Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 16 August 2020


Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 16 August 2020

Sunday Jodha Akbar  Update 16 August 2020: he gives him a pointed weapon. and says : this is your weapon. “go and get her.”
Khaibar smiles..

Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 15 August 2020

jodha says that why aren’t you taking me for jungle hunt, jalal sits sadly on bed, jodha says that you know that I don’t like to kill animals but I always go with you then why are you not taking me this time, jalal looks at atifa’s pic and says that if I take you then others wives will feel jealous of you. if I take all people with me then it will take more time, also I arranged meena bazar for wives too so I think I should go alone, you want me to be better husband then let me go, jodha says that if this is the case then I allow you to go, jodha is about to leave when she sees jalal looking at atifa’s pic, he sees jodha and looks down, jodha makes face and goes from there.
Jodha Akbar 16 August 2020

the master of khaibar looks at cave in jail and says that jalal and his ministers doesn’t know that there is a secret way out from palace and mahaC knows this, your mission will complete mahaC. in jail, all soldiers are gossiping that jalal is taking soldiers and ministers out for hunting.

jalal and some ministers are going for hunt in jungle, he sends atgah far, he talks to atifa, he ask her that are you always keep veil on your face, atifa says that my husband orders me so I have to take it, jalal says that your husband isn’t here so you can take it off, she takes off her veil jalal looks at her face and smiles. the rainj starts pouring down in jungle, jalal says to ram that we should go to tents, atifa aask ram that should we go also, he says yes as jalal is going, atifa makes sad face and ays that I would like to enjoy rain in open, I would like to ride and view jungle in rain, jalal looks at her and says to ram that I will stay here in jungle, I want to enjoy rain here, you got tents, atifa smiles, ram leaves, only jalal and atifa are left.

jodha gives Rahim new toys, salima says why you give him more toys, jodha says that kids always like toys and look I have nought many toys for him, salima says that I cant believe soon you will handle three children together, she leaves to talk with hamida. dasi ask jodha that what is your decision about our princess, jodha gives her letter and says to convey my message to your princess that don’t take drastic decision, I wont let anything wrong happen with her, its my promise, dais gets happy, jodha thinks that on right time I will tell jalal that this rajvanshi princess is not ready to marry Mughal prince, he will understand.

jalal gives his hand to atifa, she shyly takes it, jalal pulls her close to him and holds her shoulders, he ask her to enjoy the view, atifa gets afraid with bear’s noise, jalal puts fire on wood stick, he throws it away and bear is hunted from it, atifa is impressed and says I didn’t know you can do this too, he ask soldiers to see the bear, they goes to see him and comes back saying that bear it that, jalal says ok and takes atifa from there, soldiers gossip that what kind of hunt was that, if bear was dead then why didn’t jalal took atifa to that way? seems like jalal is on hunt today but for something else. atgah comes back and sees jalal and atifa enjoying view of jungle together, he is upset.

jalal is in his court, he is listening to ram tanu’s song, atifa is there too, ram sings then atifa sings looking at jalal, jalal smiles looking at her, ram starts singing but jalal stops him and atifa to sing, atgah says this is insult of ram, jalal says I want only atifa to sing, ram feels offended and leaves from there, atifa continues the song, atgah is not happy with jalal’s attitude, after song ends, jalal praises atifa and gives her his precious ring, she takes and leaves from there, atgah says can I talk to you, jalal says yes, atgah says that you are doing wrong, its a sin. atgah says to jalal that being married, roaming around with other women is not only bad but it is considered as big sin in our religion, you know about all this but as your guider I suggest you to not do this, jalal says that you are right, you can guide me but to tell you truth that whenever I listen to atifa singing, I get lost in her, not only her face but her voice, her everything is making me crazy about her, I think of her all the time, I know I am not doing right with my wives, I should be with jodha, I thought that I cant love anyone after loving jodha but atifa make me go mad about her.

master of khaibar frees khaibar and ask him to run from jail from that secret cave, sharif comes in jail, soldier ask him why is he here, sharif says that jail is my responsibility and I can come anytime, he goes inside jail and ask why there is no soldier here, he comes to khaibar’s lock up and sees khibar missing from lock up, he shouts that soldiers this beast has run away, sharif thinks that a giant man cant run from here till he doesn’t know any secret way out from this palace, he sees cave that s going out from palace.

jodha is sleeping, she dreams that jalal is sitting with her on bed, he says that I love you laot jodha. in ankhon main plays.. jodha then sees in dream that jalal and atifa are together and spending romantic moments together, he gets close to atifa, jodha wakes up from dream being terrified, jodha thinks why I am sseing these kinds of dreams, this isn’t good.

