Jodha Akbar Monday Update 21 June 2021


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 21 June 2021

Jodha is still by Jalal’s side, ready to apply the unguents, Ruqaiyya comes there and chides Jalal for his negligence and urges him to take more care of himself henceforth, Jodha tells Jalal to apply the medicine first, Ruqaiyya too adds her voice and tells Jalal to apply the balm just when Jodha is about to apply the balm, Ruqaiyya stops her by holding her hand, coldly tells Jodha that SHE will apply the balm herself and orders Jodha to leave.Jodha is shocked while Jalal looks on quietly in mild amusement.

Hameeda is praying in her room, Salima comes in Hameeda enquires whether there has been further progress in Benazirs case and is told that nothing has happened so far and she narrates the nights events, Hameeda gets wildly angry and decides to confront Benazir and make her spit out the truth but is counseled but is counseled by Salima to exercise patience, Salima tells Hameeda to leave the Benazir issue in Jodha’s hands as she feels that Jodha has begun to love Jalal and it is better that she gets more oppo to get closer to him.Hameeda is lost in admiration at the large heart of Salima which known no jealousy about the other wifes of Jalal.

Jodha is in her apartment, upset that she did not apply thebalm on Jalal’s hands ..Moti enquires the reason for her absent minded ness and the pent up feelings burst forth as Jodha narrates how Ruqaiyya forced her away from Jalal. Moti hints that she might be in love with Jalal and thats the reason why she keeps on going to Jalal despite he being angry on her, scolding her etc etc..Jodha retorts that he might be angry but she is not and moreover she is doing this cuz duty demands it and she is being a dutiful wife, saying so Jodha walks away.. Moti smiles to herself and thinks this two are very stubborn, both love one another immensely yet refuse to acknowledge it.


Ruqaiyya is in her room, quite irritated and refusing to eat .. Maham walks in there and realizes that Ruqaiyya is angry on Jodha and is agitated about the ruses that Jodha employs to get closer to Jalal. Maham cautions Ruqaiyya against complacency and says there is a way to reduce the influence of Jodha on Jalal, Ruqaiyya is eager to know the means and is told that Jodha must be thrown out of the palace and packed off to Agra.Ruqaiyya is left fuming and trying to figure out ways of keeping Jodha away from Jalal.

Benazir is impatient and is trying to find out ways of getting abul Mali out of prison andis also on the lookout for more venom to feed , Just then secret message comes via a watermelon giving out the blueprint of the Prison , Benazir is happy and decides to meet Kamal Khan ..some courier who will help them.

Salima and Jodha who were in Jodha’s palace discussing about their next move are informed by Moti that Benazir is going out of the palce disguised as a slave, Jodha and Salima decide to follow her disguised themselves.


Jalal enquires about the progress of Chanderi War and is told that Mirza Hakim has subjugated the rebellion , Jalal enquires about Maan Singh and is also told that Maan Singh fought with exemplery courage , Jalal muses aloud that Maan Singh ought to be granted Maansabdari which does not go well with Maham, she tries to point out that Maan Singh is rather too young for Maansabdari but Jalal silences her citing his own age when he ascended the throne. Maham diverts the issue and asks about the person who atacked Jalal, Atgah replies that he has not found the person yet , Jalal tells Atgah not to pursue the issue further as he is sure that it is someone close and that he will find out the person himself, there is a enigmatic expression in his face while saying so. Jalal continues his questioning and probes about Shivani and tejwant, He is told that no clue has emerged about their whereabouts, Jalal insists that they must be caught ASAP. Jalal turns to Adham , enquires about the Malwa conquest , Adham assures him that things are under control , Maham beams proudly.


Benazir realizes that Salima and Jodha are following her , she tries to fool them ..Salima and Jodha realize that Benazir has come to know that she is being followed and is attempting to divert them..Just then the Town crier comes and informs the common people not to drink the water from a certain well as the water of the well has turned poisonous , Salima and jodha realize that , THAT was the well in which Benazir had jumped !! Salima is happy that they have got proof now.

