Jodha Akbar Monday Update 6 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 6 April 2020

Maham comes to people of kingdom and announces that your king’s life is danger also our kingdom is danger pray for it. Remember enemy should not know about it, this is the time to show your loyalty with your king. They all chants jalal’s name.

Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 5 April 2020


Scene 2
salima says to harem ladies that we have assure that this news doesnt go to enemies. This news has not gone to ruks , make sure she doesnt know about it as she will burst on him/her. All harem ladies gossip about jodha’s act. Here adham is happy that jodha did that what he couldnt do.

He says she should have placed that gunpowder in jalal’s chest instead of throwing. Minister says that jalal is not recovery even with medicines. Adham says tomorrow i will be sitting on throne, minister says maham will not acknowledge this. Adham says dont says negative things.

Scene 3
Hoshiyar is with salima and says that ruks should not know about it. Jodha comes and says but this will injustice with her. It is her right to know about jalal that he went with me and got injured. Salima says but who will tell her jodha says i will tell her the truth. Jodha comes to ruks, who is resting and says didnt you see i am resting why you are here like this? She sees jodha crying and grows conscious. She gets up and ask about jalal as he went with her. She holds her and ask again. Jodha says jalal is being attacked by tiger he was.. He was.. Ruks slaps jodha and ask how is he jodha says he is alive. jodha is sitting on ground, ruks says jalal is a expert hunter then how did this happen, jodha tells her that i have taken out gunpowder from his weapon, ruks gives a hard slap to jodha.. She says you went with him to pray for his life and slaps jodha again. Jodha says i thought he will innocent animal so i.. Ruks says so you jalal’s life in danger. Ruks cries.

Scene 4
Ruks is running towards jalal’s room and remember their childhood antics, their nikkah, how they use to tease each other, how they you to paint together. Here jalal is being treated. Hamida is there, ruks comes there, jodha is also there. Ruks ask jalal to get up i am here your rukaiya please open your eyes, i need you she ask hamida why he is not getting up. Hakim says coming 24 hours are really difficult for him, blood is not stoping and wounds have become severe. All prays for him. Voiceover says that jalal’s enemies get to know about jalal’s state. They all says that jalal’s death is must only then we will be in peace.

Here jodha is preparing home remidy and remember how she asked dadisa that she want to know the remidy as sujamal was injured by tiger’s forehand. Fb ends. Hamida comes to jodha , jodha tells her about remidy hamida ask servant to take this to jalal. Jodha says this will work hamida says this has to work as jalal’s life is in danger along with you. Maybe some servant, wife or soldier will kill you as they hold you responsible. Jodha says its right let me die if they think i am responsible then let them kill me. Hamida says you call me and saying like this. You are also my daughter i will not be able to bear the pain of losing you so you will stay here in this room till jalal gets well.

Scene 5
In jalal’s room, all are worried for him. When servant brings jodha’s remidy maham says hamida still believes her. Hakim applies remidy on jalal and says it is the best remidy blood has stop coming. After some time hakim calls everyone and says blood has stopped from this remidy but his fever has gone to higher level and it is not lowering. Ruks says jodha framed jalal, she says to hamida that you trusted her and what she did, she must’ve put some poison in remidy, she hates jalal thats why did that. Maham put fuel in fire and ask hakim to do something. He says i cant do anything now only god can do something now, please pray for him all cries loudly.

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