i will dance in guilt of his death now, Zil says dancers are not considered as civilized people, Anarkali says Dancer is no less, its people’s perception who make a dancer dirty person, i have to change people’s perception who made my father a betrayer, Zil ask what you wanna do? Anarkali says i will please king with my dance and wll ask such a thing in return that will lessen my pain, i will dance in king’s son marriage, not to show my talent but to show world how this this talent killed me, Zil says you loved SAlim, you cant dance infront of him, Anarkali says i will dance infront f Jalal, Salim has looted me with his love and hatred both and now i will show my hatred.
Sali comes to red light area, girl ask whom to be called, he holds girl and says i want you, she ask what you want? you got angry that day, Salim says i am sorry for that, i got angry on you that day, Salim listens some ghungroos sound and gts jittery, he takes girl to other room, girl rest on his chest, he finds a dancer dancing, he ask girl to ask that dancer to stop this ghungroos sound, the dancer was Anarkali only but they dont see each other, Anarkali leaves from there, Salim gets jittery with ghungroo sound, girl comes to him and says dancer have left, no noise now, Salim says you go from here, i want to be alone, Salim recalls his moments with Anarkali in amer, Rabba is pyar mein sad version plays, Salim cries.


Scene 3
Bhagwan says to Jodha that now Amer and Agra will see another relation, Bhagwan’s wife says i have called relatives for wagdan function, Murad ask what is wagdan? Bhagwan says in this ritual, bride and groom promises to be together for life, Jodha is tensed, Ruks ask Daniyal and Murad what they think about Mann, Murad says in childhood she would not give me any toy and now when she will come as sister in law, i will tease her, Ruks says you have responsibility to make Mann comfortable i Agra that she doesnt miss AMer, Murad says yes why not, he ask Daniyal, Daniyal with low tone says that i am also happy that she is coming here, Murad ask why is he sad? Ruks says he is thinking about his marriage too, dont worry, after Salim, your problem will be solved too, Jodha recalls how Salim said they have no right to decide for his life, Jodha says i have some work, she leaves from there.
Bhagwan stops Jodha and ask are you hiding something, Jodha says i am just worried for preparations, Bhagwan says when your brother is here, you dont have to worry, he leaves, Jodha says i have to worry about this relation, dont know what is going on in Salim’s mind, i have to talk to him.
Jodha comes to Salim’s room, she ask Dasi where is SAlim? Dasi says he didnt return sonce yesterday night. Jodha says to Moti that Salim wanted to take time for this marriage but now he is nowhere to be seen, soon marriage celebrations will start, i have to talk to him, Qutub comes there, Jodha ask him to tell where is SAlim? he says i cant, she says for God sake tell me, he tells her about Salim going to red light area. Jodha is stunned.
Salim is sleeping in room of red light area. door knocks, he ask who is there, disturbing me in sleep. two women comes in veil, he ask who are they, they remove veil, its Moti and Jodha, Salim is stunned, he says Marium Zamani you here.

Moti leaves the room, Jodha says to Salim that you should be ashamed, you are heir of mughals and you spend night here in dancer’s room? that too when your marriage is fixed, lets leave, Salim says you should have not come here, this is not good place, Jodha says you also came here, marriage preparations are going on, come with me, Salim says i am not interested in marriage i told you, Jodha says do you know what will happen if you back out from marriage, Mann’s life will be destroyed, she wont be able to get married to anyone, i am not here as your mother but as a women, i am fighting for a women here, i have always stood up for women and i will stand for Mann today too, Salim if you have mughal blood in you, if you respect women as Rajvanshi then comeback in wagdan’s ceremony otherwise i wont be able to forgive and will tell your truth to everyone, she is disgusted and leaves from there, Salim is tensed.
Bhagwan’s wife says to him that today it will be announced that Mann will be wife of Salim, Bhagwan says wish Jalal was here, she says dont worry, in engagement he will come, Hamida comes there, she greets them, Ruks also comes there, she gives ring to Hamida, Hamida says i ordered this ring for Mann, Salim will make her wear this ring, Jodha comes there too, Hamida ask where were you, Jodha says was

seeing preparations, Hamida says look at ring i brought for Mann, Jodha looks at it and gets tensed rememebering how Salim denied for marriage, she says to Bhagwan that come out, i want to talk to you.Bhagwan ask Jodha whats the matter, Jodha says as a women, i think that my Son Salim doesnt deserve Mann, i cant let Mann’s life be destroyed, Bhagwan ask what fault you found in Salim? Jodha says i got to know that Salim go to dancers’ place often, Salim is not the one who i gave teaching, who i gave birth too, these 9 years of separation changed my son completely, she cries, and says even if it was someone else, i would have said same and Mann’s is my niece, break this marriage, Bhagwan says now time has gone, we cant break the marriage, and even if Salim goes to dancers then what, kings princes do have these habits. i cant break the marriage now, it will be stain on our family, Mann wont be able to get remarried, Salim is your son, make him come on right path, i can see my daughter’s life difficult then seeing my family’s name getting destroyed by breaking this marriage, wagdan will happen today only, Daniyal listens all this, he thinks that i promised Mann that i will protect her, i have to talk to Salim that he cant hurt Mann like this.
Salim is going back, a price stops him, Salim ask what happened uncle? he says you know Jalal is out, enemy is here, qutub says that i killed one enemy but other enemy hided behind a girl, he kidnapped her and said that if i dont leave him then he will hurt the girl so i left him, girl is with him now, Salim says till i am here, my people wont suffer, i will see this matter what if Jalal is not here, enemy have to pay for this, tell me where is the girl.

Scene 3
the enemies are tying the girl in abduction, girl is none other than Anarkali. Salim with Wutub comes there, he says i will attack from back, you come in house from front. enemies are forcefully tying Anarkali, she is shouting, enemies says that we have to keep this girl here to be saved from soldiers, Salim comes there, he fights with goons, Anarkali hugs him from back without seeing his face, Salim beats all the enemies, Anarkali comes infront and is shocked to see Salim there, he gets angry seeing her, she says thank you, Salim says you are not different from them, they steal people openly and girls like come in life as lover ans steal everything then leave life as dancer, dont ever think that i came to save you, as heir i came to save a person of my state, i hate you, Anarkali says so what you think that i love for you? yes i am dancer but i am happy but you are heir and not happy, yes i lied to you but what about you? you also hided that you are heir Salim, why allegation on me only? i wont have emotions for even after death too, Qutub comes there, he ask are you safe Salim? Salim says yes, take this enemy from here and ask him why did he come here, he ask soldiers to send this girl to her home, he leaves, Anarkali looks at him. Salim comes back in palace, he recalls Anarkali’s words that are you happy as heir? Daniyal comes there and says i wanna talk to you, Salim ask him to say, Daniyal says you went to dancers, you are role model for all of us and you went to that cheap area, Salim says you dont know what i am going through, Daniyal says so pain will lessen going to that area? if you have any problem then tell me, we will solve it, arent you happy with marriage? do you still love that Amer girl, Salim says no i just hate her, Daniyal says then why do you go to dancers, you make dancers dance in royal function, if you can think about their right, their happiness then how can you think about Mann’s happiness, why injustice with her? youa re getting engaged to her, she loves you, dont hurt her, i know your heart is broken, you know its pain so dont break man’s heart, dont make her suffer the punishment of someone else, he leaves, Salim says Oh God.

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