Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 2 October 2021


Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 2 October 2021

Jalal is sitting in his room, Amer’s queen comes there with dasies, she says that we have ritual that we do brother in law’s tilak and gifts him, Jalal says I respect all your traditions, all dasies are in veil and Jodha is one of them, Queen does the ritual, she is about to leave and says to Jodha that I told you he will not recognize, Jalal ask one girl in veil to stop, that is jodha only. bahbhi smiles and leaves. Jalal holds her hand and says your hand is beautiful and you are so nice, Jodha smiles, Jalal says thank God

my wife is not here otherwise I wouldn’t be able to talk to you, Jodha grinds her teeth, Jalal says you know my wife talk a lot, cachar cachar, she keep blabbering all the time and give me head ache, but see I am pouring my heart out and you are listening silently, I feel like holding your hand lifetime, Jodha gets angry and take off her veil, Jodha says so you do this in my absence, and what you were saying that I blabber, you were flirting with Dasi, Jalal says it was you, Jodha says but you didn’t know that, Jalal laughs, Jodha says how shameful, you are laughing, I am leaving, Jalal holds her hand and says in Gujrati how to leave you hand my wifey, Jalal says I am your husband, I can feel you from far away, Jodha says means you recognized me, how? Jalal says I saw your face in water in veil, Jodha says so you were joking with me? Jalal says you can joke but I cant, Jodha says I told bhabhi that you will recognize me, Jalal says look I recognized you, you are looking good in gujrati dress, now give me gift for recognizing you, he is about to hug her but Jodha stops him and says anyone can see, Jalal says you have to give gift for joking with me, Jodha says let me go,brother have called me, she leaves.

Scene 2
Salim is smiling, Farhan comes there and ask Salim to leave, they leaves.
Anarkali is smiling, Zil bahar ask who was he? why didn’t you punish him for throwing you in mud, she says it was not his fault, his horse got jittery seeing snake, infact he helped me, zil ask who was he? Anrakali says he seemed like Mughal, Zil ask was he from Royal family? Anrakali says if he was from royal family I would have beaten him, you know I hate them, why you talk about them, Zil says you get angry on little things, Anarkali says if he was from royal family then he wouldn’t have helped me,

instead he would have laughed at me, would have enjoyed my insult but he seemed like good man. Zil says why cant you forget past, Anaraklai says how can I forget what we have to go through because of them, we had to leave AGra, I had to leave my education, Rashid had to leave his job, we are leaving life of strangers just cause of them, Zil says forget past, anywasys I have mended your ghungroos, why you are not concentrating on your dance, she says ammi you know I dance because I like it but I don’t want make it way of earning, Zil ask then what you wanna do? we are not that much rich that we can give you education like royal kids, Anarkali says you know that I am expert in make up, hairdos, remember I made Mann bai ready too in event, she was happy with me, I will do that work only, she says I am going to meet Bela, Zil says call her princess Bela, Anarkali says she is my friend, Zil says but still she is royal so don’t forget your limits with them, Anrakali leaves.

Scene 3
Mann bai says to Maan singh that you didn’t brought a necklace for me, I am not talking to you, Maan says I didn’t bring it so what? they fight, king comes there and says you are becoming king and acting like kids, Maan says this mann irritates me, do her wedding, mann says that Maan irritate me, and I don’t wanna leave you, I will not do marriage and leave you father, king says that daughters have to leave her house at sometime and Maan is right its time that you get married, Mann ask with whom? Mann says to her mother that this Maan tease me a lot, mother says that don’t tease her, we will find a good groom for her, mann says maa you too, Maan says its not end here, I will ask SAlim to tease you too in function like childhood. they leave. King (bhagwan das) says to queen that Salim and Mann will be good couple, queen says this will be great, if Jodha becomes Mann’s daughter in law then her future will be secure, Das says I will talk to Jalal.
Salim wears a common dress for function, Farhan ask why wearing such dress? Salim says I don’t royal functions and says you both are coming with me in function, Farhan says how can I come, I am common soldier, Salim says not argue, Qutub and you are accompany me, Jodha comes there and ask SAlim why you didn’t wear royal which I have specially prepared for you, Salim says I don’t like it, Jodha says you aruge on everything, but don’t bring Farhan and Qutub in function, Salim says I am common soldier too so I should not come there too, Jalal comes there, jodha sys that Salim want to bring his friends in function, he is heir, he is going to be king, he should not roam with them, Salim says ok I will not too, Jodha says see his stubbornness, Jalal says what stubbornness, if he wanna bring his friends then allow him, Jodha says but he has to meet many kings there , Salim says that’s why I don’t wann go there, you will make me meet princesses, I am not interested, they are coming to meet heir, the would be king, I want to meet someone who would want to meet simply Salim not prince Salim, Jodha did you marry Jalal because he was king? Jodha says no I used to hate him but I cant allow you to come with friends, Jalal says you bring Moti too as you take her as friend, he says to Salim that bring your friends, I am allowing you, Jodha says you both are stubborn, she leaves, Jalal says to Salim that don’t worry, I will handle Jodha, you come with your friends, I think your mother has become used to give orders, first it was only me who she used to give orders but now she is giving orders to you too, they smile, Jalal says but I liked your talk that you should love someone who would ,love you as Salim not as king, very well thinking, he leaves, Salim looks on.

