Jodha Akbar Monday Update 8 June 2020


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 8 June 2020

Ruks orders atgah to open the pit, she says i dont want her to be alive. She holds benazit, they open well, ruks says jalal is my everything and you tried to kill him, i will tell you now, she says you jumped in same well and 12 people were dead now they will get peace. She ties her hands,legs and mouth and throws her in well. He ask atgah to place a board here that benazir is here, she ask him to make a new well.

Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 7 June 2020
Jodha Akbar 8 June 2020
Jodha Akbar Update 8 June 2020

Scene 2
In palace, jalal is sitting by jodha’s side, hakima says i cant say anything now. Maham is looking while still in shock. Jalal says jodha is having high fever same like when tiger attacked me and his poison was getting in nerves. Hakima says but its snake’s poison, jalal says to do anything, she is here because of me, i should have listed her, hamida says you tried but benazir was clever .

Jalal says mistake is mine that i trusted benazir as i am king, its my fault because i didnt listen her but i dont understand how zakira didnt get poisened. He goes out. He comes in jail and grabs zakira asking her to tell the truth, zakira pleads to leave her. Jalal puts sword on her neck and ask how you got save tha day, zakira informs abot anti poison medicine molded in shape of pearls, zakira says time is less lets go, they comes with box, hakima says these are pearls, jalal says it is being mixed in water and are used as anti poison, hakima says it an be true but i cant say much, jalal says i dont want to take risk and ask zakira to drink it first, zakira drinks the anti poison, hakima says its suitable, she gives it to jodha, jalal ask in how much time she will become conscious? hakima says if these medicines are effective then jodha will be alright in 8 hours, jalal says she have to get up she cant leave me in this guilt.

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Scene 3
Ruks comes back in palace and meets jalal, he says thank God you are save. jalal ask where is that characterless. Ruks says at her right place, Flashback is shown that ruks ties cloth n her hands and mouth and threw her in well. Ruks ask about jodha jalal informs that we have given anti poison i hope for best. He sits by her side and caresses her head and ask her to get up, he ask hakima about her health hakima says i cant saying now. read full updates daily with pictures only at Bakshi comes running and says i know jalal i am not allowed to come here but i couldnt stop myself, jalal says i will be thankful if your prayers get fulfilled. Jodha chokes and blood comes out of her mouth, jalal shouts at hakima to do something you know how to save people, she is dying i am sitting here. he leaves in frustration, atgah goes behind him. Ruks says to hakima that jodha risked her for jalal so save her at any cost, demand any medicine you want but save her while hakima is tensed.

Jodha Akbar on Monday Update 8 June 2020

Jalal is walking in garden and remembers jodha’s words that i dont hate you anymore because you trust, he remembers how she held his hand when he went to her room drunk.
Jalal ties cloth on his head and comes in darbar, he remembers how he came here with jodha and how she prayed like him, he is emotional and breaksdown. He cries miserably and prays. Outside atgah prays to end this dark night and give jodha her life and jalal peace.

Scene 4
Hakima informs hamida that its very difficult to save her now, we have to take her to special clinic, hamida says it is possible to take her in this condition, ruks says to be strong nothing will happen to her.

Jalal prays that you gave me more than i wanted, you gave me everything made me king but please dont take without which i cant live, i will not be able to live. You are great, i bowing my head infront of you begging, India’s king is begging infront of universe’s king to pardon jodha’s life, it was my fault i didnt listen her, punish me but spare her. Please shower blessing on her i will not be able to live without her, please do something. He gets up and ties sacred thread on wall and gets FB how he tied it with jodha, He is consolable.


