Jodha Akbar Monday Update 16 March 2020


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 16 March 2020

Jalal sees the burnt dress and is furious. Maham instigates him all the more saying they insulted india’s king . Maham says just give the orders we will attack amer. Adham ask for order. Jalal says in angry mood okay we will destroy but what after that they will be seen as warriors in history and I will be remember as cruel king. Maham ask then what jalal says we will give them punishment by this nikkah they will be destroyed in history by this nikkah only. We will crush their arrogance.

Jodha is praying to lord that you save your every person but what you are doing with me how can you do this to me. Bharmal says i have solution and gives her poison bottle. He says you save yourself but what after that amer will be finished.

People will do suicide. While others will be killed by mughals. He says but jalal is doing marriage with full rituals and you will be queen. Jodha says in many queens of his. Bharmal says maybe this marriage breaks the wall between religions and ask her can she see her father lost as father and king can she see amer people brutally killing. He says tell your answer to your mom he leaves. Jodha hugs her mother. Masa got the answer. She informs bharmal jodha is ready for marriage.

sharif reads the letter that what happened was heat of the moment and ask to bring the baraat. Jalal smiles and says what i wanted happened he is ready to give precious thing to him now in true sense i won amer. Maham says very interesting jodha will say no to this nikkah and jalal will attack amer. Adham says we will get money from amer. Servant informs jodha is ready for this marriage. Maham is stunned and thinks this jodha is dangerous.

Scene 5
moti Comes to jodha and ask forgiveness that she also hide this from her. I am very bad and i know its not right whats happening but there is no other way out. Jodha says but one thing is left and says i cant back out but jalal can. She has the idea and jalal himself will say no to marriage.

mena and bharmal are looking preparations and all are busy arranging things. Jodha comes and says to bharmal i want permission that i want to talk with jalal before marriage. Dadi says you can’t meet him alone . She says will talk in front of all. Bharmal says if you want you can and ask das to go.

Scene 7
das comes to jalal and one soldeir checks him. Jalal ask for refreshment and ask das you here he says jodha has request that she wants to meet you before marriage. Jalal says but its against your ritual. He says she will be behind curtain. Jalal ask him to sit. jalal he says she wants to meet me its her right to meet would be husband. Maham is in disbelief.

Scene 8
they comes to saamgar. Jodha comes jalal sees her through light curtain. Bg plays. Jalal ask what you wanted before marriage. Jodha is in veil jalal ask what you want. She says has two conditions one will not change religion after marriage. 2nd will take kahanji(lord) with me. You have make his temple in your palace jalal fumes. Jalal gets up from his place looks at her angerily walking. Jodha smiles slightly and gives a look to jalal . He says conditions are big but not for a king. I accept your both condition jodha has tears in her eyes as jalal bids her adieu. Das and bharmal praises jodha for her bravery in front of jalal. Masa praises jalal also as he accepted her wishes as if wants to give her identity. All leaves except moti. Jodha cries badly and says i lost and there is no way. Moti says i will be with you always i will go with you there jodha disagrees but moti pleads that will not leave you alone.

maham ask jalal how you can accept these kind of wishes. Idols are not allowed in our religion. Jalal says as i am king i can do anything but for your information he accepted otherwise she would win . She wanted me to back out what will people say i cant fulfill 2 wishes of a mere girl. He says she has to come to me as wife whatever her religion is. We will welcome her that grandly that all will see maham and jalal smirks.

dadi is in kitchen she spots suja . He says just want to take part in sister’s marriage. Dadi is emotional and ask him to leave.

sukaniya sees jodha sad and says this is not the marriage which we dreamed but i will do anything for your smile. They remember childhood games of dolls. Dadi comes and says lets go plays songs. One marriage song plays sukaniya dances jodha tries to smile. Suku takes her along and all tries to make her smile. They dance around her. All are trying to cheer her up. Masa comes and says i know its difficult to smile in this situation. They are debt to her and caresses her . She start singing jodha rest on her Shoulder and masa hugs her.

