Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 16 May 2021


Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 16 May 2021

Horshiyar and Gulbadan talking, Horshiyar says she wanted Jodha Jalal to go to Ajmer ever since they got married and she wanted both of them to be together and near to each other as well. Jodha walks past Jalal but trips, falls and is caught by Jalal. The BG accentuates the scene when both Jodha-Jalal exchanges taunts at each other. Horshiyar and Gulbadan watched this brief encounter and Horshiyar says that these taunts will make them come closer.

Adham conspires with some courtiers to kill Jalal when both Jodha-Jalal will be on way to Ajmer. The men tries to give some sense to Adham that they should not take any actions in haste. Maham comes there and asks Adham what is he upto, Adham lies that he was talking about how to curb the bagawat at Malwa. Maham tries to talk to Adham but he leaves.

Rukaiya and Salima are playing chess when some other begums taunt at Rukaiya that Jodha actually won over Rukaiya as she is going to Ajmer with Jalal. Rukaiya recalls Maham’s words and gets agitated. She takes the turn but Salima also puts a sheh on her raja but eventually she lost the game and Rukaiya fans her ego n pride.

Horshiyar tells Jalal to take care of Jodha on the journey as this is her first outing with him after marriage. Jodha tells maid that she is sure that there is no separate tent for Jalal and she wont agree to spend night with him. She goes and tells the same to Jalal when he mocks at her and shows her his tent which is opposite to hers and says that even he doesnt want to see her face.

Jalal notices an intruder and the soldiers disarm him. When asked, he pours out wrath against Amer and Jodha, Jalal is about to kill him when Jodha stops him and says that the intruder is right in whatever he said and Jalal is responsible for that act and state,Jalal seemed very hurt

Jalal comes to Jodha’s tent, both exchange angry look, Jodha says she wont sleep as there is someone paraya in her tent, Jalal tells her then she keeps a watch when he sleeps. Jodha is unable to get sleep, goes to have water, Jalal wakes up due to noise but then seeing Jodha, he lowers the shamsheer.
Both again go to their respective places, Jodha sleeps off when Jalal notices something in Jodha’s bed and goes , remove the dupatta. Jodha wakes up and gives a long lecture of ashobniya aacharan etc etc. Jalal listens to her calmly, then removes the dupatta and holds the snake to show her and smirks. Jodha is shocked.

Jalal conversing with the cobra, asking him how did he dare to touch his wife, doesnt he understand that his poison doesnt stand anywhere near the poisonous words of his wife. He throws away the snake, tells Jodha that he saved a snake’s life else the blame would have fallen on Jodha.They exchange some sweet nothings, Jalal asks her to smile as he cracked a joke. Both go off to sleep but not without talking in a civil manner, stealing glances and exchanging good night wishes

Jalal tells the intruder that he is not being murdered as he is on a holy pilgrimage.

On way to Ajmer, Jalal sees a fakir and he says that he is collecting clothes for people who have been hit by a calamity, Jodha comes forward and starts to give away bangles, Jalal tells her to stop and instead offers his pagdi and jewels. Jodha initially thought that Jalal is heartless and doesnt want to give alms but is surprised to see this change in him.

The soul talk Jodha says that she did not realise at that time that this trip will change her life, Jalal says he was Jalal then and not Akbar.

At the dargah: The fakir welcomes Jodha-Jalal, Jalal tells Jodha that she has the freedom not to pray at this place where Jodha tells the importance of Ajmer Sharif. She looks at Jalal and prays in the same manner, Jalal also looks at her from the corner of his eyes. The priest gives blessings to Jodha-Jalal and that they will soon get an heir. Jalal gives prasad to Jaodha and she eats it. Both tie the threads, Jalal tells Jodha that he wished that her wish comes true as he has everything in life. Jodha wished that she given a chance to Jalal.

Both sit and the men start performing on Sufi song, the soul of Jodha says that this day she realised that Jalal was not a king only but also had a heart. Jalal gets up and he too dances with the other bhakts. Jodha is surprised and happy to see Jalal in such a different avatar and prays to her almighty.

Jalal tells the commander that he and Jodha will go for shikaar next day. Jodha and Jalal have a face off about shikar being shauk and aadat VS nirdosh praniyon ko maarna ek manoranjan.

In the forest, both again start fighting again, she tells him that she was the one who spoilt the shikaar of deer earlier when he and Rukaiya had gone hunting. Jalal finally orders her to keep quiet as it will alert the animals. He watches and tells that there is some danger lurking around. He gets ready with the gun and there is a tiger coming towards them.

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