Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 17 October 2020


Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 17 October 2020

Jalal and Jodha comes to Salim, Ruks ask SAlim to be nice to them, they come in his room, Jodha says to SAlim that we want to talk to you about Farhan, Salim says you will say that Jalal didn’t kill Farhan, Jpdha says this is truth,

Jodha Akbar Friday Update 16 October 2020

Jalal wanted to make Bela marry Farhan, Jalal says Bela’s father killed Farhan, Salim says what a story, okay I accept that you didn’t kill Farhan, finish the matter, Jalal says whats this way to talk, fine, whatever you wanna think then think, if you don’t wanna listen to truth then nobody can make you believe, so much anger, so much hatred that there is no way that truth can reach your mind. SAlim says this anger you have given to me, you are right, I have no place for truth in my heart, Jalal sayus I came here as jodha was worried about you but you.. Jodha says he is angry, we will talk later, Jalal says no need, let him grow first then he will understand that parents doesn’t think bad about kids, we will leave fro Agra tomorrow he leaves, Jodha thinks that we tried so much to make them one but they are moving away, Ruks says that the much I tried to make Jalal and Salim, the more I get successful.


in morning, Mughals are ready to leave Amer, Bhagwan’s wife wishes them good journey back to home, she make them all eat sweetdish before leaving, Hamida hugs her, Bhagwan thanks Jalal for coming, they both hug, Mann greets Jodha and says I want you to stay here but you have to leave, Jodha says if I don’t go then how will I come back to take you from here? you have to come to Agra soon, Mann gets shy, Bhagwan ask where is SAlim? Jalal says he must have left, Jodha says you know SAlim doesn’t like these kind of traditions, they leaves Amer.

Qutub ask Salim did you meet Anarkali? did you tell her that you like her.
otherside Anarkali is waiting for Salim, she says to her friend that Qutub told me that he will come to meet me but he didn’t come, friend says I have listened that Farhan and Bela died, Anarkali says what? she gets sad, she ask about Qutub? friend says he is common soldier so don’t know about him, Anarkali prays for Salim.

Salim says to Qutub that don’t talk about her, she is nothing for me, there is nothing like love here, its all game for everyone, everything is fake, I hate her. otherside Anarkali says if there is love somewhere then God protect Qutub, Friend ask are you in love with Qutub? Anarkali says if praying for him,, if waiting for him, is love then I love him, I just hope that e is fine. Salim says to Qutub that I want her to not on my face, he says Anarkali is non but Nadira, the one because of whom my childhood got destroyed, thank God we are leaving for Agra, Anarkali says that I have to find how is he, I will have to meet him.

Anarkali comes to palace, she finds Mughals leaving, she ask soldiers about Mughals, they say that Mughals have left the place, Anarkali runs to meet Salim.
Salim is leaving with caravan, he prays to God that don’t make me meet that girl again, Anarkali is running to meet Salim, she is crying and prays that make her meet Salim once, make her see his face once. she sees the caravan and starts running behind it but is left behind, she cries and falls on ground, she says that he prmised me that he will come to meet me, he cant leave like this, there must be some problem, maybe Jalal must have jailed him, this cant happen with him, she starts leaving the place and caravan moves away from her.

Anarkali is sadly sitting in her room and recalls her moments with Salim, how she saved him, Zil comes there and ask Nadira where are you lost? she ask why you are crying? nadira says nothing, Zil says I am mother, tell me what have hurt you, you are sad from whole day, Anarkali hugs her and says I want to go to Agra, Zil says but you hate Agra, Anarkali says Qutub is in Agra.

voice over says that Anarkali was worried for Salim. Muhals have reached Agra but Salim was not fine in Agra.

Zil says to Anarkali that maybe he betrayed you, anrkali says but he promised me that he will come, zil says you are fool that you thought he was saying truth, Anarkali says he is not like others, if he was fine he would have come to meet me, I am sure Jalal have jailed him, I want to bring him out of jail, I wont be able to live without him, please take me to Agra, Zil says okay I will talk to Rashid.

Jalal and Maan are practicing, Maan says that soon there will be your marriage aniversay with Jodha, Jalal says so much years passed and still it feels like Jodha came to Agra sometime back only, Salim comes to jalal and says I want to go back to war field, I want to go with Rahim on mission, Jalal stops practicing and says to Salim that you have come after 7 years so I want you to stay here, I don’t know why you want to run away from Agra, you have to learn politics, Salim says I am not interested in politics, Salim says to Jalal that let him go otherwise he will tagged as betrayer to father, Jalal says not you will not be tagged because last time a father was pleading to you to comeback to Agra but this time a king is ordering you, its my order that you will stay here.

Jodha is applying hot balloon on Jalal’s back, Jalal says to Jodha that Salim asked me to let him go from here, I was silent as father but king ordered him to stay here, he wouldn’t listen to me as father so I had to become strict, Jodha ask Jalal to stay silent as she is applying heat, Jalal says its weird I control whole india and you control me, Jodha says I am marium Zamani so I want my order to to be fulfilled, Jalal says your order will be fulfilled, they laugh, Jalal says its our marriage anniversary,

I want you to be like bride, shying to me, you are not changed even after years, you are magician, Jodha says you are doing magic with your words, Jalal saus I am serious you are not changed, Jodha asys but you have changed, Jalal ask how? Jodha says like you used to thnk from mind but now from heart, Jalal says its because of you, you don’t change, he ask Jodha to come close, he then acts like he is hurt, Jodha comes close to see him, he kisses her forehead, Jalal says you can control me but I know how to win.


