Jodha Akbar Monday Update 9 March 2020


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 9 March 2020

Jalal is sitting at throne and says he unhappy at what happened. Bairam khan comes and jalal says to give back the money of takht maal but bairam khan is furious and says you can’t ignore me like this. Jalal ask everybody to leave but bairam khan says will talk in front of everyone and makes jalal remember his debts.

He saved 14 year kid from wars,gave him lessons how to win battle ,made him the king. Bairam khan says he is prime minister and jalal says he is badshah. Jalal talks in favour of his late father and you didn’t did right by killing savior of my father. Bairam khan ask he is announcing war and jalal says can’t tolerate anarchist and says he has given him lesson to win all battles and he will apply this to this war also. Maham anga and her son smiles evilly.

bairam khan in rage comes to his wife and says how he talk with me like that and he knows that jalal is talking what maham anga is teaching. He says will not spare maham anga. He is his father and how he can think of war with him. jalal chooses maham anga over him he will not let this happen. He will make jalal remember who is he to him the man who taught him how to fight and now he is ready to fight against him . I will see everyone and leaves. His wife just stand there and ask God to make Bairam khan sees real path.

Scene 5
resham comes to one of queen and says that lady came to see whether rukiya is pregnant. Lady says to rukiya that she is not pregnant and one of other queen is expecting baby the prince. Rukiya is tensed to listen but ask how much month lady says she is pregnant since 3 months now rukiya smiles and says it is indeed very good news
and ask lady to leave. Hoshiyar ask why is she happy and she tells him that jalal didnt go to her room since three months hoshiyar confirms and rukiya says knows every move of jalal we just have to find whose kid is this.

at suryabaan’s place they are doing aarti of jodha as they are leaving. Her mom in law praises her and ask to come fast. His sister give her ring from suryabaan.suryabaan and jodha bumps into each other and suryabaan make her wear a ring they have lil eyelock. Jalal is getting ready rukiya comes and says like his name he has jalal on his face.he doesn’t need any crown. He ask what she needs so she spills the bean that fareeda is pregnant . Jalal is very happy and announces function but rukiya says wait that fareeda is 3 month pregnant jalal gets angry that he was not in agra these 3 month. Rukiya provoke him that he is king and servant like girl is making him fool. Beware of everything so jalal ask to bring fareeda.

fareeda comes to jalal and he talks sweetly that there will celebration but suddenly grab her and ask whose kid is this otherwise he will him before coming to this world . She tells the name bahadur.

in jail both culprits are chained and they talk about their love. Jalal ask rukiya what punishment should he give. Rukiya provoke him to kill them. Fareeda ask to kill me not my lover but his lover says to kill me . He ask rukiya whom to kill and she says both, he smirks and praises her. He is about to kill them but hameeda bano comes and stops him at time. She ask what are doing this isn’t allow in our religion you cant kill her. He ask why she betrayed me , manipulated things to make an illegitimate kid my heir . I will not spare her she had an affair with someone else while she is wife. His mother says that she is expecting and in our religion it is forbidden to kill her in this state. Maybe because of her curse you, you will not have heir.

now jalal leave his sword and says only for you mom I am not killing them. He says run and go away before sunrise. Fareeda says may you get love. May you know what eternal love is. Jalal says love destroys everything but there jodha says that love is everything.he says one moment of love make you fall but jodha says one moment of love is like living whole.

Scene 5
jalal’s mom says that she knows he is alone and he needs love in his life and he will not become father until he get love of someone but jalal disagrees and says no need to love to become father but she says to become 3 you first have to become one with your love. Jalal ponders over her words.

rukiya comes to jalal , his mood is off so she what is the problem. Jalal ask is it true that we don’t love each other thats why we have no kids. Rukiya ask is he start believing in love but he makes fun of love and says that everything is not fine .khan baba didn’t follow his orders and becomes sad so she ask to go on hunting.

bairam khan comes to maham anga and says you are teaching jalal against me but she says you are not the father so don’t act. Bairam khan says you want your kid to become king but he is not compitent and she wants to become prime minister .she says yes she want the power he has

all rajputs are doing puja at river bank .jodha is looking back but brother says sujamaal will not come don’t wait for him he is deceitful. jodha and rajputs are in river and some jungle people with weapons blocks them and says they amer people killed our companions and throws a arrow to one brother he gets hurt and slips they all panic. One man throws arrow toward jodha but get killed by someone before he can target jodha. He is none other than sujamaal jodha smiles seeing him and he targets every man one by one.

jodha runs toward sujamaal. All brothers fume. Jodha take his blessing and both are emotional. Jodha thanks him for coming he says she did puja for brother he had to come. He ask about her proposal and jodha say you promised you will select my groom but he says it is now difficult to come to her marriage. But he will come anyway. Brothers start bickering and sujamaal says he is sparing them only for jodha but he will definitely get amer and both sides announces war. He ask jodha to promise she will not come in between this war. Jodha reluctantly gives the promise. They all do the puja together in river. After puja he blesses jodha and says to his brothers that will meet in war now. He leaves and jodha prays to godess to stop all this and to make sujamaal returns home.

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