Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 10 June 2021


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 10 June 2021

jodha is sitting outside, rahim ask to tell him story but jodha says i am in no mood, salima comes and ask rahim to go to his room, she ask jodha why you seem upset, jodha says i dont understand jalal, sometime he gives so much respect that you cant digest and sometime he insults you so much that you cant bear it. Salima ask did anything happened between you two, jodha is about to tell but stops, jalal is looking at them from balcony, zakira says to jalal that benazir is calling you, jodha says to salima that my mood is not good, i will talk later, i want to spend sometime alone. Salima leaves. Jalal says to zakira that if she want to meet then she will come here, ask her to come, zakira goes to benazir who says that jalal is unique, every man comes running when i call him but he didnt, zakira ask whether he will give-in to your beauty tonight, benazir says i always win, lets see.

Outside jodha is standing alone, jalal comes and gives her angry look, benazir comes and jalal says your hairs are flaunting beautifully, jodha is listening, beanzir thinks that he is saying this because of jodha and his eyes are on her only, jalal says i was waiting for you, benazir says sorry, jalal says meeting after a long wait is always special, he looks at jodha who is about to leave burning in jealousy, benazir sees them looking at each other and jumps in water, jalal looks shocked and jumps in water, he picks her up in his arms, jodha is witnessing all this, they come outside of water, benazir is shivering, jalal ask servant to bring hot water, he puts her hand in hot water but she screams saying its too hot, jalal shouts at servant and make her wear blanket, he ask jodha to rub her other hand but she doesnt budge, jalal ask benazir to calm down and ask servant to take her inside. jalal ask jodha why she didnt help, jodha picks up the hot water, puts her hand in it and says the water was not that hot, she leaves, jalal thinks that may be water was not hot but you are burning seeing more importance for bandhi then you and i will make sure that you keep burning.

Scene 3
Benazir tells zakira how she had jumped into the lake to attract jalal’s attention and tells zakira that she will win if she moves slowly n steadily, Benazir tells zakira that she would make sure no one came between her self n jalal next time. and have to distract jalal from jodha, zakira ask why she is behind jodha?

jodha says to moti that i have no problem with whom jalal spends his night but because of benazir, the distance betwwen us is increased, he insulted me 3 times because of her 1st in jashn then that bangle and today. otherside benazir says jodha always come betwwen me and jalal so i have to keep an eye on her, 1st time i am feeling jealousy with other women, otherside jodha says to moti why i will feel jealousy with a bandhi. In night, jalal and jodha keep thinking about recent events, jodhe remembers jalal with benazir and thinks why i am worrying he is king he can be close to anyone. jalal thinks you dont let me go close to you but you also dont want me to go close to anyone, why this jealousy when you have rejected me?

in night, jalal calls maham in his room, she comes and ask matter, jalal says i want meena bazar tomorrow in palace and this time the one from whose stall i will buy first will be the winner not the one who has best things in stall, maham says how begums will prepare in such short time, jalal says i want to know who do best in short time, maham says ok and leaves, jalal vows to take revenge from jodha for the insult that she did to him.
Maham comes to resham and says to announce that tomorrow is meena bazar and rules are changed this time, not only jalal but anybody can buy from meena bazar and the one whose all things will be sold will be ultimate winner, resham comes running in harem and shouts to get up, all begums come and ask why he is shouting late at night, he informs them that tomorrow is meena bazar and also tells them the new rule, all wives panic, in ruks room, she is making list for things to presented in meena bazar but is out of idea what to showcase, she calls maham in and ask why jalal announced meena bazar in such short time? Maham says i dont know but have to do it as per jalal’s order. Ruks says i dont know what to present, i always present best things in my stall and i dont wanna lose this competition. Maham says this competition is not for you but.. Ruks understand that its between jodha and benazir. Maham assures her that i have full proof plan, so just sleep. Ruks says all in your hands now.

Scene 2
moti says to jodha that we should think something, i dont know what benazir will present tomorrow, jodha says why you are thinking about her? And i have decided that i will not take part in meena bazar, hamida comes and says i dont know what happened between you and jalal but you should put stall in meena bazar, these small fights do happens between hubby wife but that doesnt mean you will not do anything, earlier you won all hearts by putting colors in your stall, this time also i want you to show your talent, jodha’s tears roll down from her eyes, hamida ask her not to cry everything will be fine and you should take part in it, she leaves. Jodha is thoughtful.

zakira says to benazir that ruks is very intelligent, she can sell costly items in cheap price to earn more. Benazir says she is queen and she will use her money but i have beauty and brain i will use that.

Scene 4
meena bazar is being set, all begums are selling things, women are bargaining, maham comes and says i dont know what happens to these women in bazar, i think i should also open bazar, resham nods. Maham sees many women on javeda stall who is selling creams that benazir uses, she sell wrong creams. Benazir comes and ask her what she is doing, she says selling your creams. Benazir thinks nobody can use beauty like me.

Scene 5
jalal comes in meena bazar and says i buy things from every stall but today i will buy only from one stall, all women come with their things, 1st ruks shows shawl and jalal says i cant buy this because all think i am biased towards you, ruks says no need to buy, she makes him wear it. Jalal shows kohinoor diamond and says this will be given to winner. He comes to salima who shows him white flowers, jalal says these are ordinary, salima says yes but their fragrance, white color will give peace to minds. Jalal says thought is good. He next comes to jodha and ask you have nothing to sell? Jodha says no but i have one gift for you, jalal says its meena bazar i come here to buy not to take gifts, jodha is about to show him but he goes forward without seeing it, jodha is very hurt. He comes to benazir who shows him painting of jalal and says i thought you are most special for me so why not paint your portrait, i dont know how to paint but still i painted, jodha and ruks are not happy with it, jalal says its beautiful, nobody has painted my face like this, its very deep, jalal says i liked benazir’s most in meena bazar so i announce benazir as winner and present kohinoor diamond to benazir, jodha and ruks burn in jealousy. Women gossip that its benazir’s beauty which has won. Maham ask ruks not to feel bad as the one who should feel is feeling it, ruks looks at jodha and smiles. Jalal is about to leave but hamida stops him and orders as mariam makani to look at jodha’s gift, jodha comes forward and shows him small baby cradle, she says i dont know who will give you baby but my wishes are with you, and this cradle is good sign for it, tell me how can i sale it? Jalal is hurt somewhere, hamida says right nobody can buy it, not even with kohinoor diamond, she says but i will give you my necklace which humayun had given me, she gifts jodha necklace. All are stunned

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