Jodha Akbar Monday Update 26 July 2021


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 26 July 2021

all ministers congrats jalal, jalal says this day is beutiful, i am feeling awesome, like i have wings to fly. maan says so you should celebrate this good news with people, they should that your heir is coming, jalal once incident happened with me, i have many enemies so i dont want this news to spread, he ask atgah to see security, he agrees. jalal comes out and is going, shehnaz bumps into him and congrats him. jalal being happy gifts his necklace to shehnaz, she says how nice of you, he leaves, she turns evil and says I don’t want this haar(necklace), I want your haar(lose). she breaks necklace into pieces.

jodha is standing near window and recalls jalal kissing ruks, she cant bear it, she says why i am feeling bad, he is a king, he has many wives, all love him and he loves them too but why my heart is feeling pain. jalal comes there and says where were you, i wanted to share my happiness with so i came here, jodha has her back to him and cries and says you have many to share your happiness. jalal ask what happened, are you angry, he comes to her, jodha says dont disturb me, she is going, jalal says for god sake tell me what happened, jodha says nothing, i just wanna sleep. jalal says is it that you saw me close to ruks, you are not happy that i am going to become father,

jodha says you are king, hiow can i be angry, you have right to have many wives and ruks is your 1st wife, your best friend and mother of your unborn child, why should i be angry. jalal says truth is that i even dont exactly remember when i was close to ruks, when you left me and went to agra then i went to ruks then.. jodha says no i dont wanna listen. i know you have many wives but what i can do of my heart, how to explain you that you only doesnt have right. i may smile from outside, i may pretend to be happy but how to tell you that i dont like you to be with someone else, how to explain my heart that if your husband is king then he has right to have many women and i being a women have to bear it, if a women think of someone else then its sin but a man can do this, you can have many wives but a women thinks that atleast you accepted her as wife, when you are in my room i try to make you happy but i even dont know till when you will respect me and when you will throw me. jalal says how can even compare me with someone else, you are jealous of ruks and her child, yes i have many wives, i have won many in wars and some i married with my own will but it was before you because before you came i was a stubborn heartless warrior only, a unfearful man, i was not human, i thought i didnt have heart, but you came and felt like i have heart, you relized me this, there many women who dream about me but there is no one who can see my dream, they have fear of me, there is no one in them for whom i feel pain if i see them in pain,

there is no one that like to see them smiling but only you make me feel this, yes i have right to have many wives and i have duty to give them everything but only your name is written on my heart, its only you who attracts me, its only you who can push me because you have heart of jalal, you are binded with my breath, i want to live with you and for you, your kahna had 16 wives byut he had radha only in his heart, i am king i have duties but when people will call my name they will take your name too, i will not remembered as king but because of love i have for you, my name will e written with your name always, my love for you will be discussed, jodha is stunned, jalal says when people will talk about my kingship, they will talk about love of two people who were different from each other, story will be of cruel king who became soft and you made him soft, jalal emotionally looks at her. jodha says you may have many duties, you have to give time to avery wife, but what i can do about my heart as wife, jalal comes close to her, he says when you know everything then why jealousy, jodha says because i love you shehenshah, jalal is beyond shocked, he says when there is love then why distance, he comes close, jodha moves back, they share an eyelock, jodha pushes him and tries to leave but jalal holds her hand, he grabs her, jodha tries to free herself, jalal grabs her by hairs, he whispers in her ear to throw away anger, jodha says its hurting, jalal leaves her hand, jodha tries to go but jalal holds her dupatta, he again comes close but jodha again goes away, jalal si disappointed an start going away from there, jodha sees him going and runs, she hugs him from back, jalal feels her essence, he brings her infront of him and kisses her forehead, he says if you didnt stop me even then i wouldnt have gone, jodha looks at him and hugs him tightly, they close eyes and hugs each other feeling love. jodha turns to leave but jalal holds her from back, he comes at her and moves his hand on her arms, he holds her hand in his fist.
soul talk- jodha says that night jalal, he says yes marium zamani that night was most beautiful night, that night every wall was removed between us, ( it is shown jalal is taking jodh to bed in his arms). jodha says that night moon was more shiny like he was witness to our togetherness. shaguni bai sees some beads joined and laughs, she says tonight there will be new history written, it will remembered for years, there is something to this night, love has won this night, lets dance together.

