Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 15 May 2021


Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 15 May 2021

At Diwan-e-Khas, Jalal announces that Jodha is being sent back to Amer. Hameeda protests this action, Menavati tells that a married daughter is not supposed to go back to her maika. Jalal says that Jodha too wants to go to Amer. Menavati scolds Jodha for her deeds and puts some sense into her and asks her to finds answers to her questions herself, she says that Amer is her maika but agra will always be her HOME. Menavati begs Jalal not to let Jodha return to Amer. Jodha tells that she will not go back to Amer and doesnt want her mother to beg in front of anybody. Jodha vows that she will die but will not go to Amer as abandoned woman.

Jodha is heartbroken and cries, tells Moti that she is caught in the no where, asks her to leave her alone.

She is confused with her state of affairs she has fallen into and the situation at hand—Jalal doesnt want her in Agra, Menavati doesnt want her in Amer.

H and M discuss about Jodha and Jalal relationship and M takes her leave after being assured of her safety.

H comes to meet Jodha where Moti says that Jodha is not to be found anywhere, the news spread to all, Jalal is furious at Jodha’s actions when Ruks says that she dis not have any option left other that to kill herself. Jalal says that he will find her.

maham says to resham that without permission of jalal no one can go out of palace this is against palace rules but this jodha begum. She creates problem everytime and ask resham to find her. Adham says so you got the news maham says if news is old and bad then it doesnt sound good to hear again and ask him to search her adham ask why you fear for jodha so much maham says you will not understand just leave it.

Scene 2
jalal is with all servants of jodha who came from amer. He says how you can leave her like this you were here to protect so how she got lost moti says she asked all of us to leave her alone she was very much depressed jalal says she said and you left her alone moti sits on ground and pleads to do something, just find her then punish me whatever you want jalal leaves.

jalal comes to the gate of palace and ask soldiers how she got out with this much security they says how can we stop a queen we doesnt have this much authority also she came in very angery state took one horse and gone without listening anything jalal says there is a way which goes toward jungle she must be gone there only.
the news of jodha is lost spreads like fire in palace. Bakshi gets the news and is sad that she was the only one in palace who had the guts to fight for truth. In harem all begums chats about this news.

Scene 4
maham comes to Rukaiya that you did a big mistake why you said to jalal that she can do suicide Rukaiya says she was dieing here too what is the difference maham says jalal is gone to find her and she can come back with smiling face. Then she will laugh on you as she will be the queen of jalal Rukaiya says jodha will laugh on me what place she has here maham says even a ant can make elephant crazy dont take her lightly remember she is the only hindu begum(wife) of jalal whom he allowed to follow her religion, made mandir for her and even allowed her to play holi she placed colors in her stall in meena bazar even threw color on me so she can even color jalal in her color maybe jalal gone to find her not because his pride is attached but because he has started to care about her Rukaiya says enough if you were not jalal’s mother i would not leave for these words i know jalal better and he cant love anyone.

Scene 5
Jodha is riding a horse in jungle and remembers every word of mena and jalal who in drunken stat said once that i hate you most thats why i marry you. Jalal comes on horse with soldiers behind him jodha leaves the horse and start running he sees the horse then jodha running he runs behind her. Preecap. All words of jalal and mena echoes in her ears she jumps in lake jalal jumps and grabs her by neck and saves her they come outside of lake jodha says what you want to prove that you have authority on my death too why you saved who asked you, you always do opposite what i want Jalal says enough you keep saying i did this i did that but i fulfilled every responsibility even fulfilled your wish to go back to amer but i cant allow you to do this i know you have authority on your life but do you know the consequences of this my respect would be tarnished i know i married to give you pain i only wanted to take revenge of the insult you did in amer of me so if i torture you then whats wrong in that. I seeked forgiveness in whole court when i did wrong with you but you, you never cared about my prestige and pride always did what your mind says i hate you, your eyes who always have fire inside them, your arrogance jodha ask if you hate me so much then why dont you kill me jalal says this way you will win in disrespecting me my kingdom and i cant let you win if you dont have place in amer its not my fault but here you have proper place to live and all facilities are there for you even though we do not share any husband wife relation and ask her to not tell anyone in palace about this suicide. They get on one horse jalal rides it with jodha in front. They are little hesitant as all people in fields smiles seeing them together. Jalal stops the horse somewhere and jodha to come jodha ask where he doesnt answer and says after putting my respect on stake you think i will answer your question, he grabs her by hand and goes toward jungle.

Scene 6
Jalal comes inside jungle. He comes to some cave and says this is secret way to amer no one will us. Minister comes back to palace all ask where is jalal and jodha he says jalal found her and they were coming back to palace they were after us strange they didnt rech yet suddenl Jalal comes alone on horse all ask where is jodha he says she is safe, she gone out of palace without permission so i’ve decided that she will be alone for some time no one will meet her even not hamida. moti is crying that jalal came alone without jodha he didnt find her jalal says dont worry jodha is safe and sound and she so=hould be as she is my responsibility.

Scene 7
hamida ask Rukaiya did you ask about jodha to jalal she denies. Priest allah rakha comes to hamida. He greets her. Hamida says and says there are some problems. Few coming days will be difficult for jalal hamida ask what to do now is there any solution priest says the one who gives us problems creates solution also, he says jalal must go to ajmer sharif with one of his wife Rukaiya listen intendly hamida ask ho will go with him rakha sahab says she will be choosen tomorrow only, the wife on which first ray of sunshine falls tomorrow will go with jalal only Rukaiya thinks it will be only me.

 Jodha crying in a dark room, she gets a FB of how Jalal had asked her to spend the entire day in that room and think about her actions and he did not want others to see her in that state.

Jalal finds a strand of hair on himself and recalls his interactions with Jodha at Amba temple, lake and the horse ride. He is lost in thoughts when Maham comes and asks about Jodha. He tells her that Jodha was committing suicide and he reached in time to save her. Maham asks him why did he bring her back to Agra, Jalal takes Jadha’s side and he realised that both he and Jodha are sailing in the same boat, that his pain is the same as Jodha, he lacks real relations as with Jodha. Finally he says that Jodha is always a responsibility for him as a begum of Mughal Sultanate. Maham is shocked to hear Jalal’s words.

Maham is agitated in her room when Salima comes there. Maham tells about pir baba words for Ajmer Sharif and the begum who will accompany her. Salima tells her that she is worried about Jodha and Maham says that her room is in west. Salima says that she wanted Jodha to go with Jalal and wants only good for Jalal. Ruks tells Hoshiyaar that she will be the one who will go with Jalal to Ajmer.

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