Jodha Akbar Monday Update 22 November 2021


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 22 November 2021

Todar tells Jodha that export date was after one week in statement but according to exporter it is today, Jodha says how can we send it so soon? she ask Todar to send letter to turkey that weather was not good so we couldnt send export, this time Jalal is important, we have to find him, Jodha thinks why all problems are cropping up, she says to Salima that someone is creating problems, Jodha says to Todar that i will myself send letter to turkey and ask for time.

Dasies of ruks are running, they strike with other dasi, both start fighting, moti comes and ask why you both are fighting? Ruks dasi says i had to take hookah to ruks on time, now i will get scolded, Moti recalls that she saw same dasi near godown, she thinks this means she changed her outlook and went to godown, she thinks to tell Jodha.
moti tells Jodha that i saw Ruks dasies as farmer near godown that day and today i got to know that they are actually Ruks dasies, that night only cartons got destroyed, Jodha says why would Ruks do such a thing? she recalls how Hamida said that sometime people are your own but cheat on you, she says we cant blame her directly, we have to first find proofs against her, i have one idea, she looks at Moti.

Scene 2
moti comes in kitchen and says to one worker that Jodha got to know who destroyed spices that day, they were 2 dasies of palace, Ruks dasies are working there only and gets shocked listening it, moti says Jodha is going to punish them hard, dasies get tensed.
Jodha starts bhajan of Kahna and does aarti, Moti comes there and says your work is done, i have informed those dasies and i have asked your dasi to keep an eye on them, Jodha says weldone, i hope Ruks is not involved in all this, jodha’s dasi comes and says and says those dasies have gone to Ruks, Jodha says to Moti that time has come, call Hamida, Salima and Rahim.
dasies come to Ruks, Ruks ask what happened? she tells Ruks that day we opened windows that day of godown, Jodha has got to know about it, i am afraid, nobody will question you but jodha will not leave us, Ruks says you are my dasies, nobody will hurt you, leave and one more thing, dont you tell anyone that i asked you to destroy spices and i gave fake keys to you and it was only me who set spices on fire, this secret will remain secret, Jodha comes in and says all know it now, Hamida, Salima and Rahim are there too, Jodha says i never thought you will stoop so low, to hurt me you played with innocent

farmers, Hamida says i am ashamed of you ruks, Jodha says i praying that you are not involved in all this but i was wrong, countless times you tried to put me down, you have hurt me many times but everytime i would forgive you as my elder sister but today i wont as its about mughal saltanat and farmers today, because of you Mughals are insulted in foreign countries and i will punish you today, i will not stop today, she slaps Ruks hard, Ruks is shocked.
Hamida says you cant be forgiven, jodha says she has done crime against Mughal saltanat so Jalal will punish her but till then i order her to house arrest her in her room, without my permission she cant go outside her room nor can meet anyone, she ask Rahim to take care of her arrest, Ruks fumes in anger, Jodha stares her in anger too, she leaves.

Scene 3
Murad is drinking wine and recalls how soldier said to him that they will get throne, if you dont take opportunity then they will choose someone else. Soldier comes there with letter for Murad, its nisar’s letter, it says time has come, we have prepared to snatch throne, you be ready, jalal is our custody, Murad thinks what to do, how to snatch throne, Salima comes in so he hides letter, he says you here? he greets her, she says see i have brought gift for you, this is picture of girl whom you are going to marry, she shows it to him and says when jalal will return, we will marry you, i am so much happy, Murad says enough, he throws away picture and says enough, i dont wanna marry, Salima says this is not you but your wine speaking, she tries to snatch glass from him but letter falls from his hands, she takes it and reads nisar’s letter, she is shocked to read it, she says you conspired against Jalal? she slaps him hard, she says you conspired against your father, arent you ashamed, she slaps him continuously and says i am ashamed at my upbringing, you didnt think about me and my lovE? how dare you do all this, say whatever you want to Jodha, i will not listen to you, she pushes him, he leaves, she cries.
Murad comes to Jodha, she says tell me what you wanna say, i am your mother too, Murad says no you are just queen, she says you have drank wine? he says yes it gives me peace, Jodha says its not good for health, Murad says what good happened in my life? first i was given title of heir, but then it was snatched, now when Salim and Jalal are not here, you are taking responsibility of everything, Jodha says thats all? you are angry for such small thing? i thought you are young so let you enjoy life before you take over politics, if you want then tomorrow in court i will give you duties, he is surprised and says you will do it for me? she says yes, you are my son, and mother leave everything for their sons, he is stunned at her love, he sit on his knees and says why you are so nice? she says because my son Murad is very nice, he says no your son is not nice, he is sinner, Jodha says why you are saying this? Murad says you think about me so much and i thought nobody thinks about me, i did a big sin, forgive me, jodha ask what sin? Murad says i got in trap of english men and did a conspiracy, she tells her everything related to Jalal going with them and Murad taking over throne, he cries and says i didnt want to do it, Jodha thinks you dont know you have put Jalal in problem.