Jodha and salima comes to well where they see the deadbodies and sees a man mourning over his friends death, other man ask whether they died because of this water? he says yes they drunk water from well, one man says i drunk water last week but i am fine, all deduce that this is not a small thing so we should inform jalal.
In palace jalal meets hamida who suggests that they should give one chance to jodha, jalal says i dont understand her she always do weird things, nobody tries to talk infront of me but jodha she always stands against me, hamida says maybe she is right, jalal says i now what are you saying i did believe and asked for proof for benzir and she was proved innocent.He assures hamida that dont worry i will always be there for you.

Scene 2
Jodha and salima comes back in palace, jodha ask salima are you afraid? salima says yes and no both. Adham listens their conversation, salima says i was afraid of seeing her poisonous strength as whole well became poisonous. what if she had bite jalal but i am satisfied too as you are there.

Scene 3
Jodha and jalal are together jalal says some enemy did poisoned well, jodha says it is benazir only she had fallen in well, i listened to people. Jalal ask why you had gone to market, jodha says i was going to mandir. Jalal calls atgah and adham, Adham informs that yes well was poisonous and it had many dead snakes that made water poisonous, jodha is stunned. They leaves. Jalal says you again said false things, this proves that you are only jealous of her, he ask her to help ruks for preparing for marriage as my new bride is coming, jodha leaves angry. Jalal says seem your jealousy will want to stop me to marry benazir. Adham says amazing jodha you ahve talent to recognize people, he remembers how man informed him about well being poisonous. He says mom you always think i dont use brains but now i have ace card in my hand, is proved that she is poisonous. Adham says so this news is right. This poison will now kill jalal, adham smirks.

zakira shows benazir a dress of her marriage, she throws it and says i dont want to do this marriage, adham comes so zakira leaves, he says God has made in very leisure time, everything is beautiful like anger, beauty, brain and poison. benazir is tensed. Adham says hope your step will be right, benazir ask what are you talking, adham says i get to know that you are poisonous lady, benazir says its wrong. Adham says not jodha is not wrong, he remembers how sharif told him that benazir poisonous, he says to benazir that i also got to know that well in which you fell became poisonous, jalal got to know about it and asked me to investigate, she says so you are here to capture me, adham says no the person who is on my side, i dont kill or capture them, benazir ask the meaning, he says kills jalal as soon as possible and if needed take my help, he says beware of my mother though she wants me to become a king but she cant see jalal hurt and loves him so be careful. She ask the reason for his support, he says will tell you some other time, He says do your work asap as jodha will stay quite for long time.

Scene 6
Jodha says to moti that i tried everything to get proof against benazir but i got nothing, moti says believe on Kahna. Jalal comes and greets her, he ask you didnt taunt me today, he says i had put gifts in your room as every begum will give her gifts and i know you might have not got the gift so i had got them you just have to give them, jodha thinks i will not give gifts to that poisonous lady, she says i will not give it, jalal says i know you are jealous of her not because me as you didnt accept me as husband so why you will be jealous for me, you are jealous because a bandhi is takng place of a begum, jodha says its nothing like that. Jalal says remember we talked about that your no is your yes actually so you will give gifts, he leaves, jodha is tensed. Maham and ruks sees them together, ruks says why do he always listens jodha maham says because there rooms are close to each other and jalal have to cross her room to go outside so they talk alot, she suggests that you should do something to change her room. In her room jodha angry on jalal that i am worried for him and he is busy taunting, ruks comes and says as jalal is marrying benazir and she should be given one so i thought of giving your room, jodha is stunned, she says empty this room fast and do come in mehdi celebration tonight, she leaves, jodha says angrily that why they all trying to put me so down, there are many rooms but why room is chosen to be given to her, what in mughals they dont care for begums?

Scene 7
Outside adham tells his soldiers about benazir being poisonous, he says she will do our work and will kill jalal but then mali will try to get the throne, he ask soldier that after jalal is being killed, kill mali too. Inside benazir tells zakira that adham wants me to kill jalal too, she ask why? she says he has a lust for throne and i am doing this for my love mali so we are on same boat.

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