Jodha Akbar Monday Update 15 June 2020

Jodha comes to ruks, ruks says that maham thinks that soon you will become ruler of hare, you will control harem, and i also i am tired controlling it so i think you should handle from now on, jodha ask what. Ruks says i felt that you are clever, have knowledge about politics, tackles jalal very well and give him sugeestion so why dont you handle harem then, Jodha says you are misunderstanding me, i am leaving.

Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 14 June 2020

Ruks wait, why dont you take this job, jodha says i cant take this because i dont know many people here, you have been controlling harem since long and jalal gave you this responsibility because you deserve it so i cant take it, sorry she leavee. Ruks says to maham to look what jodha had said that she cant be on my place, she told you what is difference between me nad her, maham says yes you are great, she leaves. Ruks says only i have control on harem and have right on jalal.

Bharmal is sitting, his son comes and greets him, bharmal ask about war, they inform that we are stable in war and i am worried how we won so easily, is it some conspiracy of rajvanshiz. Soldier informs that sujamal has attacked mewat, bharmal says it was his conspiracy that we will stuck here and he can attack sujamal, he says we have to go to jalal so that he doesnt think we are with suja, his son son says no we should 1st go to mewat to control suja, bharmal agrees.

In agra palace, rahim is making jodha learn urdu, jodha says teacher should not be so strict, rahim says so how will student listen to him, jalal comes there and see them, he smiles. Rahim says to jodha that to tell him story of lord krishna, jodha says once there was flood in village, so people requested kahna and he took mountain on one hand, Jalal comes, they greet him, jalal ask what you were making her learn? he says our language, jalal ask how is the student? he says your special wife is quite intelligent, jodha ask what is this special wife? rahim says salima told me that you are special wife, he leaves. Jalal says so you know very well how to tackle kids, jodha ask why you always counting my talents, jalal says you have many talents and now people are also seeing it thats why calling you special wife, like you know sword fighting, arrow hitting and very well know how to take powder out of gun, jodha ask him to not taunt her, jalal says how can i taunt rajvanshi special begum, who fought with poisonous lady, jalal says you respect rahim alot, jodha says i like learning new things so i asked rahim, jalal says i like this thing about you, you always proved that you are deserving special wife, you praoved it when you saved me, jodha says i didnt save to get this position but i saved you because.. jalal ask why did you save me? she says because you are my husband, it was my duty, i.. jalal says leaving your talk unfinished and let other think over it is also your talent, jodha ask do you like taunting me, he says i like to tease you and you are also liking to spend time with me, jodha say you come infront of me so i talk with you otherwise you will think me as attitudeful lady, jalal says oo so you talk with me forcefully, jodha says i didnt mean that, he says i am leaving special wife.

Sharif is searching for someone in jungle, he sees hut and goes inside. Inside a man is lying on bed and says welcome sharif, its abul mali.
In harem, ruks says yesterday i couldnt spend time with jalal but today i will, maham comes there and gifts her resham cloth, ruks is hapy, maham says jalal will like you in this resham dress, ruks says he alway like me, ruks accepts the gift, ruks tell her that today i will go out with jalal in boat, maham says did you inform jalal, she says no, she orders daasi to inform jalal that today his special wife want to go out with him in boat.

Sharif says you are living in this small hut? so sorry for you, mali says you will not even get it, sharif says our aim is one so we should work together, mali says i know everything, you told about benazir to jodha, you destroyed my plan, sharif says nothing like that i came out because of my love and i am with you thats why came here, mali says if benazir would be successful then we would be king of hindustan, he ask why you here? sharif says i am not with jalal and will help you in getting throne, mali says i will get it and will kill jodha begum, sharif says what you will get by killing her? he says ok i will not kill her, sharif says i will give you jalal but promise me you will not do anything to his begums, mali agrees and hugs him, he thinks i know you want jodha i will give you her when you will give me jalal.

Jalal is angry on adhma as two attacks were made by thieves on village, he ask atgah to see this matter and also matter of mewat.

Bandhi comes to jalal, soldier says jalal is busy, you cant meet him. Maham comes and ask what happened, she tells about message from from special wife that she want to go with jalal on ride of boat, she leaves. maham says special wife means jodha, she has become special after she saved you, solider says she deserve it. Maham leaves. Jalal comes after meeting, soldier informs that special wife has send you message, jalal remembers how rahim called jodha special wife, soldier says jodha want to go on ride with you in boat, jalal is pleasantly surprised, he ask bandhi to send his message to jodha that be ready we will go out tonight, maham smirks.
Jodha Akbar 15 June 2020

Jodha gets jalal’s message, moti teases her that tonight you both will be in same boat. Moti says he has feeling for you thats why everytime he takes you out on some journey, jodha ask her to leave, she leaves. Jodha thinks he offered me to with him, she smiles.
Jodha Akbar Update 15 June 2020

Ruks is getting ready, hoshiyar praises her beauty.
Moti brings jewelry and dress for jodha, jodha says i dont want to dress up, moti says inside your heart you must be jumping with joy, jodha says i will go like this only, i will not change, moti says to promise on kahna that you dont want to dress up for jalal, jodha laughs and says you are naughty. jodha sits down to get ready.

Scene 2
Jalal gets ready in orange dress, he puts perfume that attracts women.

Maham says to resham that only one begum will go with jalal, resham says but both are going there, maham says only jodha should with jalal in boat so that ruks will be jealous of her, she says why jodha is not going, how much time will she take to get ready, resham says you are bringing them together, maham says i am igniting fire in ruk’s heart against.

Ruks comes out to go, maham says to stop her somehow, she ask ruks where she is going, ruks tells her going to be with jalal in boat, maham says everything is special, will you not take any gift for jalal, he will like it, ruks says you are right, i will take gift for him, he will like my gift, ruks goes to get gift, jodha comes out to go, maham says now it will be enjoyable. Ruks comes inside and shows gift for jalal, hoshiyar says its beautiful.

Jodha is going in palanquin, she think i hope we are not late, it is not good to make shehenshah wait, she says to moti that its all because of you that you said to wear this and that and now we are late, moti says you are special wife so you will take time to get ready, let him wait for you.
In palace, ruks says i am leaving, she leaves, maham thinks you will come back with same gift soon.
At river bank, jalal ask why so much force here, soldier says its for your security as ordered by maham, jalal says she is always tensed for me. Ruks sits in palanquin to leave.

In palace, resham laughs and says to maham that you have got clever mind, what will happen now, she says now jalal will choose one and if jalal doesnt choose ruks then she will be very angry. Maham says we have to see whether ruks have to share jalal or she will let jalal go, she says today ruks will get punished as she insulted me infront of jodha, adham comes there. Maham ask why he seem low? he says jalal snatched province from me and given to peer muhammad, maham ask what are you saying, adham says true now i have to work under peer, he says i thought my mother will help in getting position but you even dont know whats happening with me, maham says that whose mistake it is, tell me, jalal was asking you to attack malwa but you never go out of agra, i will not go against jalal, you have to take stand, adham says how easy it is to say but it is very difficult to prove your mettle, maham says prove to jalal that you are more competent then peer, she says its my advise to you that to lessen your anger.

Jodha comes at sight, jalal says so special wife is here after so much wait, he smiles seeing her, jodha says sorry for be late, jalal says no problem today i came to knew that how pleasure it is to wait for someone special, he offers his hand to go in boat, jodha hesitatingly gives her hand into jalal’s hand. ruks comes there and is shocked to see jodha with jalal.


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