Jodha says he came to us and accepted his mistake. We have to see how can we do now. Todar says we should attack. Jodha says no they still have shahenshah.Murad says she is right. I was there with them. I can beat them and they wont doubt me. Rahim says you have betrayed us once. Jodha says he deserves a second chance Rahim. Johda says Rahim stay with your army a little away from us. Murad says they have given shahenshah poison and we have to hurry up.
ruks recalls the slap and is mad. Hoshiyar comes and tells her about jalal. she says i have to go and save my jalal. Soldiers stop her and say you can’t go out.

jalal says to hakim i have been poisoned but you don’t have to show it to anyone. Hakim says i need to find the herb that abates the reaction of this poison.
On the other hand, a hakim gives a locket to hamida, she handovers it to Jodha and says bind it on Jalal’s arm. Its upto you, you have to save the king of this realm. jodha syas i promise you he will return safely.

jodha and rahim reach the camp. The man asks rahim why i jodha here? Rahim says you stopped her letters so i had to bring her here. We will arrest her with Jalal here and take over in agra. The man comes to back to jodha and says how can i host you? Jodha says i wanna meet shahenshaha. they take her in. Jodha sits next to jalal. He is shocked to see her. He says am i dreamin? She says your condition and hugs him. jalal says have they arrested you? Jodha says no i know the whole game. Jodha tells him everything, jalal is dazed. He says my own blood betrayed me.

jodha says Murad is repenting and he brought me here. Mansingh comes in. jan nisar comes in too. Jalal says i know you are worried for me but my loyals are here. Jodha says i know they are, ammi jan sent you this locket. Jan nisar says he will get well soon now. jodha says i will go back to agra with him. Am i allowed to live here? Jan nisar says this is your regime. jodha gives jalal the herbs.

late at night, murad comes in. Jalal says ask him jodha to get out. I am ashamed to think that he is my blood, he plotted to kill me. jodha says forget what has happened we have to see the situation. He brought me here. Pardon him for me and salima begum. jalal says i will only forgive you beacuase jodha has asked me and salima has stayed loyal to me. Murad says please pardon me. Jalal says salim will be the king and you will always serve him. I hope this wont happen again.

in the morning, jalal and jodha walk out. jodha says in heart i shouldn’t tell him about ruks yet. Jodha says i will send rahim letter and we will leave today. Jalal says these betrayers shall be punished now.
Rahim says to his men no one should know we are here unless we have orders to proceed. They all hide when they hear a rider. A man says some people are concealed here, i shall inform jan nisar. Rahim says he saw us, he fires an arrow and kills him.

jan nisar asks him man where are you going? He says this is a letter jodha has sent for someone. jan nisar takes it from him. Its a couplet that asks someone to come. Jan nisar says this poetry is stupid.
jan nisar says how is this possible how can the poison not work. The englishman suggests kill them both. jan nisar says to murad this is the only way to get you throne, we will kill them both tonight, Murad says you know what will happen? Salim will attack agra. People will be with him. Murad says we should arrest them and take them to agra, salim wont be able to attack us.We will kill three on them together, Jan nisar says we will do as you direct.
Murad tells jalal that they are about to kill you. you cant trust jan nisar we have to do somethin. Jalal says we are prepared. Jodha says i have sent rahim the letter. Jodha asks mansingh to get men prepared. And Murad stay among them. Jan nisar says i and my english men have prepared a celebration for jalal. Jalal says we will join.