Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 30 August 2020


Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 30 August 2020

Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 30 August 2020: bakshi is tensed, All women are discussing matter, ruks says bakshi shouldn’t have lied, jodha says its not her fault totally, sharif wanted boy so she lied to him, ruks says sharif wasn’t wrong either, all father wants to have boy as they take their family ahead to next generation, jodha says how can you think like that, you and me are also daughters, you are Mughal minister so aren’t your parents proud of you?

Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 29 August 2020

ruks says you give good speech but we have to go to our husband’s house after sometime, we have to take his name ahead, we cant rule states, we cant be rulers, jodha says to ruks that women can do anything and everything, nothing is difficult for women, there are many women who successfully ruled their states, we women give birth to boys and girls, we are the one who takes generations ahead, where it is written that when daughters are born, you should mourn, girls are blessing, I don’t know much about islam but I think in your religion too, women are given equal respect, salima agrees with jodha and gives an example of muslim women who ruled her state successfully, jodha says jalal doesnt have these thoughts, how can you have these thoughts, jalal made hamida marium makani( most respectful), ruks says but the one who give king to throne becomes marium zamani only, she leaves from there.

jalal mammon,,, bahanja,, don’t fight,, two happiness,, todar,, peace on mother,, solve matter,, leave soon,,
sharif is shattered that why bakshi lied to me, some women are going from there and says that why bakshi lied to sharif, poor sharif, sharif listens this, sharif says poor me? there was a time when people use to be afraid of my name and now they are saying me poor, this all happened because of bakshi, I wont leave you bakshi, I will teach you such a lesson that you wont forget it ever.

bakshi is not eating anything, dasi request her to eat, sharif comes there and is drunk,he ask dasi to go but bakshi stops dasi being afraid, sharif says I want to talk to my wife, he shouts on dasi, she leaves, sharif looks at baby girl and says you love your daughter a lot, I told you to give birth to boy but you kept saying that it maybe baby girl, see now, its baby girl, bakshi says so what if she is a girl, she is our daughter, sharif grabs bakshi by hairs and says you hurt me a lot and now you are putting salt on my wounds, you are igniting more fire in me, he throws bakshi away, bakshi’s head strikes with big show piece. sharif says I will kill this girl, bakshi cries.

Sharifu misbehaving and torturing Baxi for lying to him .. Causing his insult and ridicule in presence of the maulvies. Baxi apologises .. And seeks forgiveness ..But he is very violent with her .. In his drunk state. He declares she neither deserved forgiveness nor being his wife. He disowns his daughter .. He refuses to see her face .. Baxi grabs the baby and tries to escape but next moment sharifu falls to the ground in drunk state .. Baxi hugs her baby and weeps.
Jodha Akbar Update 30 August 2020

Jodha comes to meet baxi but baxi refuses to meet her .. Jodha enters the hojra and offers her a gift .. Jodha is horrified to see baxi’s wounds. Jodha is horrified that her husband had given her those injuries for giving birth to a daughter. Sharifu comes there and declares that yes he did demand a son .. Jodha is shocked .. Baxi urges jodha to leave and not interfere in between husband-wife matters before the situation worsens. Jodha leaves. Sharifu slaps Baxi for being rude to jodha.

Jodha comes to Jalal and narrates the entire thing to Him. She urges him to do something for saving baxi’s life and the baby’s too. Jodha tells Jalal that Baxi had lied because she feared for the lives of herself and her daughter. Jalal is sad that his sister did not trust him and share her problems with him.

Jalal comes to meet his sister .. She is happy to see Jalal and Jodha have come to see her baby but is worried too. Jalal is very affectionate to the baby .. He asks why did she lie to him about this beautiful baby .. How angelic she was !!.. Jalal then asks her the reason for lying. Baxi replies that her husband wanted a son.. She did not want to disappoint him. Jodha tells her that if her husband makes undue demands then it was completely proper to comply .. She ought to have protested !!
Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 30 August 2020

Jalal forces baxi to face him .. Baxi shows Jalal her face which was full of injury marks due to sharifu’s violence. Jalal is horrified to see his sister injured so badly.

Jalal comes to sharifu and beats him up black and blue .. Drags him to the harem .. Shouts out to all begums and baandies and knees for giving punishment for torturing baxi for giving birth to a daughter. He orders all begums to give punishment to sharifu for the excesses done to baxi a shehezaadi of moghul sultanat .. Who had innumerable injury marks on her face. He orders all begums and baandies and kaneez to take out their sandals and slap his face with it. He had beaten a woman so his punishment will be women will hit him back. Baxi rushes in and shouts out that no one had the rights to give any punishment to her husband. He’s her husband, he hit her and she has forgiven him .. No third person has the rights to interfere .. She asks all other begums to leave. sharifu is shocked and relieved while Jalal is very hurt and shocked . All other begums were very surprised and hurt too.

