Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 3 May 2020


Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 3 May 2020

Hamida says jalal was waiting for his heir, this saltanat was waiting, i had a wish to see you becoming a mother, but what we got that this child is not of jalal, she ask jodha that if jalal didnt touch then how come you became mother, from where this child came in you, jodha and moti are hell shocked, hamida says if you have committed this crime then you have no right to live in this palace, i will not allow you to live here,

jodha says i used to think that only you understand me here but you proved me wrong, you are asking me that whose child is this, hamida says yes i am asking because my son cant say this much big lie that he didnt spend night with you, jalal comes and says i spent night with jodha, maham says i think you are saving jodha, jalal says i doubted that how can someone become mother in one night but now i am sure that this child is mine, jodha says today i am hating my fate, you said you didnt spent night now saying you did, earlier asked me that whose child is this now saying that this child is yours, i now can say infront of whole world that i hate you most, i hate this child which is present because of you, hamida says why you lied at first, jalal says i had a doubt that whether jodha made relation with another man, hamida says you are a king and accountable for all question, dont call me mother,i asked cheap questions fromy daughter, jalal says i just wanted to know whether she had any relation, hamida says i came here as great queen and you are a king so i cant slap you otherwise..

She says wish you were not a king, she ask him to go away before i forget that i am queen, jalal leaves.

Hameeda the apologises to jodha very humbly, Jodha pacifies hameeda that elders should not seek forgiveness from youngers, Jodhahameeda hug, Hameeda begs jo for forgiveness.

Scene 3
Ruks comes to meet Jalal, Jalal tells her to shoot her queries, He asks what games was he playing, Did he or did he not touch jodha? Jalal tells her to believe in shehenshah And wait for some time as the truth was about to be exposed before every ones eyes.

Scene 4
Salima comes to jodha, She tries to share her grief, She tries to sympathize with jodha very sweetly, Jodha is happy to talk to salima, Salima Tries to request her to drink remedy,jodha is reluctant so salima Requests her to drink just to please salima, Jodha drinks the remedy and Finds it very sweet Just like salima

Salima is in her room wondering who might be trying to drive a wedge between jodha n jalal,
Rahim playfully gives his mom a medicine, Just to stop her vomiting, Ruks comes there, She asks rahim what medicine was he giving his mother, Salima tells her about her vomiting, Ruks taunts salima.

Scene 5
jalal is again seeing balance and says time is wasted very much now i cant waste a single minute i want to find the roots of this matter, jodha comes and says dont worry i am not here to say ill that you insulted me bcoz when you can say that much to hamida then who am i, from which mud you are created, 1st took advantage of situation, created relation then doubt me that child is of someone else, i hate you, she leaves,

jalal puts that ring in one side of balance and put his other ring in other side, the weight machine is balanced, he thinks that to save you from people question i had to do this, i had to lie for the 1st time but you hatred is justified and i accept it(ishq hai wo ehsas plays).

Jalal entering the in court
Kabul’s minister’s letter was read out that situation is not good there. He orders munim khaan to stay there till the situation was settled there. He declares that when he returned he would be cheif minister, Adham and shrif discuss that if they had gone to kabul they would have got this position too in place of Munim

Salima comes to meet jodha as she is sitting in the sun wrapped up in shawls, Jodha is unwell, Salima wonders if the treatment of doc is working, They talk how bad times pass away .. But they leave deep wounds .. Jdhao laments how jalal insulted, Salima explains to jodha about jalal’s points of view That is why he said lies about sleeping together before hameeda as He was trying to protect jodha’s honor but jodha is adamant about jalal being wrong, salima gives example of elephant to jodha that 5 blind men touches elephant from different sides and all tell that he look like this and that,all had different views but all were right, she says maybe you both are right, just wait and everything will be alright, jodha is thinking, servant comes and tell jodha that doctor has called her so salima leaves from there.

salima comes to doctor, doc ask whether jodha had blue vomitting, salima says 4 hours didnt pass, doc says there is someone who is giving jodha that medicine, this medicine will show symptoms like feeling low and vomitting, salima remembers kitchen incident when moti took milk for jodha, she says she saw a women in veil in kitchen and says i have to tell kitchen ladies to take caution. She leaves, doc thinks that meds came from outside of agra.In dark place veiled woman has dropped the medicine by mistake . She thinks of going to doc sahiba for making the drug as it should be given to jodha.

jalal comes in jodha’s room, jalal puts her ring back on table and says you forgot it in balance and something cant be weighted, jodha says i dont believe you, jalal says i just want to say that king only weight justice in balance not gifts, jodha says if you think that you will become good in my eyes by giving this then you are wrong as you have hurt my soul, jalal says i dont want any verbal scuffle, jodha says i will not take it, jalal says it was given by malika azam and its your responsibility to keep it as her daughter in law and i know you fulfill all your responsibilities, jalal thinks how should i tell why i am doing this, jodha thinks dont know whats going on in his mind.

