Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 16 October 2021


Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 16 October 2021

Anarkali comes in court, Jalal says you stole necklace from market, you wanna say something? Haidar thinks now she will take SAlim’s name, Anarkali says yes i wanna say, yes i stole that necklace, Haidar is shocked and thinks why she is lying, Anarkali says when a thing is brought from my things then it means i stole it, Jalal ask what you wanna say? Anarkali says i didnt steal that necklace, i dont know who had put in my things so there is no point in discussing it, just punish me for stealing, one minister shah Abdullah says that if she is accepting her mistake then punish her and take royal dancer title from her

too, she doesnt deserve it, Jalal says you are right, he throws his sword at minister and says what you stole my sword, minister says why will i do it, Jalal says my sowrd is with you and it is proved that you stole it, Jalal takes the sword and says only i know that you didnt steal my sowrd but you cant prove it, Jalal says sometime you know the person cant be culprit, the one who didnt take my gift of many coins, why will she steal for so much less money? Anarkali cant steal, she is innocent, Jalal ask Anarkali if you doubt anyone, she looks at Salim and says no, i dont know, maybe someone unintentionally put it in my things, Jalal says find soon who stole that necklace, Salim says you are right, i want to investigate this matter and will bring culprit to you, Anarkali looks at him, Anarkali thanks Jalal for being so mature, she looks at Salim emotionally and leaves, Jodha thinks why Salim is taking responsibility of this matter.

Salim ask Haidar that why did you do this with Anarkali, why did you disrespect her, Haidar says i di that because you asked me to, Salim says i didnt ask you to stoop so low, Haidar says if you wanna destroy a girl then you have to malign her respect, thats why i alleged her as stealer, i made her spend night in dance bar, Salim says why you didnt ask me, i didnt want her life to destroy to this level, Haidar says you can kill me, i just wanted to avenge for you, Salim says remember one thing that dont hurt her ever, just leave, he leaves, Salim says why i am feeling bad for Anarkali, i wanted to revenge her but why i am feeling bad for her? do i love her even now, no i cant, but i have to say sorry to her for all this, he comes to dance bar, he ask where is Anarkali? dasi says dont know, Salim finds a letter their, he reads it, it says that Qutub, you maybe a common soldier but you are special to me, i know you will not read these letters but i want to pour my heart into these letters, i want to tell you that my real name is Nadira, i had to change it because my life got changed because of Salim thats why i hate him, you are my life now, i love you alot, you maybe common soldier but for me you are king and i want to spend my life with you you anarkali.
voice over says at that time, Jalal’s name was on top, there was no enemy of his, it was all rule of Jalaluddin.

Jalal is with his ministers, they are celebrating his victory, Birbal says nwo there is no one who cant stand infront of you, Jalal says i am feeling very happy, Shah Abdullah says to jalal that nothing here can move without your order, birbal says what you are trying to say that Jalal is God? Shah says why not, he is like our God, other minister says that Jalal is called shadow of God and you people also take kings as God, Birbal says you are going to different thing, Jalal ask him to calm down, they are just joking, he gives him drink, Birbal says to Tansen that do you find it good that someone is called God, Tansen says king is like God for people, Birbal says your knowledge is weak, Todar says i understand your problem, people like Shah should not be around Jalal, Jalal says to ministers that i have everything now, power, throne, fame, whatever my wishes are becomes true, i am above all, Shah says yes i was saying that you are God of people, what God can do, you can do too, you are owner of everyone, Jalal smiles, Birbal says to Todar that they are filling Jalal’s ears with wrong things.