Jodha says to Birbal that your ideas are good, I was worried how would I talk such things because I don’t believe in all this and was worried too that if Jalal gets to know that I am acting, thanks for all this, Birbal says they have twisted problem so we have to try twisted ideas only, now Salim has started trusting Jalal, now he will discuss his problems with Jalal only, you be strict with him.
Mann bai is getting ready, jagat comes there and ask why you are not ready till now? Mann says I will see Salim after many years, I am worried and you are taunting me, she has tears in her eyes and says Maan has teased me a lot, he has warned me that he will make Salim tease like he used to in childhood, Jagat says so we will tease him too, we are girls so are we less than them, we will teach lesson to Maan and Salim, Mann says no what if SAlim gets angry, Jagat says you don’t worry, I will do something that SAlim’s attention will come at me not you, I am J[agat, Salim may have meet many princesses but I will see how sAlim moves his eyes from me. Anarkali comes there, Mann hugs her, they ask her why you so late today, Mann says I thought you will come in function directly, Anarkali says that my friends have called me so I had to come, Jagat says I had made some dresses for you, they are not new but used one, Anarakali says I would be happy to take gift from you, Mann ask to make her hairs, Mann gets happy and says remember when you did my hairdo last time all praised me, can I ask one thing, you also wish to see prince Salim, why not, every girl is going gaga over him, Anarkali says no because I don’t like him Jagat says you are right, the dreams which cant be fulfilled should not be seen, also this function is for royal people only so what would Anarakali do coming there, ANarkali thinkg that how to tell them that I have not come here to attend function or see SAlim, I have come to give a message of someone.

Anarkali thinks that I didn’t come here to celebrate function but to give message to someone, flashback shows that Anarakli’s friend bela tells her that FArhan is her love and he is with Salim so she ask Anarkali to give her massage to Farhan, she says I cant go in function as my father has doubt on me so he is not allowing me to go anywhere, tell Farhan that my father is forcing me for marriage, Anarkali says I will tell him but this pair is odd, you are a princess and Farhan is common soldier, this love will only hurt you, bela says pain in love is also sweet, Anarkali says you will soon get your love, Bela gives letter to Anarakli, fb ends. Mann ask Aanraklai where you are lost, she says no where, she says to mann that you are ready now, Anarkali thinks to find Farhan and give him letter, she leaves.
royal function starts, all come in function, some princesses look at Salim and says he is wearing common dress, other say but he is looking handsome in that too, Salim ask Farhan whom you are looking for? Farhan says that my love is coming here today, it was love at first sight for me, Salim says I believe in love but not first sight love, Farhan says to love someone, you need one moment, when you will love someone, your thinking and life will change that day, they smile, Salim says she changed your life in one momone,t Farhan says thing is that she is princess and I am common soldier, Qutub says it doesn’t matter in love, Salim ask how will you meet her today, Farhan says like always, i will meet her hiding, Salim says you are strong in love more than in battle field, Farhan says love make you strong but i am worried that if anybody see us together today. Salim thinks.
Jodha comes to Jalal, she says i have brought a gift for you, Jalal says i like your gifts as they are beautiful as much as you are, what have you bgrought for me, Jodha says this is rajhistani turban, i want you to wear it in function, Jalal says ofcourse but you make me wear it, Jodha nods, Jalal sit and jodha make him wear rajhistani turban, Jalal says your gift is amazing, Jodha says thatnks, come now all are waiting for you.