Jodha Akbar Update 16 August 2020

jalal is going somewhere is palace, when he looks in atifa’s raoom, atifa takes off her dupatta and jewelry to sleep, jalal looks at her but then turns and goes from there. khaibar comes in jodha’s room who is fast asleep.

jodha is sleeping, khaibar comes near her bed and smiles looking at her, he removes curtain and have broad smile on his face, he sits on her bed and keeps looking at her, he is about to touch her face when sharif calls out for his name, jodha wakes up and is shocked to see khaibar on her bed, sharif says how dare you to touch our begum, I will not leave you, he is about to beat khaibar but khibar throws him away and gets angry, soldiers come and tries to handle khaibar but he beats them all, he strangles shairf’s neck and is about to kill him when jodha comes and says khibar leave him, don’t kill him, khibar leaves sharif and doesn’t hurt him, soldiers come and arrest khibar while he stands silen t and keep smiling looking at jodha, they take khibar away while jodha is tensed at his behavior.

in morning, sharif scolds soldiers that I know one of you is involved in all this, I will know who took khibar out from jail, jalal is coming there after hunting spree ,sharif thinks to tell jalal about khibar’s deed then jalal will not let khibar alive, he will kill him, jalal and atifa comes there and jalal keep looking at her, sharif notices it and smirks. jalal says to atifa that I hope you enjoyed hunting, go and take rest, all notices jalal flirting. sharif says to jalal that I want to tell you something important.

jalal shouts that how can that beast come in my harem, how can he touch my jodha begum, I will not leave him, sharif says you are right, how can he touch jodha begum, how can he go I her room, I will not leave him, jalal agrees and says I will punish him but how you got to know, sharif says I went to jail and found khaibar missing then I saw him in jodha’s room touching her, how can he, he should not be alive, atgah says how can he run out from jail and no soldier knew about it? security isn’t that weak, sharif says I know someone helped khibar to come out from jail, we will soon find him, atgah agrees, sharif thinks that thankfully I saw that secret cave but I wont tell about it to anyone as that cave goes to jodha’s room and it will help me, he leaves. atgah says to jalal sorry to say but I noticed that sharif was so possessive when he was telling about jodha, I didn’t like the way shairf was telling you about incident and discussing jodha, jalal doesn’t pay head and says I don’t want to discuss all this, just find the person who helped khaibar, atgah agrees

atifa is sitting in her room, her husband comes there, she shows him that jalal has given her coin as token of appreciation, he says that I know what is appreciation and what is gift, I am telling you that we will leave the palace after eid, she ask why? he says I cant share you just for money, he leaves.

jodha is thinking that how can jalal kill anyone innocent, jalal comes there and greets her, jodha says don’t kill anyone in Ramadan, jalal says that I will punish khaibar as he came in harem otherwise people will think that anybody can can come in harem, jodha says but he didn’t even hurt anyone, he just came here but didn’t beat anyone, jalal says what you thinks of yourself, that if all are obeying then they are good but if one uses his mind to solve things, if one take right decision but is against you then he is always wrong, you want all to just run around you and follow your orders but I will do what I want and what is right now, jodha says you are taking things in wrong way, jalal says I know what to do.

jodha says to jalal that don’t forget that you are given tilte of AKBAR not by your ministers but it is given to you for your love and justice towards common man, jalal says that doesn’t mean that I will forgive a person who comes in my harem without permission, I will kill khibar now and I will give him such brutal death that nobody will dare to come in my palace or my hare., he leaves, jodha is hurt and says what has happened to you jalal, it seem like you don’t love me anymore.

the arrangements are going on, soldiers gossip that one prisoner is going to be killed infront of all, this kind of punishment is not given in years, other soldier says that don’t know whats the need fo giving punihhment to that beast, jodha comes there and thinks that I cant understand why jalal is giving punishment to that insane beast, atgah comes there and greets jodha, he sasy I suppose you are thnking about punishment given to khibar by jalal, you may think that jalal should be generous in this pious month of Ramadan but why is he so harsh, let me tell you that jalal is a changed man, person changes to bad when in two cases, 1st when he goes on wrong path and 2nd when some other person starts affecting his thinking, jodha says what you mean? and if you think that jalal is doing wrong then stop him, he will listen to you, atgah says no, he is stubborn and if he has taken decision then I cant stop him from punishing khaibar.

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