Salim is reading letters of Anarkali, he says i did many mistakes, she is innocent and i did wrong with hr, Anarkali comes there, she snatches letters from him and says i know you are heir but that doesnt mean you have right to come in my house and see my things, Salim says i did mistake, she says i dont want to talk to you, leave from here, he says listen to me, i got to know what happened to you, i agree that i hate you but i never wanted all this Anarkali, she says i am Nadira, he says i am sorry for everything, he sits in her feet, and says i have regret, she says you made me thief, you made me dancer, i can forgive you for all this but i cant forgive you my father’s death, you can make me respectful person again but you cant bring back my father, can you? Salim says have guilt, she says nothing can sort with your guilt, nothing left to say, i dont need any forgiveness, nobody will ask you what you were doing in Dancer’s house but people will point fingers at me, leave from here, Salim ask dont you love me, Anarkali says i dont love you, Salim says then what all these letters are for, she says these are for Qutub, he was not prince, he used to respect girls, Qutub died for me the day i got to know about Salim, love is dead for me, Salim says then why these letters are still with you? Anarkali burns them and says now you got answers? now everything is finished, what a love you had, first you snatched my childhood then my snatched my love, then my father and now snatched the memories of these letters too, go from here, she cries, he tries to console her but cries too, Rabba is pyaar mein sad version plays, he leaves, Anarkali looks at him and cries.
Salim says oh God what i did, i destroyed her life, the person’s life whom i wanted to spend life with, i filled her life with pricks, the one whom i love.

Scene 2
ministers to Jalal that you are ruling everyone now, Jalal says i am happy that people love me, Shah says you can solve problem of all, you are master of all, you should introduce coins which have your name and God’s name in it, Birbal says are you guys mad, how can you call him God, priest says that Jalal is God’s shadow, Birbal says he is not God, they keep fighting, Jalal gets angry, he ask Birbal what is difference between God and king, Birbal says God can give and take life, king can bring happiness in life, Jalal king can make anyone’s life, Todar says no God can create human, king cant, he cant make hearts happy, only God can give peace.
soul talk- Jalal says in human’s life, a time comes when he start disbelieving in God because of his ego, he start thinking that he is owner of world and this is what happened to me, the one who used to bow to God wanted people to bow to him now, this make me went me to another tangent.
Jalal says to Birbal that i accept that i cant be God but king can give anything to people, he can make and destroy lives of people, so i order to introduce coins of my name and God’s name, Birbal says God must not be happy with you, Shah says he is next to God, Birbal says if your hand is cut, can Jalal give it back

to you? Jalal says i have decided, make these coins fast so people can understand that if that God doesnt listen to them then this God will listen will to them.

Scene 3
Jodha says to moti that i know Salim knows Nadira from before but they something inbetween, Salim was denying marriage at first then said yes, if Anarkali is behind all this, there is something fishy, i have to find out, she ask Moti that i trust you only, find about this matter, Moti says dont worry, i will find out. Jalal comes there, moti leaves, he tells her about coins which will have name of his and God’s name, Jodha says its like equality between you and your God, is this right? Jalal says i am doing all this for my people, i want them to know that i am with them, Jodha says ok fine, Jalal says i have everything now, i have wealth, i have you, my son, i dont think i need anything from God, Jodha says dont says like this, we should always extend hands to him, Jalal saus i believe that one can get anything if they work hard, Jodha says but you cant deny bowing to God, Jalal says i dont want to argue today, i am happy, she ok, he hugs her.
Mann comes to Daniyal but he starts leaving, she stops him and says i wanted to talk to you, i am nervous, he says i have work, i will meet you later, she says what happened to you? i got to know that Anarkali was alleged for stealing, Daniyal says yes but she was announced innocent by Jalal, Mann says good, i know Anarkali cant do this, Moti listens them, Daniyal ask how you can be sure about her? she says i knwo her, she is my friend, she used to do my make up, i dont how she became dancer, it must be some problem, fate do this with us, Daniyal says we dont know what will happen to our dreams, sometime we think something and that doesnt happen at all, Mann ask who is the girl in your life? he says i have no one in life, he leaves, Mann thinks what happened to him. soldier is giving orders to make new coins, he tells worker about coins design that one side will be Jalal’s name and otherside God’s name, maker says this is not right, this is against religion, soldier says we all worker of Jalal, Shah comes there, soldier says that makers are denying to make these coins, Shah says do you guys need to get beaten, they says we can get beaten but cant do this, Shah ask soldiers to beat them, soldier beats them.
Jodha is sleeping, she sees dream of Jalal playing with fire, with full anger, she wakes up and finds Jalal sleeping by her side, she says why i am feeling same like i did when Hasan and Hussain died.
Shah says to makers that now decide if you want work or want to get beaten.
Jodha says if this is clue for something bad that is going to happen but what it can be, she looks at Jalal sleeping, she prays that if any problem comes then it should meet me before my family, she kisses Jalal’s forehead.