Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 19 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 19 April 2020

Maham is furious And utters her wrath over Jodha. She yells at her for manipulating Jalal for her own wishes . That Jalal had insulted the mughul sultanat . Jodha gives a very appropriate reply her
, She thanks Maham for showing the way . As she had learnt he gives hard reply to strong words but jalal returns goodnes with more goodness so i thought why would i become bad everytime in front of him, i ask forgiveness and he gives in.

Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 18 April 2020
Maham says she might have won this time but Sultanat had lost its tactically important fort ..
Jodha has dinished with Maham and orders her to get out of her way as she wanted to meet her husband and discuss important matter. Maham is super angry.

jodha meets jalal. Jalal asks Jodha if she has come to ask why he gave away the fort, jodha says when you didnt promise then why you gave that fort to them? he tells her that its all because of respect that you gave to my people and its befitting a king since a long time to respect in return of respect. Still Jodha is not convinced saying you took sword for that fort then how you agreed? Jalal tells her not to think so much, dont count mangoes just eat then. He says dont try to reach to king’s mind you will never get whats going on in my mind, just go and prepare for marriage as we will do rituals together and tell your father that his sil has lessen his burden. Jodha thinks why he gave that fort.

Sharreef says what soil is jala made of made of? What has jodhaa done that makes him chnage his mind. adham says don’t you worry. Sharref says she still can’t prove anything. Adham says but we shoulod be careful of her she is too clever. she can get to anything

Menavati and Dadisa are very happy at the turn of events.
Pratap thinks that Jalal is surely upto something big while FIL is rejoicing that he has got the fort.
Jalal calls Adka Khan and asks his 5000 soldiers to march towards Ratanpur fort and in the meantime the marriage will also take place and then they will fight and get back the fort.

voiceover says that whether news is good or bad it spread like fire. The fort news reaches to mughal soldiers of the fort so they decide to abade it, here fil is happy to hear that their flag has been raised on fort, vajendar is getting ready for marriage, fil congratulate him but he says we should’ve won it, fil says its all about politics, all are excited for marriage. Jalal says to adka that rajvanshi seems happy, adka says they got what they wanted jalal says what about my want?
There soldiers of jalal attacks ratanpur’s fort,.
Shivani praises jalal and says he loves you jodha so much, dadi says its bcoz of him sukanya is getting married. Dadi ask whether she said thanks to jalal, jodha fumbles, dadi says i didnt expect this from you go and say thanks, jodha agrees. Priest ask jodha jalal to sit together in mandap, they look at each other, shivani calls jodha, jalal sees it and informs her, she points out to jalal, jodha thanks jalal, he says say it with heart, jodha says humbly jalal says better.
In laws comes, kids sit with jalal and ask his help, they say he didnt wear shoes so what should we do, jalal says i am from jodha’s side, your respect is her respect and her respect is my respect so we have to do something lets do one thing, he gives them idea which is mute, girl says see how intelligent he is, jodha says yes he is clever in copying others, they look in each others eyes.

Kids comes to vajendar with other shoes, he says its not mine, my one is there, they pick them and say now give it.

hamida comes to bakshi and ask are you enjoying it, she sees cut in bakshi’s hand and ask about it, bakshi remembers how sharif thrown her away and she got cut, she says i was wearing bangles and got cut, sharif pretends that i ask her to wear with care but she didnt listen.

sukanya comes and sit mandap, sharif is irritated, rituals starts, priest ask jalal to extend his hand and ask jodha to hand in his, jodha is shy while jalal smiles, jalal holds her hand tight, jodha thinks he has hold my that tightly that its paining he never drop any chance to tease me, jalal thinks the fun i get teasing you dont get in wining wars also, priests says some mantras jalal ask for meaning, priest start telling him, jalal kept holding jodha’s hand, jodha thinks i know you only want to hold my hand thats why this meaning drama, priest ask him to give ahoti, jalal does and again tries to hold jodha’s hand but she quickly takes it back, jalal is embarrassed.

Sukanya vajendar takes pheras, all are happy, petals are sprinkled on couple, marriage is completed, there at fort mughals attacked the fort and got it back, in amer in laws are ready to go to dhawalghar but news strike fil and he says this bidai will not take place, fil says they cheated us again, he says like this you fulfill your promise, first gave that fort to us then attacked it, if we rajvanshi gives promise then fulfills it, its right mughals only know how to cheat, jalal ask talked?

Now let tell you, first for relationship you made a deal, i gave tongue to bharmal so gave that fort, but i wanted to make you understand that somethings are yours by winning not begging, if you want that fort lets meet in war field, i am ready for war, one more thing marriage is done, they like each other, if sukanya is hurt there, then i will not leave your son, if something happen to her then i will bring out your son’s heart, fil get afraid and says you gave us word that you will protect us and now doing this, you mughals are like this, jalal gets angry and says not a single word for my people, i will cut your tongue, he picks up his sword, jodha shouts no, jalal stops and looks at her.

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