Scene 3
jalal and jodha are on bed, jodha has her back to jalal, jalal caresses her hairs, he takes her in arms, jodha closes her eyes and then opens it to see jalal on her, jalal slowly takes off jewelry from her ( in ankhon main plays). jalal looks at her and tries to kiss her but jodha moves her head, jalal kisses her neck, jodha feels shy and gets up, jalal smiles and gets up, he opens her back thread, he kisses her bare back, jodha is feeling too shy, she turns to jalal and makes him lie down on bed, she lies her head on his chest, jalal holds her in his arms, jalal pulls thread of curtain and curtain falls around bed.

night continues, jodha gets up from bed, jalal smiles ang get up behind her, he open back lace of her suit, he kisses her back, jodha is blushing, she turns to jalal, and makes him lie down, she lies her head on his chest, jalal pulls down the curtain over bed.

baba chisti prays and says to stop this time here, its good. ruks is enjoying dance of eunuchs, she screams to wives that I know I am not allowed to drink but you all can enjoy as much as you can, you can drink too because today is my winning day, today there is only queen in jalal’s life, marium zamani rukiyya, all chants for her.

adham and sharif are drinking, sharif says jalal had anniversary today with jodha and also got good news of becoming g father, its happy day for him, adham laughs, sharif says maham is right, your anger is your enemy. adham says I got injured for jalal, I used to save jalal and get wounds t myself, now his heir will come and we will have to salute to him too, sharif ask him to come in senses, adham says I came in senses now, now I will get my right and throne, sharif says anger burn oneself, calm down and sit. adham says my fire will extinguish once I get throne otherwise I will burn down whole, sharif says then with whom will you celebrate your success, will you ruls graves, have patience. this is not stable of horses but Mughal rule. he says maybe it is girl, adham says if will be boy, he says even then till the time he will understand throne we will get chance, just wait, adham says till when I will wait, I cant now. he leaves. sharif says give some senses to him, he is burning sultanant, what if my jodha burns in it.

Scene 2
in morning, hoshiyar comes to ruks and sees all wives and ruks sleeping, he ask ruks to get up, its not your room, what if anybody see you slepping like this, she gets up and says I didn’t know when I slept, it was good jashn, I want to meet jalal, hoshiyar says should I inform jalal that you are coming, ruks says I can go to his room without permission, I am his special queen now, marium zamani and mother to his child, I will keep close to jalal, he says I will make your hairs, ruks says no need jalal will do it, hoshiyar ask how this happened. ruks says when person is pain, have sorrows then its easy to lure him.

ruks comes out and goes to jalal’s room but soldiers stop her, ruks scolds them saying that I am going to become marium zamani, will you stop me, he says jalal said.. ruks slaps him and says you will get punished, listen I am special wife and nobody can go in, she goes inside room while soldier tries to stop. ruks comes in room and sees curtain over bed, she removes curtain little and sees jalal and jodha sleeping together with jodha’s head on jalal’s chest, she is shocked to core. her mouth is wide open, she holds curtain tightly and has tears in her eyes. ruks comes out room, she feels like vomiting, she is crying and shaking, some wives comes and ask you here, seems you went to meet jalal, what jalal said, she says he is very happy, they ask what he gifted you, ruks he gifted me unique thing, a very beautiful and unexpected gift that nobody could have ever gave, they ask to show, ruks says its special so I will not make you see, look I have tears inmy eyes with happiness, they says jodha could not even think about gift he gifted o ruks, ruks says yes, I hope he gifts jodha like it too. she leaves in huff.

ruks comes in her room, she recalls what she had seen, she cries miserably, she sys why jalal why jalal why did you do that, why you wanted to have jodha’s arms warmth when I gave you happiness, she recalls how jodha once that are you sure if you tell jalal then he will not look at me and how ruks answered yes and asked her to bow down infront of her so that jalal looks at her, jodha said that okay I am bowing infront of you and in return of that make sure that jalal doesn’t look at her. fb ends. she recalls how maham said that you have to afraid of jodha and make jalal yours. she wipes her tears and start laughing, she calls dasi and says to bring jodha now, tell her I want to meet her. dais goes. ruks smirks.

Scene 4
jodha and jalal are sleeping with jalal holding jodha tightly, jodha wakes up and sees jalal’s hand around her waist, she recalls last night, she takes off his hand and gets up, she is about to go but jalal holds her hand, he says never think that a king is in deep sleep. jalal says kings have weak sleep, jodha says but your wife wanna go to her room, jalal kisses her shoulder and says king doesn’t like that someone goes from his room without his permission, jodha galnces at him and goes from bed, she wears jewelry, jalal says you are ignoring my order, jodha says don’t forget that husband doesn’t give orders to wives but requests them, jalal comes to her smiling, jalal says I am prisoner of your nature, jodha says you are forgetting you removed slavery from rule, your place is not my feet, your place is in my heart, jalal says I am your slave because you love my heart not my position, jodha says let me go, jalal says I request you to stay, jodha says I accept your request, jalal smiles and gets close o her, she blushes, soldier informs that moti wants to meet jodha, jodha says I will comes. she comes out and says to moti that what you did, its not good you disturbed jalal’s leisure time, moti says I k now but ruks want to meet you, she is preganant, jodha says okay I will come. she comes in and wears jewelry, jalal is lying on bed and says what moti said, jodha says I have to go, jalal makes sad face, jodha comes to him on bed and whispers in his ears that ruks called, I will come after meeting her, jalal smiles broadly.

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