Maham comes in kitchen and says hamida has ordered for celebration for jodha, she ask to make jalal’s fav dish, salima comes and says stop every work, i will check each and every thing, every dish will be made in front of me, maham ask the matter, salima says i am just taking caution for jodha, maham again ask, salima says i am just taking safety measures for jalal’s future, she ask maham whether she felt bad?

Maham says no and ask servants that from now on incharge of kitchen is salima, maham leaves. Salima tell servants that only those will be allowed who are appointed here. Maham is peeking in kitchen, resham comes and ask what are you seeing, maham says i dont understand whats happening here, 1st jalal accepted that child is his when it is not, then salima taking charge of kitchen for jodha’s safety, how can jalal is allowing jodha to stay here, there is something which we dont know.doc is working in clinic when women in veil comes and ask for that medicine, doc is alarmed and ask her why are you in veil in front of a women and why you want these meds only, women pushes doc and take away that meds, doc tries to inform salima but couldnt find her.

In doctor’s clinic some men with sword in hand are finding doc to kill she hides from them.

javeda ask jodha how are you jodhasa. Jodha ask jodhasa? Javeda says i am trying to talk in amer language, jodha says you are good, javeda says i dont understand your language but you are also good, salima comes there, jodha feels vomitting, she goes inside and vomit, salima thinks that means we were right, jodha is not pregnant, she leaves.Doc and soldiers.

Jalal is discussing political matters with adka and sharif and thinks why this time is not passing, salima hasnt come yet, servant informs him that salima wants to meet him, jalal ask adka not to allow anyone inside, adka agrees and leaves. Salima comes, jalal holds her from shoulder and ask whether jodha had vomitting? Salima says we were right jodha had vomitting, jalal is relieved and kisses salima’s forehead for her help and gives his mala(chain) as a gift for doc. She leaves. Jalal thinks who is that he did such a cheap joke with jodha.

doctor is hiding from goons, she start writing letter for jalal, she writes that the culprit behind pregnancy conspiracy is a veiled women and she wears green thread and bangle and an anklet. Goons find her so she hide letter in plant, they kill her, salima comes to doctor’s clinic with jalal’s gift and find her dead, here jalal tells adka about conspiracy and that they have to find him/her, salima comes and informs jalal that doctor is being killed, adka and jalal rushes to clinic and see doc killed, jalal says someone killed her in a very ruthless manner, he orders to dig her grave and to give full support to her family, he says after this much security in palace, how come she is being killed, i want answer, adka nods. Soldiers are taking her dead body when jalal notice dust on doctor’s hand and wonder why dust?

Salima ask what happened, jalal finds everywhere in clinic and says to salima that maybe she knew about danger and left some clue, i found dust on her hands, he finds in plants and get that letter, salima reads letter which says she is a veiled women, she forcefully took meds from me and wears thread, bangle and noisy anklet, i wanted to tell salima but couldnt. Salima says its same women that i found in kitchen, jalal says doc knew about culprit so she killed her but doc showed loyalty till her last breath, he says culprit is in palace and wanted to create misunderstanding between me and jodha so i would kill her or left her in amer, he says we have to keep an eye and find the women with these jewelry, adka ask about celebration,

jalal says it will take place as all would be there so we can find culprit, jodha is not pregnant but this celebration is important.Some man is shown in dark, goons tell him that doc is being killed, he says good now in celebration she(veiled women) will do her last task.

Scene 2
adham comes to maham and tell her abul mali is defeated by munim khan and he will be minister, i will have power now, maham ask how? Adham says maham says i fear that adka is close to jalal and jalal can make him chief minister, adham says i will handle him. He ask about unborn child, maham says he will be heir or not, we will know after his birth, adham ask what? Maham says jalal know everything about this child, he had scuffle with jodha but why he is showing that he is happy and celebrating, adham says he has gone blind in jodha’s love thats why ignoring it, maham says this will bring storm one day in their lives and it will be fun to watch , now let see this fake celebration.

Scene 3
resham ask hoshiyar whether ruks will come, hoshiyar says when is sidelined then she make excuses like fever etc, ruks calls him and ask where is my dress for celebration, he ask will you come? She says this celebration is for jalal and i am special wife so i will participate and i will be dressed beautifully for jalal’s celebration.

Scene 4
jodha is getting ready and remember jalal’s words to hamida and about ring, she is tensed, moti ask her to be calm, jalal comes in, jodha thinks he is here to say more bitter words, jalal thinks i am happy that you are innocent but i cant tell you that you are not going to be mother. Jalal says to jodha that i came to take you to celebration, he sees ring in her hand and says i am happy that you wore it, jodha says i did but not for your happiness but for ami jaan, i am not willing to come in this celebration but i am helpless,

jalal says i am also doing this being helpless, he ask her to come, they come outside, jodha says after this child is born i will him/her to you and leave, jalal thinks how to tell you, you are not pregnant, jodha says i dont want to hurt this innocent child but after this child is born, i will leave agra even if you kill me, jalal says salim, if it will be baby boy then his name will be salim and if it will be baby girl then her name will be khannum sultana.

In the jashn Ruks is looking beautiful Hamida praises her looks, Ruks thinks that for hiding her hurt and sadness she had to use more make up and look beautiful.


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