Jalal comes near mandir of jodha and imagines himself and jodha taunting, imagines jodha stopping him and saying dont you see i am doing puja, he tries to come inside, jodah says you feel good taunting me, dont you see i am busy and if you want to come inside then take off your slippers 1st, jalal says i am a king and i dont need to take off my slippers for anyone, in reality he take off slippers and comes inside confused at his imagination. he imagine jalal asking why you do puja all the time? jodha says you also offers namaz 5 times a day that means you keep asking from him? did you thank him for what he has given you. jalal says i like your counter attack question, jodha says you questioned wrongly, jodha says i pray for my family and to get peace, jalal says Peace? you must be joking as you got married to a person like me. jodha says you have done your taunting? jalal says we have to go out, jodha says i will come after lighting diya you go, jalal’s imagination vanishes and jodha disappears.

Jalal looks at diya, holds it and does the aarti, he remembers how he prayed in mandir with jodha and folds his hands, he cries, hamida sees him. he says to lord to accept my prayers and prayer today is to bring her in consciousness, hamida comes there. Jalal gets up and hugs him. she ask him to be strong everything will be fine, he leave.
Voiceover says that everything was done to save jodha but nothing worked so the last thing was to provide her steam of fire. we see jodha tied on plank and being put in steam at clinic



Scene 2
At amer dadisa wakes up and shouts JODHA she says something bad is happened with my jodha i have to meet her.
In ruks room hoshiar sees tensed ruks and says why arr you tensed for that jodha if she is dying then let her die. Ruks shouts HOSHIYAAR and gives him a tight slap.

Scene 3
jalal comes in clinic and see what jodha going through, he ask hakima about jodha, Hakima says i am trying and in some time we will know whether medicines are effecting or not but i think… jalal ask what? hakima says i tried everything, gave her every medicine but sometime prayers do wonders than medicine. jalal looks at jodha and says to atgah that i want to address nation.
Dadi comes to shaguni bai and ask her to tell whether jodha is alright or not? i am not getting good vibes. shaguni says tonight everything will change, this is long and dark night, this night is tough for jodha and seems someone will loose life. Dadi ask jodha will be save? she says something will happen either with jodha’s life or your bad vibes. dadi prays to lord to protect jodha,

Jalal comes at balcony and addresses to people in heavy voice that i know you all love me so please pray for jodha she saved my life and need yor prayers. Everybody is praying for jodha’s life in agra.

In her room, all begums are tensed for jodha. Hakima says i tried alot but seems like she dont want to live, seems as there is no reason for her live thats why she is not fighting with poison, jalal says all leave.
ruks tries to say something but jalal says leave. she leaves.

Jalal holds jodha’s hand and says to open her eyes. He imagines himself and jodha in an isolated place and jodha going away and he stopping her but jodha says to leave me. jalal says no jodha says why? you said that you will not even look at me when i am dying so why are you stopping me. i did what was my duty. i am happy that i saved your life, i fulfilled the promise that i gave to masa and now i am going away.

She turns to leave but jalal stops her by holding her hand and says you are stubborn but this time i will let you go, true i didnt listen to you but the truth is that whenever i close my eyes i see you, truth is that i always think about you. I may say that i hate you but the truth is.. that i LOVE you. I feel for you and this all because of you, you put heart inside me and now you dont have right to leave me like this, i need you, this is kings’s order that you will not go anywhere. Jodha says your orders and warnings will not work here and you are nothing infront of king of universe, nothing will work here, i fulfilled my responsibility, i promised that if in saving yo i loose my life then its ok i saved you and now i have fulfill my promise, i will go.

Jalal says you will not anything like this, you have no right on your life, if you will leave then i too will die. now our identity is one. without you i am nothing and without me you are nothing. jodha says but nothing can work in front of fate, jalal says i dont believe, i will fight with fate but i will not step back, i will do war with all, jodha says you will not be able to do anything, jalal says but he will do whom you pray, whom i bow down to, if he(god) is there then he will save you, he will not let you go, jodha and jalal looks in each others eyes.
Soul talk: jalal says how can i forget that night, it was the worst night of mine, i couldnt see morning of that night.

Jalal comes back to reality(sitting beside jodha), he caresses jodha’s head and says this death was mine and you took it, my life is yours and now i will live only with you please open your eyes, he prays to god. Jodha moves her hand, jalal is stunned.


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