Scene 2
bela’s parents come in function, her father says to AMer king that bela was ill so she didnt come, king ask him to stay but he says that i cant stay, i am in tension, i want to marry bela but i feel like somone has trapped her in love net, i want to make bela be happy, sometime people trap rich people to get money and weatlh, i just want to find a good groom for my daughter, king says we have slao found a good groom for mann bai, he ask who? king says SAlim, he calls Salim, he make him meet bela’s father, Salim greet him, and leaves. father says to king that i think that who is behind bela, he is mughal,, i think he will come here, i got a letter in which he had written that he will come here, we are not much rich but if we find him then we will kill him, Salim listen all this.
Jalal and family comes in function, Bela’a father comes there and invites Jalal in his dauhgter’s marriga, Jalal accept the invitation.

ceremony starts, dancers come in function and perform on rajshitani song, FArhan says to Salim that if bela come here to meet me then i will put my life in danger, SAlim says try and understand your life is in danger, Farhan says for love, if i lose my life then i will have no regret, Maan singh come there and ask SAlim to come inside, your childhood friend Mann bai is waiting too, Salim says i dont wann go inside, Jodha have made a force of girls to make me meet them, Maan says if girls like to see you then you enjoy too, Mann ask him to Salim, SAlim says i will come in a minute. Maan leaves, Salim says to Farhan that i have one trick through which you can meet Bela and i will be free of girls, he ask what? Salim says girls dont know my face, who will wear crown will be heir for them, Salim ask Qutub to wear his crown, Qutub says no i cant act, Salim says i wont let anything happen to you, i am with you, he make him wear his crown and wears his turban, they go in function. Murad ask Daniyal in function where is SAlim, Salim comes there, he sit with them, Jalal thinks that Salim is unique, he gave his crown to Qutub, maybe he want girls to like him as Salim not as heir Salim, Amer king thinks that Salim is weird, he has strength to make others wear his crown, jodha says what if jalal doesnt like it that Salim gave his crown to Qutub, princesses assume Qutub to be SAlim and praises him. Anarkali comes in function and points to Farhan, Farhan leaves from there, SAlim think Farhan must have gone to meet Bela, i should go for his security, he leaves too.

Anarkali meets Farhan and says that Bela has send to give her message to you, she says to Farhan that Bela’s father have doubt on her that she loves someone, he wants to marry her, she has sent message that she will not amrry anyone but you so before her marriage happens, you go to her and take her away, Salim comes tere and looks at them hiding behind pillar, SAlim thinks that she is Bela (he assume Anarkali to be bela), he moves closer to them to listen their conversation, Anarkali says to Farhan that i know your love is true, you will surely come, Farhan asys i promise i will come even if i have to put life in danger, i wont let my lose, Anarkali leaves, Salim looks at her and thinks that i have to help Farhan, Farhan loves her and she loves him too so i will help them.
Bela’s father come outside and says i got to know that lover is here, find him, sAlim thinks that if he finds her duahgter here then he will not leave her, i have to help her, he runs and comes to Anarkali, she says you? he hides her from bela’s father and shut her mouth with his hand, he says i know you ave come here for Farhan but you know your father is here, why did you coem here in such danger? Anakrlai says my father? SAlim says i know you love farhan and is daughter of king osf tebla, he shut her mouth and says i know secret way to go out of this palace, before your father see, you leave from here, Anarkali looks at him, he looks at her and they share an eyelock, he removes his hand from her lips, they look down, Salim says i am sorry, she ask why you are helping Farhan? Salim says he is my friend and friendship is from heart and heart never thinks wrong, Anarkali ask are you soldier? Salim says kind of, she says thats why your thinking is different from roayl people, Salim says exactly, these kings, princes cant listen to voice of heart, she says even then peopl are crazy for them, every girl’s heart s beating for Salim but they dont know that Salim doesnt have heart, he looks at her stunned, she greets him and leaves. SAlim keep looking at her.

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