Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 26 June 2021


Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 26 June 2021

Jalal and jodha comes to somewhere in small village where people are celebrating in rajhistani style.jodha is skeptical to go but jalal says i am with you lets go. They meet people who wlecome them, one women gives bangles to jodha as she is married, man ask jalal from where he is, jalal says mewaaar and going on terat. They start performing on folk, jalal and jodha smiles, jodha imagines jalal dancing and start smiling, jalal ask what? jodha says nothing, jalal says thats why i dont understand you women, jodha says why do you try.

performance ends. Jalal ask why you people are here, man informs that they are on journey and is taking some rest but there are thieves here too so we have to leave quickly, jalal says we are on way too and want to take some rest, jodha goes to make food, She says to women that i will make roti for my husband, she says this much love ok make it, Jodha sits down and start making rotis, jalal keep looking at her, jodha burns her hand, jalal is pained to see it and keep looking at her all smiling.

Scene 4
Ruks is going, hamida says how will you find jalal, ruks says i will find him even if he is disguise, hamida says you are the most special person in jalal’s wife and whoever comes in his life you position is intact, ruks thanks her, Ruks says i want to go, hamida says yes go, maham says if you had listen to me earlier then things would be different but better late than never. ruks leave. Gul badan ask hamida why is she going behind jalal? hamida says she has insecurity that her position is in danger and she thinks jodha is taking jalal away and consequences seems to be dangerous. Jodha gives jalal food and says this is common man’s food, jalal says thats okay but tell me you hand is alright na, jodha says its nothing serious wound but i am glad that you noticed it, jalal start eating.

In night, jalal and jodha are sitting in jungle, Jalal goes and tries to lit more fire, jodha says leave it, jalal says you will get cold, Jodha says leave it, she takes wood from his hand and throws, jalal says what you did, jodha laughs that 1st time seeing king doing these things and you became angry for small wood pieces, this doesnt suit you, jalal says i was doing this for you, i dont want you to get cold, she holds jalal’s hand and make him sit, she says if i am alive by drinking poison then this cold will do nothing, jalal sees she is holding his hand, jodha gets aware of it, he slightly caresses her hand, jodha being shy takes her hand away, jalal says you were not worried that i am doing work you stopped me because you wanted me be close to you, that you can hold my hand, becomes closer to me, jodha says its nothing like that, they hears sound of someone. Some man comes there and ask who are you? Jalal says are common people going for terat, he ask them to come with him to his place as this place is not safe, jodha says he seems good man. they agrees to go with him.

Scene 2
Jalal and jodha comes to the house of man, his wife says you seem to be newly married couple, jalal says not its quite sometime. wife ask jodha’s name, she says kajri, jalal says mine is badal. Man says my name is Todal mal, todal ask his wife did you divided money? she nods, he says i divide my money in 3, one part goes into taxes, 2nd to my people and 3rd to mandir and all, jalal ask reason for this, he says i can manage my food but many cant so i try to help them. Jalal gets up from there and sees one painting, he ask todal whose painting is this, Todal says its of Shershah suri, he made humayun father of jalal to loose, jalal gets angry, todal says i used to work for suri. Jalal remembers how bairam khan had told him that it is all because of suri that you are separated with your parents, he had many rich men with him and the most important was todal mal.

Scene 3
The chaos is all around, thieves have attacked the village and burns the whole place, they are fighting with villager. Inside Todal ask jalal to not come outside, you are guest, jalal and jodha goes from there to other room. Outside villagers are trying best to fight with thieves. Thieves get the control over the village but jalal comes and says the war is still on, he jumps in field with sword, he start fighting with all and soon kills them . todal thinks he doesnt seem to be common man whose name is badal.
After war, todal says to his wife that he is not a common man, he is a warrior, he fought with all at once, he is a mughal who is warrior.
Jalal is shirtless, jodha applies remedy on wounds on his back and feels his pain, jalal says i am injured and you are feeling pain, jodha says i know these wounds are hurting you but tell me why your mood is off and why you are angry from the time you have listened to the name of Sheheshah Suri, what you are hiding from me? Jalal says his name is todal mal who was with Shahenshah suri, because of suri my father had to leave india, the pain is inside me as i have to spend night here at place of his man. Hamida is writing biography and says suri made things difficult for humayun and any of his wife was in his custody but one man of his was very good and took responsibility of all them. his name was Todal mal
Here jalal says to jodha that i saved him today because i am staying here and i had to fight, he is my enemy and soon i will return as jalal.

In morning jalal and jodha is about to go but todal mal offers them palanquin for jodha but jalal doesnt take it, todal mal says that i have one thing for you, he gives jalal as stamp, jalal says its a mughal stamp, todal mal says humayun gave it to me as i took responsibility of wives, jalal says he was your enemy then why you did that? todal mal says though i was with suri but mughals were not my enemy i only fulfilled my duty as a man of suri and didnt do any thing wrong with wives of humayun, jalal says i got to learn a new lesson from you, thanks. They leave, Todal mal’s wife says this stamp was given by humayun and you gave it to some common man, he says he has given it to the son of humayun Jalal, she says what? he says yesterday night, i was passing from there room and listened to their convo so i got to know he is jalal, he says if he is in disguise then he must have some reason so i didnt ask him

Scene 5
Jalal and jodha meets priest Chisti, he recognize them and says anybody can become king, but here is the great king jalal who will change the fortune, he says to jalal that i know things were very difficult for you in recent times and jodha you had to fight alot to make things right, jodha is surprised. He says but when you have someone by your side then things becomes easy, jalal looks at jodha, He says this is the start of new journey, you both have to go through long way but together, you will right history, jodha will write her name in mughal history by becoming Mariam us zamani, jalal is dumbstruck. Chisti says i can sense change in air, weather and date and i can see God’s blessings on your faces, jodha is shy, jalal smiles. They take chisti’s blessing. Jalal and jodha ties thread around tree, jalal says i one pray with heart here then it get fulfilled, he remembers how they had tied it before, jalal prays that this journey with jodha should never end and i get jodha’s hand in every walk of life, jodha prays that every wish of jalal should get fulfilled. Jalal ask jodha what she asked from God, jodha says its not being told, jalal says if i tell you then, jodha says no need because i know what you prayed for, because you pray in heart too loudly, jalal says lie, he ask her to tell. Jodha says how can i tell you about your heart’s talk. Jalal says do you really know about whats inside my heart, jodha smiles and feels shy, she leaves from there. Jalal says if you know whats inside my heart then you should have said whats inside your heart.
Jodha and jalal are walikng, jodha thanks him for bringing her here, jalal says i thought you will not like simplicity of this place, jodha says dont say like this, If one get peace with jewels, gold then why they come here. She says chisti has direct connection with God, jalal says true thats why prayer done here reaches God. Jalal says i hope my wish get fulfilled. They see ruks standing infront of them. Jalal says i am stunned to see you here, ruks says i got to know that alima didnt came with you so i came as you are alone here, jalal says jodha is with me, ruks says thats why i am here. Jalal ask what she means? ruks says we all know how much you both fight and earlier when you went with jodha tiger attacked you. Jalal sees jodha from far and keep looking at her, ruks says are you listening me? jalal nods and says its good you came, ruks says you are roaming here without any soldier and all, jalal says i got to know many things by becoming common man but you came here with all shahi things and you finished all, ruks says what? jalal says i wanted to finish this journey as a common man but you finished everything.
Ruks meet chisti and present him some gold coins, chisti says God gives everything, he blesses her.

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