Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 5 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 5 April 2020

Jalal and jodha are in centre of jungle when he hears sound of a animal, jalal says birds are screaming, means hunt is close. He keep looking at jodha when they see a tiger on tree. Jalal set his gun’s position jodha lits the fire, tiger comes closer when jodha tells jalal that i have taken out gunpowder from your gun, he is shocked jodha tries shoos the tiger with fire but he attacks jalal, the fight continues when jalal get hold of a knife, he kills tiger and is severely injured.


Scene 2
it is night and raining heavily, jodha is attending to jalal’s wound and says forgive me i thought you will kill the deer so i took powder out. Fb is shown when jalal was washing his face, jodha took and threw the gunpowder in water. Fb ends. Jalal says there is one rule of jungle that if one powerful has to rule then he have to kill the other super power, to over power we have to wipe the opposite side only then you can rule jodha says i feel pity for this kind of a king, if you kill innocents then who will stand with you nobody will be on your side jalal says maybe this is the price to be a king, jodha ask him to keep calm otherwise his stamina will decrease more.

Jalal closes his eyes. Jodha take him to a save place and places him on ground. She sees one rope, folds it. She put jalal behind her on horse and bind him through rope with her. She runs the horse and keep one hand on him. She thinks i have to save jalal’s life in any possible way. Jalal trips from the horse. Jodha comes to him and says nothing will happen to you jalal says i know i cant live more. He says i dont hamida, maham, ruks to see me like this, i cant see their sad faces, i dont want ruks to wear white dress. Jodha says nothing will happen jalal ask how do you know? I have not regrets on dying but the way is wrong i wanted to die like a soldier in battle field fighting for my kingdom. He says jodhaa.. And closes his eyes jodha screams no.

Scene 3
jodha comes to palace, she is worried and alone. All ask where is jalal. Ruks comes and shouts tell us where is jalal, jodha in shaky voice says thatjalal is no more with us. Hamida becomes unconscious, ruks lies on ground and cries. It turns out to be jodha’s dream.

In jungle she sees jalal unconscious and shakes him to open his eyes, she says i came here to pray for your long life. You cant leave me like this. I cant see you like this. She puts him on cart and sees blood on her forehead, she remembers when jalal had put sindoor in her forehead. Minister along with soldiers comes, they are shocked to see jalal in this state and puts jalal on one horse.

Scene 4
Its morning, minister along with unconscious jalal and worried jodha comes to agra palace, all are stunned to see jalal’s state. Maham rushes to him and give a stern look to jodha. They bring jalal inside and treatment starts. He is very much injured . All doctors are being called for his treatment. Hamida comes in and becomes unconscious seeing jalal like this. She is being taken to her room. Maham orders that enemies can attack if they get to know jalal’s state. She says i am minister i will handle everything.

Scene 5
jodha comes to hamida, she remembers jalal’s word and ask how are you ami jaan, she gets up and ask one lady to go to jalal and ask jodha that you both had gone to ajmer trip then how did happened. Jodha says i will tell you everything and tells her that they have gone on hunt before coming here. Hamida says this is not possible, jalal is best hunter how he can get attacked like this. Jodha says i did a big mistake, fault is all mine i have taken out the gunpowder from his gun, hamida ask why you did that she says i didnt want that any innocent animal get killed by jalal so i did that hamida screams that for one animal you put jalal’s life in danger, hamida says to salima that nobody should know this that jodha is responsible for all this especially rukaiya, she cant see jalal in this state. Hamida says pray that nothing should happen to jalal otherwise kingdom will have to pay a big price. Jodha is tensed.

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