Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 4 July 2020

In amer, shaguni bai comes to meena, she says you must be worried as your daughter is lost, meena says yes my world is dark without her, she says jodha had fight with jalal and she didnt come here because i ask her not to, shaguni says she is your daughter how you can close door on her, meena says tell something about her, shaguni says jodha and her husband are going through rough phase of life, its their exam and when this exam is over their relationship will be mpre strong, she is safe, meena ask what should i do, she says nothing, its fate, they are walking on separate path but they will come back on one path, where ever she is, krishna is with her. dont worry.

Jodha Akbar Friday Update 3 July 2020

jalal comes to some place, all village people sit around him, he ask about jodha, they says how we can know about any stranger, jalal says she is very beautiful. one man says they had seen one girl in common clothes and she had krishna idol in her hand, jalal ask where did she go? they say dont know, jalal says atleast i got hope, i will find jodha.
in agra, hamida goes out, maham comes in her ad is finding something, she gets one box but it has lock on it, maham searches for its key, she finds it and opens box, it has jewels, maham says i have to find that document dont know where she had hidden it, resham says she is coming back, mmaham says she always keep resting in her room, resham says fast, maham think where it should be.
jalal ask some other people about jodha, they say no we havnt seen her, they says we are going to mathura for krishna prayers, jalal says if know jodha then she must around her kahna in mathura, soldier says abul mali is also there, its not safe, jalal says jodha is most important for me.

ruks is scolding hoshiyar that she is not doing her work, hoshiyar ask why your mood is off, ruks says jalal is running behind jodha and dont even remember me, i dont know whats in jodha, hoshiyar praises ruks and says dont know whats jodha have. rahim comes there and sits in ruks lap, she ask what happened, rahim says i am not in mood to do work since jodha went away, she use to sing for me, use to tell story, please tell me a story, ruks says i will try, tell me what you want to listen, he says like jodha, ruks says i am not jodha. rahim says jodha use to tell me about shehenshah, ruks says i will tell you story about big harem and its owner. she tells him her story.

other side jodha remembers rahim and is sad, shehenaz says whom do you miss most? jodha says all but i miss rahim alot, i use to tell him stories, she ask who is rahim? arent you rajvanshi? jodha says no i am rajvanshi, he used to live in neighbour, she ask what type if stories you tell him? jodha says i use to tell him about great emperor, she ask how do you know about him much? jodha says no it was just stories created by me. jodha says you are clever who call you insane, shehnaz says you are so nice and hugs jodha.

rahim doesnt like story and says its queen is not nice, she keep fighting with all, choti ammi use to tell good story, he goes, ruks gets angry that all care about jodha, nobody cares about me.
soldier ask jalal to have some rest, jalal says no its okay and dont worry about my saftey this place is of my jodha’s kahna so i am safe here. jalal in common clothes is finding jodha in market and thinks that i hope i will find you near your kahna, jodha is standing on stall, jalal passes by that stall without seeing jodha, jodha turns and start walking behind jalal but both couldnt see each other.

its evening, jalal is still finding jodha, he comes to river jamuna and recalls jodha saying she
wishes to go in this river, she use to go in jamuna with her friends, she says if two poeple go in toghter then they have safe life and if somebody alone goes in and prays with pure heart then its all wishes get fulfilled, jalal smiles, jodha ask reason, jalal says sometime i dont understand your talks, jodha says okay keep smiling i will not tell anything, jalal says why you always fight, jodha says why you always laugh on me, i have faith on these things, i have trust on these rivers but you will not understand, jalal says i was just joking. Fb ends. jalal says to soldier that i will go in river. he is going in river, he goes inside water, jodha is in river too very little far from jalal, she is also coming in and out of water, jalal prays that Allah please fulfill my wish of making jodha meet me.

Jala is cleaning his head. Jodha passes by him but he couldn’t see her neither could jodha.

Later at night maham is going in the dark. She says Javeda has seen me once going in this direction I hope no one else sees me. She goes in with flame in her hand. She opens a room and asks the guard did he eat something ? He says no.

Maham says you have to eat not because of yourself but for accomplishment of my task. I won’t even let you die will I don’t get what I want.I can do anything to reach my destination. I have to get that ‘farmaan’ in any way. I have no other way. She asks the guard to keep an eye.

