Jodha Akbar Monday Update 13 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 13 April 2020

The episode begins with … Sukanya being teased by her sisters getting married and leaving for sin laws Jodha informs her sisters about her awesome visit to kaali temple and her sankalp being fulfilled Sukanya asks Jodha about her queries about her wedding night and how to conduct herself in suhaag raat ..

Jodha laughs off ,Jodha tels suknya to look at herself in the mirror and she tells Sukanya that she is so pretty she would get every ones love ,Sukanya asks jodha that jodha was beter looking than her and Jeejaji would have given her lots of love .. He must have taught her every thing on suhaagraat . Jodha is stunned. Sukanya realizes jodha and Jalal have not had their suhaag raat yet . Jodha explains that their religion was different and their relation was weird She warns sukanya not to divulge their sisterly secrets with any one ..
Suks agrees and also tells her she was sure Jodha would over come all her hurdles next time they met ..

Here Jalal is being affectionate to his fav pet elephant .. He talks to him and rides him lovingly ..

Aaham watches him slyly …as his commanders praise his love for his pets and animals .. Elsa where Pratap is loving his horse and lovingly feeding them, his companion praises him and how he understands animals mentality .. his man says you gave good answer to jalal, pratap says guru said to observe jalal closely, i was just observing my enemy but its not easy to understand animal, his companion says that they are missing the golden opportunity as jalal himself has come to their state, pratap says he is here to attend the ceremony not as enemy. When he will come as enemy we will see him.
Pratap declares that once the wedding ceremonies were over they would soon be in front and would soon find out who had the supremacy over the other

Scene 2
adham looks at some servant of amer, he eyes her and hugs her from back and says spend night with me i will give you gold, she turns and its javeda, she says why didnt you say it before. Adham ask you in amer’s cloth? Javeda says you thought me as some servant. Adham nods. Javedas says so you were hugging randomly. You can hug and talk like this with every girl. Adham in drunken state says yes, javeda says i will tell this to maham. Adham manages to handle her and stop her.

Scene 3
jodha comes to jalal, jalal says what? She ask how do you know i am here to ask something. Jalal says you come only to ask things, she says what you did in mandir, anybody can object it, jalal says nobody knows it so there will be no problem. Did anybody said something to you, jodha thinks whether maham asked him, suddenly she sees some silhouette and sit beside jalal. Jodha-Jalal in the bed, Jodha with the dagger, Jalal asks what happened, she says it seems that someone is out there near the door and gives the dagger to him and signals him to go and check..

Jalal takes it and goes out to check. He says force attacked on us, it turns out to be kids of amer palace. They say that you took jodha with you and gifted us things. Will you tell us story. He says why not come inside. Jalal sits on bed with them and tell them the story about some queen who used to be angry and fighting all the time till a chirpy/happy go lucky king came in her life. Jodha interrupts saying its wrong story then realize what she said. Jalal ask you also know this story then tell kids. Jodha fumbles.

They ask jalal to continue. He says that queen use to disturb the king a lot and even she left the lion open on that king one day. Jodha start laughing at this while he is mesmerized with her beauty. Mena comes in and ask jalal will he be able to sleep along with kids. Jalal says i have no problem. She leaves. Jodha says he will be able to sleep else his back wil ache and this will be problem for bharmal. Jalal says this concern is also for father not me. Jodha goes to sleep on couch.

Scene 4
jalal is training maan singh and ask him to focus on target, they both hit right target, kids clap for them. Jodha is also in lawn, talking with servants about maham’s behavior. She sees jalal, who is helping a kid to hit the target. Maan says you are very small so go from here, jalal says he has no problem with it. He hits the target with the help of a kid. Das and maan praises his behavior. Jodha comes and reprimands jalal for doing all this with kids. She says its not their age to play with it. Maan says you are saying this, you remember how you used run outside the palace and soldiers kept running behind her.

Jodha says you are small so dont talk big. Maan whispers in jalal’s ear look she is always like this. Jalal says i know very well. Das says she is very good at hitting targets, jalal says i knew she is best in sword fighting but i didnt know she is good at it also, he ask to show him also. He gives his weapon to her. She takes it, set the arrows and hit the right target. Jalal is amused and says whether its sword fighting, colors knowledge, target hitting, you know everything. Jodha says you also know how to grap the moment and taunt others.

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