Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 18 April 2020

Jodha in veil is going, dadi stops her and ask who are you and why are you going there, she takes off jodha’s veil, jodha says i am doing this to mend sukanya’s relation, dadi says bharmal will handle, jodha says he cant as culprit is from my in laws side and i will confront him, she says i have to show him to jalal before barat leaves, dadi blesses her that she get successful.


Scene 3
adham and sharif are happy and ask servant who is jodha in veil to make drink for them, adham flirts with her, sharif stops him saying think of situation, he ask her to go. Adham says i have to appreciate you lied in front of jalal, sharif says jalal will think i am right and there jodha will think vajendar is right, jalal-jodha will fight, adham says you are very good actor,

sharif says it was a plan that promise about fort to fil then denies it, they laugh while jodha listens it hiding behind pillar and is stunned, adham suspects someone listening and start approaching her, she is tensed.. Dadi comes and saves jodha saying go and prepare for food. Dadi talks to jodha who says that vajendar is a very good groom and sharif is lying, she ask dadi not to tell this to anyone not even bharmal as things can go against us only, she says sukanya will get married even i have fight with jalal.

Scene 4
jodha comes to jalal and says i have to talk to you, jalal says fil insulted my family, i dont wanna talk, jodha says you dont know truth, jalal says ok tell me your story, jodha says fort was promised by sharif to fil as he knew that its very imp to you, jalal says i am saying i cant listen against my family, jodha says you have to listen my sister will suffer, jalal says why sharif will, you are my wife you should take my side, jodha says i am siding truth, jalal ask for proof, jodha says you will listen to your sister bakshi call her to listen truth, jalal calls her, jodha says if bakshi confirms then you will get sukanya married, jalal says otherwise you will listen to my order, both agrees. Bakshi comes , jalal ask her that sharif is behind this and you know it? Bakshi remember sharif words and says why will he do these things, he is a very good person, he cant do that, bakshi leaves, jodha is stunned, jalal ask her to leave.

Scene 5
jodha comes to sukanya and says vajendar is very good person, culprit is from my in laws but jalal didnt listen to me, sukanya ask you fought with jalal for me? Jodha says yes and i will make sure you get married, sukanya says you are already married and spoiling it for relation which is not created, she ask for promise that she will not fight with jalal, jodha says what about you, sukanya says i know its sad if barat leaves but there are many who can cash your fight with jalal, so promise me you will no fight with him for me, jodha says i never wanted my shadow on your marriage, they hug each other.

Jodha comes in her room, bakshi comes , jodha says i know truth, bakshi cries and says i lied bcoz if told truth then sharif would have killed and i dont want to become widow again, he didnt do right but he is my husband, she says jalal is your husband so save your marriage like me, jodha says i dont want family to be torn but my sister will be destroyed, whats this situation, one side if i think about jalal’s sister my sister’s life will be destroyed and if i think about sukanya then your life will be destroyed

jodha is sitting in her room and thinks how sharif laughed and how bakshi bagged for her relation with sharif, maham comes to her and says in life’s chess you are not good, to prove sharif culprit you asked for his wife’s help, mughal cant do anything, all wives love their husbands, you in my case also tried to make jalal against me, remember, you did same mistake this time also and you will pay for this mistake, as your sister is not getting married and you fought with jalal also, dont try to go against flow of river, you will fail, if you had sided jalal earlier this wouldnt happen, jodha says thats what you wanted to tell? Maham says no, when jalal asked us to attend this marriage i was angry but now i am thankful as i get to see you lose in your home, maham leaves smiling, jodha gets some idea and smiles.

Scene 2
hamida ask jalal, this is last decision? Jalal says we will leave, hamida says think of jodha, maham says he is her husband but she never thinks about him and his respect, she said ill about sharif to jalal using bakshi, jalal agrees, maham says jalal attended with his whole family and what jodha gave in return, took action against us, she is pressurizing jalal to give rajvanshi that fort. Jodha comes and says i am sorry, i was wrong, maham says its a sin, you were against your husband, jodha in tears hugs maham, jodha says you are right, you told me everything in my room,

agra is my 1st place now and its my responsibility to be loyal to you, i never want jalal to give that fort to rajvanshi whether they ask or not, she says sorry to maham and sharif, she says to jalal i am sorry, i hurted bakshi also and hopes everybody forgives me, jodha says to jalal that i wanted this marriage to happen but not at cost of my family, my husband’s respect. jalal looks on, she is in tears, she says i am with your decision with full heart, dont get in pressure, you will not give that fort at any cost whether sukanya’s barat goes back, you will find another groom for her i am sure, she says to maham i am 1st jalal’s wife then sukanya’s sister. She leaves. Jalal says to adka that i want to meet bharmal and vajendar before leaving.

Scene 3
jalal meets all and says i want to talk something important, how they asked fort , i couldnt my anger but i dont left my work midway, i came here for marriage so it will happen, i never promised about that fort but i promised this marriage to bharmal so it will happen, i promised i will attend like son in law, like your daughter is part of my family, i am part of your family, so according to that i will not let spoil amer’s respect, i am ready to give that fort to them, all are stunned, he orders adka who give fil the agreement of fort. Fil goes through it , jalal assures him, fil is happy and accepts sukanya as his daughter in law, all are happy, he says we will get our dil, all are relaxed, jalal looks at jodha who is very happy, he gives her a smiles and leaves.

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