Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 24 April 2021


Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 24 April 2021

one man reads on the letter that brothers will get same end as that of suryaban’s choice is yours and gifting you the head of your princess would be husband’s head. they try to open the cloth which has head inside it but can’t. jodha listens all this and her life turns upside down she remembers different incidents surya promise that he would get jalal’s head, he will end the one who separated us from marrying, how surya supported her when was about to fall, when he made her portrait, when he held her hand and made her wear a ring. She faints remembering all this.

jodha in bed all women around her. Mother ask her to wake up and remembers shugni bai’s fate talk and sulks. jodha wakes up and is shivering she cries badly dadi says can’t see tears in your eyes and says she is amer’s princess and you are born to sacrifice for your land stop crying. I’ve full faith on bharmal he is king but father also he will think about his sons. Other side bharmal is saying he is father but the king first and can do every sacrifice to save my land but will never bow the head infront of mughals dadi says he can’t do this. bakshi bano in tears jalal consoles her and says can’t change what happened but will do everything for your happiness. Haseena bano says don’t take tension wound will heal with time maham anga says the wound of loneliness with time don’t heal but get more worse we have bring happiness back in bakshi’s life and this is possible only by getting her married jalal ponders over it. Voiceover- jodha is distraught over surya’s death but tensed more for her brothers so comes to bharmal
bharmal says will do anything to take revenge of suryaban’s death but jodha ask how what will you do they have our brothers and hundreds of warrior your one step can take their life away from them bharmal so you want us to bow down in-front of mughals. Jodha says agree amer’s safety is your responsibility but the safety of your sons and soldiers is also your responsibility and what happened was to happend but now safe my brothers i can’t see their wives suffering for whole of their life . Bharmal says I understand your situation and will do whats in my hand. He leaves jodha cries

sujamal in deep thoughts and remembers surya’s killing. He has FB where jodha ask him to get ready they have to go some wedding suja says look like its your wedding jodha says I will wear all my jewelry that you have given and ask what you will wear suja say will not get time and will hold your marriage box from front fb ends suja sees jodha standing in-front of him he sits down and ask for forgiveness jodha says you betrayed whole amer can’t forgive. You are my enemy’s friend so my enemy it was suja dream as jodha disappears. sharifudden says we used suja to get amer which is in our hand now and can harm us we have to kill him they come to his tent only to see that suja has left somewhere. bharmal comes to mughals and says we are not friends only here to disscuss about amer. Mughals and bharmal do some taunting and sharifudden ask to bring his they come bharmal is distraught to see them beaten up badly but is happy that they didn’t bow down. He ask what you want sharif says 5000 gold coins every month, mewat’s palace renovation and whenever war is on you to take care of our soldiers and animals. He says till you keep doing that your sons will be safe here. bharmal ask what if i don’t agree to your will he says will do what i did to surya. Other mughal interrupts and says agree to him now but will do everything right as i am your friend bharmal agrees sharif laughs. jalal is happy over happenings and says sharif won my heart will gift him. Maham on other side says did great by winning malwa’s war and now is the time to talk about adham and bakshi. jalal and maham meets and congratulates for victory maham talks about bakshi’s nikkah and jalal says will do with the one who has won maham thinks its adham and say he won malwa jalal says but amer’s victory is very big and will do bakshi sharif marriage maham is shocked but pretends to be happy jalal thanks her for the idea.

in amer all are tensed at their situation and how long will they be able to follow mughal conditions for soldeirs safety who are in prison and what is their future how long will they be arrested. Jodha is still very positive and says we women will not go for jauhur but will go for war against mughals but brothers says it will harm bharmal’s image. Bharmal says we will continue with demands and will find solution.

jodha comes to lord and why we are in this situation do something and wish that if she was a man than could fight against Jalal. Otherside shariffudden keep increasing his demands. jalal gets to know that none other maham anga is behind the killing of bairam khan he is distraught and contemplates to ask about it to maham he decides not to ask her. It is shown that he married bairam’s wife so that his wife and son will not suffer. maham is every disturbed at what is happening all her plans are failing. She sees two soldeirs informing jalal that adham though won the war but destroyed malwa, brutally killed people and also tells that the amount recieved from there didn’t reached to agra jalal is somewhat angry. Maham is highly tensed and thinks he shouldn’t meet adham now otherwise things will become sore. back to amer everybody is worried as shariffudden keep increasing the demands and they are not finding any solution . On man khan who was saved once by bharmal in the fight against the pathans gives bharmal advice to make friendship with jalal so that your sons will get free from them but bharmal doesn’t agree as its against his ego. maham informs adham by one man that jalal is coming to malwa and to stay alert. bharmal imagines his young image one is devil and other positive. He is confused that what to choose to bow down or fight . He is frustrated. jalal is again informed about adham’s wrong doings in malwa so he decides to go to malwa. jodha is sleeping and suddenly wake up thinking someone has attacked her. She remembers surya’s head and think she recieved her brothers head also she is scared to death.

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