Jodha Akbar Monday Update 18 May 2020


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 18 May 2020

Jodha says he made benazir sit beside him and also gave my bangle to her, moti says if he would have have asked permission from you then you would allow him? She ask whether she have problem with benazir or benazir being closed to jalal? Jodha turns her face. Moti ask whether you have started to show your rights as a wife? Jodha ask her to shut up. Moti says i understand you well, if you think of something all the time then this means you have started to show rights over it. Jodha ask moti to leave. She leaves.

Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 17 May 2020


Scene 2
Resham is dancing like benazir who is under effects of benazir maham comes to her room they discuss how jodha was jealous of benazir how benazir was causing rift between jodha n jalal. Resham informs about how benazir was preparing for the night to be spent with jalal, Maham is very happy to hear that she rewards resham, Maham wants to see the jealousy on Jodha’s face and She vows to make jodha feel insulted and humiliated before the entire court

Scene 3
jodha is with pigeons and remembers jalal’s closeness with benazir. Benazir comes there, greets jodha who ask what you want to say? Benazir says i have no right to wear your dress but jalal asked me, i am here to give it back, jodha says you can keep it and you have no problem wearing my thrown things, benazir says i have no problem and show her that bangle, benazir ask will you mind it, but jalal gave me, jodha says he is king can gift anything to any dasi.

Benazir says maybe wife doesnt like dasi sitting with jalal, may you will fight, jodha says its our personal matter. Benazir informs her that jalal has called her tonight, jodha says see these pigeons, when jalal thinks he make one eat but that doesnt mean pigeon will think high of him, she leaves. Benazir says to zakira that i have got whats inside jodha, it is to see whether jalal has made pigeon(benazir) eat or pigeon has made jalal eat.

Scene 4
In prison sharif wakes up Adham.. Who wants to sleep and rest, Sharif ask adham to make plans of escaping this prison but adham says there is no way out of this place , sharif tells him his mother could help them but she is not interested as she is more interested in jalal, Adham calls sharif coward, Adham then tells him his mother would surely find a way out.

Maham is crying thinking of adham and says i miss you alot, you might think i am not doing anything but when i will get a chance i will free you, jalal comes, maham cries so jalal consoles her and ask you are crying for adham? Maham says yes i am a mother, i was proud seeing him as malwa minister and now he is in jail but that doesnt mean that i will shy away from my duties, i have ordered to beat him but mother inside me cries for him. Maham thinks plan is working, jalal says i will order that you can meet adham anytime, jalal ask why these tears now, maham says for you, you think of everybody’s happiness, jodha 1st called you then insulted you, jalal says i dont wanna talk about it but i will take revenge of my insult.

hoshiyar ask ruks with whom you are going to play chess, ruks says with jalal, hoshiyar says he will spend night with benazir, ruks laughs. Salima comes and says some poetry lines, ruks appreciates her, salima ask reason for her laugh, ruks says benazir has called jalal but i know he will not go, if he do so i will give my position to hoshiyar for one day and will become hoshiyar,

salima ask did jalal and jodha had fight? Ruks says yes thats why jalal made benazir sit beside him but i know he will not go to her as kings dont go behind bandhi, bandhi’s come behind him. Salima wondors what happened between jalal jodha.

Javeda calls zakira and ask her to tell her beauty tips which benazir use, zakira is skeptical, but javeda insists to give her fairness creams etc which benazir use. Maham comes and ask zakira about benazir qualities, zakira says she is a good hunter, maham says yes she hunts with her eyes, zakira leaves, javeda is excited that she will get to know the secrets of beauty and will become beautiful, maham says for that you have to ask sun to rise from WEST and set in EAST, javeda doesnt understand and thinks maham is getting old.

Maham comes to benazir who is dancing, maham ask what you were talking with jodha, benazir ask reason for her interest, maham says just give the answer, benazir says i noticed that jodha didnt like me around jalal so i just went to her to confirm it, maham says i like sharp minds, benazir says and you dont like jodha, maham says your mind is fast but your tongue is faster and i dont like this habbit so make sure you speak less and be liked by me as you will get close to jalal with my help only. Maham leaves.

jodha is sitting outside, rahim ask to tell him story but jodha says i am in no mood, salima comes and ask rahim to go to his room, she ask jodha why you seem upset, jodha says i dont understand jalal, sometime he gives so much respect that you cant digest and sometime he insults you so much that you cant bear it. Salima ask did anything happened between you two, jodha is about to tell but stops,

jalal is looking at them from balcony, zakira says to jalal that benazir is calling you, jodha says to salima that my mood is not good, i will talk later, i want to spend sometime alone. Salima leaves. Jalal says to zakira that if she want to meet then she will come here, ask her to come, zakira goes to benazir who says that jalal is unique, every man comes running when i call him but he didnt, zakira ask whether he will give-in to your beauty tonight, benazir says i always win, lets see.

Outside jodha is standing alone, jalal comes and gives her angry look, benazir comes and jalal says your hairs are flaunting beautifully, jodha is listening, beanzir thinks that he is saying this because of jodha and his eyes are on her only, jalal says i was waiting for you, benazir says sorry, jalal says meeting after a long wait is always special, he looks at jodha who is about to leave burning in jealousy, benazir sees them looking at each other and jumps in water,

jalal looks shocked and jumps in water, he picks her up in his arms, jodha is witnessing all this, they come outside of water, benazir is shivering, jalal ask servant to bring hot water, he puts her hand in hot water but she screams saying its too hot, jalal shouts at servant and make her wear blanket, he ask jodha to rub her other hand but she doesnt budge,

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