Scene 2
Jalal asks different people if they have seen a stranger lady in vicinity. No one knows and he is so disappointed. He says she always took care of me and I hurt her. I know I don’t deserve to be forgiven but please come back jodhaa.
He goes to the market and looks everywhere. He can’t find a clue. He asks some people from temple if they have seen a lady with a krishna sculpture in her hand. They say no and they leave. The man says its time to go temple, different people come there at this point of time. You should look for her there. jalal thanks him.

Scene 3
Jalal’s mom is missing Jodha and she recalls when jodha promised her that she will always live up to her expectations. she says where have you gone jodha I called you my daughter. i know jalal hurt you but why you didn’t think about your mom. A servant comes in and says alka has come and wants to meet you. He comes in. She asks why you came ? He says I had to come.

There is some problem in wealth. Some of the gifts and other wealth are not there. I see no calculations. She says Jala has given you all the authority you can investigate. You can seek help from amanga. Is there any problem with that ? He says yeah we know who is behind this. She asks who? He says adham khan. She says you have all the authority point out the culprit. Jalal will respect all your decision, he trusts you with all his heart. Do whatever is appropriate.

Scene 4
Jalal comes near the asylum and asks some other people. Jodha is decorating the temple. He asks a man if he has seen a lady. He says there are many such people here. Jalal tells her that she was holding a sculpture. He says yeah a lady came here. Come in, let me take you to her. He says which room is hers ? he points at a room. Jalal goes towards it and sees a lady , he says jodha, she turns but she isn’t jodha. She asks who are you ? He says I am looking for someone. Where did you get this sculpture.

She says its mine but if were looking for him he is with you all the time. Jalal comes out and the manager asks was she the one ? Jalal says no I couldn’t find her. Jodha comes in the asylum but Jalal’s face is on the other side. Jodha comes to the room and asks Shahnaz why is she so scared ? She says a man came here to take our God. Its pooja tjis evening should we go ? Jodha says yes we will go.
The workers says don’t be disappointed we will find her. He says we should go in different directions now. The workers are worried for his security he says do’t worry I will be fine alone.

Scene 5
Adham khan comes to alka and asks why have you called me here ? He says you have caused trouble to us in the calculations of the wealth. Adham says talk to me with decorum, I am not under you.Alka says I am behaving with decorum otherwise I could have sent soldiers.

Adham says this is the mistake of the man who takes care of the wealth. Alka says the miscalculations are caused because of you. Adhma says do you know you are talking to the son of minister. Alka says I am the worker of king. You have to answer me. Adhma says I will talk to shahenshah my self. Maham comes there and asks what has happened ? Alka says you should tecah him some respect I wanted to talk to him but he didn’t listen. Maham says can’t we talk about this in private ? Alka says he should cooperate in the investigation. Maham asks whats the problem ? Alak says a lot of the wealth is missing from the areas under adham khan. Adhma says he is accusing me again.

Maham asks him to calm down. She says I apologize on his behalf. I will asks him cooperate. He says better do. Otherwise he will have to answer Shahenshah. Adhma takes put a knife maham tries to stop him and her hand gets cut. Adhma says look what you did, its bleeding. She says its better than seeing you bleeding. Adham says what does he think of himself. Maham says he is the special man on king. Don’t you this ? Why you do this, you can’t hurt him. Jalal won’t leave you. You promised that you will keep calm. I have no one in this world but you. This can harm you life. He says okay mom and asks her to sit. He looks for the doctor.

Scene 5
Men announce that a lady is criminal. SHe is a widow and she fell for another man. She has broken the rituals. She should have helped the society and she forget that she is a widow. Today we will demolish her. People support him and says yeah he is right. We have to kill her for what she has done. Jodhna comes there and sees them binding the lday.

She wonders whats going on. Shahnaz comes there and says what has she done ? You all are the criminals you should be burnt alive. The man says we will see her later first we should deal with the one supporting her. They start hitting her with stone. Jodha jumps in to save them. Jalal comes there too and covers them all. He says have you gone mad ? Does someone hit women like this ? Jodha realizes that its shahensha’s voice.


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