Jala is furious with Baxi .. For tolerating such torture and forgiving him and shielding him. Jodha explains that she could understand baxi’s mind being a wife herself. A wife could never bear to see her husband being insulted how much ever he might trouble her. Jala is very angry. He declares that like adham, sharifu too needed to be removed .. He was disgusted with the large No of disgusting people surrounding him. He rushes out to murder Sharifu. Jodiah is shocked.

jodha stops jala from killing sharif, she says bakhi has become mother now, she wont be able to bear death of her husband, she will be broken, jalal says that shaif is breaking her, I wont leave him, he throws jodha away from his way, jodha gets wound on her hand as jalal pushed, jalal is wshocked and leaves his sword, jalal says I am sorry, how can I forget that you are going to be mother, jodha should be away from me, jodha puts hand on jalal’s hand and says that in stopping your husband from doing, if you even get a little wound then its nt a big deal and I will be always with you, I am your wife, its my duty to stop you from doing wrong, I will support you till my last breath, I will not let you do anything wrong, jalal says I wish bakshi has same thinking.

sharif comes to bakshi and angrily looks at her, bakshi says its all my fault, I gave birth to a baby girl so kill me, sharif comes to his child and takes hi baby girl, bakshi says don’t touch her, please leave her, kill me, sharif goes out of room with child, bakshi is going behind him pleading that leave my child, please give her to me, don’t do anything to her, todar and maan sees this and thinks that sharif is going to hurt baby.

jalal is with jodha, he says how can husband wife be too poisonous with each other, jodha says its about different thinking of two people whi stay with each other, bakshi gave birth to a girl and its not her fault, sharif wanted a boy and it was his wish, they had difference in opinion, jalal says even then that girl is sharif’s daughter only, jodha says yes but he was angry but he will understand. sharif comes to their room with baby girl, he sits in jalals feet and says am sorry, how can deny my baby girl, she is a human, a blessing to me and I didn’t accept her, please forgive me shehehnshah, jalal says you cant be forgiven, jalal takes baby girl from sharif and says you don’t deserve to take her in your lap, he gives baby to jodha.

sharif turns to bakshi who is in room only, he sits on his knees, he says I am sorry bakshi, I was disrespectful, you gave me a beautiful baby girl and I slapped you, I don’t deserve you at all but please for me if you can, bakshi melts and says don’t say this, you are my husband, you should not ask forgiveness from me, she takes her child from jodha, sharif sits on ground and gives sword to jalal to kill him, jalal takes the sword and is about to kill him but he imagines bakshi in white clothes being widow, he stops killing sharif and says I am pardoning your life, don’t think that I am forgiving you thinking you are minister, I didn’t kill you just for bakshi, I don’t want her to become widow again, don’t ever hurt her again, sharif says I wont do anything wrong now, I will take care of her and my child, thanks for not killing me, he makes puppy face and looks at jodha.

jodha says to salima that when sharif had his baby girl in hands, I was worried that he can hurt her but I am thankful that everything is fine, hamida says credit goes to jalal for solving matter peacefully, jalal says sorry to say but credit should be given to jodha, I am thankful to her that she thought from mind and made me see the right way, She truly deserved the title of Marium zamani.

Jodha smiles while Ruku is jealous, ruks says its good that matter is solved, I am tired, I will leave now, she leaves. hamida says to jodha that sometime I think to keep praising you all day, hamida gifts her bracelet and finds wound on her hand, she ask about it, jodha jokes that not only sharif tortures his wife, there is someone else too, hamida suspiciously looks at jalal, jalal says don’t look at me, you think that I can touch rajvanshi warrior(jodha), hamida agrees.

one lady comes to ruks and says finally jalal called jodha marium zamani infront of all, ruks says it was jalal’s dream to become father, so what if jodha is giving him that happiness, lady leaves. ruks looks at empty baby cot, she says to hoshiyar that you remember jodha said that empty cot should not swing as its bad omen for child, she swings empty cot and smirks, she says when jodha will become mother, I will become big mother(bari ammi) too, she giggles.

jalal is sitting sadly in garden, jodha comes to him and sits beside him, she says you seem very tired, jalal says yes, day was tiring today, sometime I think that it was better whwn I had no heart, it was easy to take decisions without thinking about anyone, I used to not think about anything but now I before decision I consider my nation, my relatives, my family, its becomes difficult for me take decision, If I was earlier jalal, I could have killed sharif in seconds, I should not be so emotional to be king, jodha says I don’t think so, you rule humans and by ruling them from heart makes relation with them, think anybody can kill sharif but what you did was great, you forgave him and solved the matter so all praised you,

jalal holds her hand and says you solve all my problems, jodha says and you always find reasons to touch me, they laugh, jalal comes close to her, jodha says not now, this is the time to tell stories to our children, like abhimanyu was told, jalal ask what? jodha tells him that abhimanyu was son of great Arjun and nephew od Krishna ji, he had knowledge of secrets so I have started giving knowledge about mahabharat and ramayan to my child, jalal says wow, jalal touches her tummy and talks with his children, he says you mother is great wife and soon she will become great marium zamani and great mother, ruks listens all this and fumes/smiles.

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