Jalal kisses Jodha’s forehead and says I know how to win over you, they laugh, Jodha says this is cheating, Jalal says everything fair in love and war and says to get love of my wife I cant do anything, In ankhon mein tum plays, Jodha lies her head on Jalal’s chest, Jodha says to Jalal to be always like this, I am afraid of your anger, Jalal says what about my love? Jodha says that is peace of heart, Jalal says so I will be like this entire life to maintain peace in your heart, I promise. he caresses her head, they both hold hand, lying close to each other, ishq hai who ehsas.
Salim comes to Hamida, he says to her that I don’t like to stay here, hamida says don’t say that, are you still angry with Jalal? Salim says I am trying to forget that’s why I want to leave, I want you to request Jalal to let me go to partan, I feel like I don’t fit here, if you request Jalal then he will agree, Hamida says if you want that but I have request for you too that stay here till your parents’ marriage anniversary, SAlim says okay.
Rashid says to Zil that we will go to Agra, zil says have you forgotten what happened to us there, Anarkali comes and listens all this, Rashid says for me my daughter’s love is important, its our duty to make our daughter meet her lover, and make them get married, we will leave forAgra tomorrow, Anarkali comes and hugs Rashid, she says you will do much for me? Rashid says I can anything for you, we will find him, Anarkali says but I cant be selfish, for my sake, I am asking to come to Agra where you had to bear so much insult, Rashid says nothing is important than your love and I will get peace only when you meet Qutub, I will see smile on your face and will forget all insult, Anarkali hugs him and thinks that even God wants me to meet Qutub, now I will find you where ever you are.

Scene 2
Salim comes in market, Fatima bi (who is still alive) is there too, people starts giving him gifts, Salim says I don’t need your gifts but your love and support, all cheer for Salim. Fatima tries to reach him out, Salim finds her there and smiles, he comes to her and touches her feet saying granma, she prays for great life, she says I pray that you become great king, you are king just for sake but you are great human, you still remember me? SAlim sit in her feet and says I never forgot you, I still cherish your cooked food, I am like your grandson, how is Qadir? she says he is fine, you wanna meet him then I will send to palace, SAlim says no I will come to your house, she says my house? Salim says why not, I spent so much time there, I still remember its way, if you don’t want me to come then its okay, she says no no, its my luck that you are coming to my house, Salim goes with her.
Salim comes to Fatima’s house and says to Qadir that another grandson of Fatima bi is here, Qadir is shocked to see him and bows infront of him, Salim says don’t bow down, you are my brother, Salim looks their house and ask Qadir what you are doing? he says I am doing small job as security man, Salim says I want you to work more nice, I want you to become soldier of palace, Qadir says I am nothing for that job, SAlim says soldier is always great person, you are like my brother, I will try for your success, your granma did a lot for me, he ask Qutub to write a letter to Jalal for Qadir’s job, Salim ask Qadir to make him eat something, Fatima says I will cook for him, Salim says no its time for your rest, we will eat whats made only in house.

Scene 3
Jalal is in court, minister reads a letter of Salim that he request for Qadir’s job as soldier in palace, he is competent, Maan says he is same guy who was injured by Salim, Jalal says this is nice work, gve him job, Birbal says no you should not accept it, Jalal ask why? you want to me to say no to Salim so that we go away more, Birbal says but tell me from which designation he sent this letter? he denied to take position as heir to throne so I want you to deny this letter, Jalal says so what if he has no position don’t forget he is prince, Birbal says but he is not heir, Jalal ask to not cross your limits, Birbal says you are not understanding, if you say no to him so being stubborn he will accept position of heir to pass order, Jalal says very nice, you have great mind, Jalal ask minister to say no to Salim.

Salim reads the rejection letter and says jalal alwasys disappoint me, Ruks comes there and ask what? Salim says I request for Qadir’s job but he denied, ruks reads the letter and says what wrong Jalal did? you have no power to ask for anything from Jalal, he ask what you mean? Ruks says you have no power, no position, no designation, you denied to be heir, if you had sent letter with stamp f heir then Jalal had to accept your order, Salim sys I have no interest to be heir, Ruks says but it is your right, you have promised Qadir, will you be able to see yourself if you don’t fulfill your promise, being heir is not only position but power, you have to accept it so that you can help poor, accept it then you can make Qadir anything, no one will stop you, Salim says I don’t want Jalal’s remittance, Ruks says its you right, you want everyone to get justice, you have to take this right so that you can give right of everyone. Salim ask Ruks why you are more good than Jodha? she gave me birth but you tell me everything, why you told me all this not her?

Ruks says it doesn’t matter, you are my son and I am your mother, Salim says you are right, except you all gave me betrayal, my parents my friends and love, ruks ask girl? Salim says yes I loved a girl in Amer but then I got to know that she is same Nadira, Rashid’s daughter, she met with Anarkali’s name, I hate her, Rusk ask did you tell Jodha and jalal about it? they will not make you marry a common girl, Salim says if she was not Nadira then nobody could stop me to become one with her but she have broken my hear, ruks ask Salim to accept being heir, sometimes we have to take things which we don’t like, Salim says I will do as you say, he leaves, Rusk says Anarkali seems interesting, Jodha comes there, Ruks says I came here to make SAlim agree to be heir, Jodha says sometime I feel you are more good than me, Ruks says no how can I come to your level, Jodha says you are above me, now Salim and jalal will interact more, she says now happiness will increase, I am going to gift Salim on anniversary, my brother is coming, Salim likes a girl, he told jalal and you know who is she? rusk ask, Jodha says mann bai daughter of Bhagwan, ruks smirks.

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