girls are taking off jewellery from jodha’s hand masa comes and says some girls will go with you jodha but you my sisters will not be there. Masa says they will and gives glass bangles that jodha had taken from sukaniya and says it will be your memory, then shows her a knife fb shows she make brothers wear rakhi and they gave her knife that will protect her always, then shows some beads which she and dadi use to play on luddo, then shows her a baby dress which wore in her childhood, jodha ask what about you masa shows her mirror and says you are like me whenever you will see in it you will remember me, when you will you will remember my lohri(song). Masa says i don’t know about them so cant advise you anything but remember one thing time chooses his soldier who can fight do not run away from situations. So accept it and do the good things there.

adham is fuming remembering the moment jalal put sword on his neck and says will take the revenge of this insult. One man aslam comes and greets him . Aslam say whom you want me to kill . Adham says jalal he is stunned and says he king but adham makes him agree. Adham with aslam comes near to jalal’s tent adham says i will these soldier you go inside and do the work otherwise i will not leave you. Adham says to soldier we are in enemy’s state beware other side aslam sneaks in one soldier comes to but couldn’t see him. He enters the tent and cuts the man with his sword in bed. Suddenly all soldiers comes in and it is shown that there are pillows in bed. Jalal comes maham ask who is he someone informs he is here to kill jalal . Jalal says he had a doubt and its because of baba’s teaching. Jalal ask with whom instances you came here to kill me. Aslam turns around but adham kills him. Adham says what you all are doing for jalal’s safety and i killed him as jalal’s loyal. Jalal says adham killed him as loyal you all ministers search who wants to kill me.

jalal is getting ready for nikkah. Servants make him wear all accessories. Other side jodha is being ready by sukaniya. All are happy and lil sister ask how i am looking. Sukaniya shooes her and make jodha wear all jewelry and ask to look whether i did everything. Jalal with sehra on head sees himself in mirror and smirks.

baraat reaches the venue of marriage. They are welcomed with flowers sprinkling. Masa does the aarti of jalal. Maham is not so happy. Masa with pot on her head sits in jalal’s feet. Dadi ask to put coin in it jalal nods and put in it. Maham is confused with their rituals as masa put thread around jalal, touches leaf at his shoulders. Jalal enters and sits down. Sharif ask will all rituals be done their way jalal says we will do our rituals when reaches agra let them do their own here. Sharif nods.

Scene 5
suja is in servants dress. Sharif is suspicious over him . He says don’t you see i am also with baraat you didn’t offer me anything other servant says sorry. Sharif says i have seen him somewhere. Jodha enters the venue with her brothers. Jalal smiles as she sits in-front of him in veil maham is suspicious over jalal’s behavior when he sees jodha. they ask Jalal for his father for one ritual he says he is dead. But adham is my elder he will do it for me. They gives adham arti plate he does it wrongly so priest teaches him maham fumes. Adham does the arti of jodha. Maham says if you are can we do some ritual also. She ties a taveez(scared thread) and looks jodha so evilly and says may God protect you from bed omens. They ask jodha to touch the things that will be given to poor.

all are in mandap and priest lits the fire maham make faces. Priest ask for their ancestors jodha tells her and jalal tells his , maham says his ancestors were one in million he belongs to a royal family. Sharif looks at suja he vanishes from there sharif goes behind him and suspects he is suja. Here priest ask them to change the place as per ritual. Priest ask for their hands. jalal is getting ready.

Jodha other hand Wearing precious jewelry. Jalal all dressed up is shown while jodha not. In mandap priest ask jodha to give hand to jalal. Jalal lays his hand to her she shakingly lays her hand but jerks off when jalal touches it. Masa comes and forcefully gives her hand in jalal’s he grips it tightly. (ishq hai wo ehsas plays). Jalal puts another hand on hers. Jodha is tensed little. He then leaves her hand.

Adham eyes moti and other ladies and says they are good. Maham ask him to come with me. They comes to isolated place. Maham gives him two tight slaps . One for looking at girls at wrong place. 2nd fb is shown maham ask soldiers how killer entered the tent. Soldier informs adham came to ask about security. Maham understands. She says kill yourself but don’t destroy my image. She leaves adham ask servant what her name pointing moti he says moti bai.


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