Jodha Akbar Friday Update 29 October 2021


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 29 October 2021

Birbal says Jalal want to announce something important, Salima ask Jodha do you know about it? Jodha says this is first time Jalal have not discussed thing with me, i dont know about it, Ruks thnks but i know about it. Iran’s ambassadors come there, Jalal welcomes them, Jalal says today i want to give titles to my wives who helped me in difficult times, he ask Salima to come first, she comes infront of Jalal, Jalal says in my absence, Salima has seen finance of mughal Saltanat, her work is not replaceable so i give title of Koh-sultan, he says then i wanna call wife so was with me from childhood, she was always there with me, he calls Ruks, he gives title of

Tartari Begum to Ruks, he makes her wear crown, Ruks thinks Jalal cant insult me like this, she finds another there for Jodha and finds special stone in-craved in it which Jalal shown her. Jala then call Jodha, she comes, Jalal says Jodha have touched my heart by her great works, and now in this crisis, she has worked day and night with me to stable things, so i give title of Malika-hind(queen of India) to her, he makes her wear crown, she smiles, ruks is angry, Jalal now one more gift is remaining, he says in my absence, Salim had controlled everything, he fought war in my absence and won it, i can proudly say that he can handle country after me, he says his gift is that after me he will King and owner of India, he is about to make him wear crown but Iran’s ambassador says first let us read message of Iran then make him wear it, its important, Jalal says ok read it, ambassador says first you have to ask women and non muslim people to go out from here, Jalal says they all are my own people, ambassador says sorry to say but we cant read it infront of anyone, Jalal leaves with them, Jodha says what message it can be.
Jalal comes in room with Ambassadors, he says you stopped me from giving title to heir but i bear it just cause you are from Iran, he ask them to tell whats problem is it. outside all are waiting, Todar ask what it can be that they didnt allow hindus, Birbal says not all kings are like Jalal, Jalal respect every religion. Jodha is worried about Jalal, Ruks recalls how Jalal gave title to Jodha, she cuts her hand, she screams, Jodha ask what happened, she says nothing.
Ambassador read letter of Iran’s king, it reads that your Nikaah with Jodha is illegal as she didnt accept Islam till now and this way Salim will be called illegal son so he cant become king of India, Jalal says enough.

Jalal ask ambassador to stop, he says if someone else had said this, i would have killed him, if someone points finger at my son then i wont tolerate it, i wont listen anything against Salim and Jodha, priest ask him to listen them once, Jalal says why? i have married Jodha with all rituals, one ambassador says that in Islam, after marriage wife has to change religion, if you want to keep your name in good books of world, then ask Jodha to change her religion, Jalal says i respect Iran’s king, he ash helped us alot but i cant forget that i have got Mughal saltanat with my fight, i have got it with my intelligence and i wont tolerate his interference in government, ambassador says but you cant deny Islamic rules, Jalal says if i dont accept your point then, ambassador then people from India will be banned for pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, Jalal is shocked, he says no one will enter Makkah and Madina from India, you stubborn nature will lend people of India in problem, other ban will be imposed on you too, you wont be able to go to Iran, Jalal says you are warning me, go and tell your king, i dont care, priest says to Jalal that this matter is complicated, i want you to think about it as religion is involved, ambassador says you discuss with your priests, we will come later, they leave, priest says to Jalal that if Iran’s king impose ban then people of India will suffer, Jalal says i cant force anyone to accept Islam and i have given nod to Jodha to follow her religion, Fazal says but muslim world respects Irani king alot, we will have to suffer because of your stubbornness, Jalal thinks.

Scene 2
Ruks comes in her room, she is crying, she shouts on hoshiyar, beats him that he wanted reward, i have became Tajdari begum, she ask to take this crown, she says once more Jodha has won, what she doesnt want, she gets it always and what i want, i never get it, i always try to be nice to her but Jalal everytime do something that makes me hate her, am i not beautiful, am i not intelligent then why Jalal just keep thinking of Jodha, she cries.
Hamida is not eating anything, she says when Jalal comes then i will eat, Jalal comes there, she ask everything fine? Jalal says all fine, it was just political thing, Hamida ask is anything related to religion? Jalal says no, they stopped me giving crown to Salim as they thought pious time was gone so i will give crown later, he looks at Jodha and leaves, Jodha thinks there is something that is bothering Jalal.
In night, Jodha is lying on her bed, she recalls how Jalal was tensed, she says Jalal was saying everything was fine but he seem tensed, he always come to say good night but didnt come today, i have to talk to him.
Jodha comes to Jalal, she ask what happened? you didnt sleep, Jalal says was not getting sleep, Jodha says you seem tensed, what is matter? Jalal says nothing, Jodha says no there is something, you share everything with me then why hiding it? Jalal says i didnt like it when they stopped me from giving crown, Jodha ask what they said in meeting? Jalal says nothing, it was political issue, he ask her to go and sleep/

Scene 3
Anarkali come in market to meet Sakina, she says you are royal dancer now, Anar says i am Nadira for you, She tells that Jalal was stopped by ambassador of Iran when he was giving crown to Salim, it was wrong, he helped people alot, he works day and night for betterment of people, Sakina ask how you are praising him? Anar says i have understood that i was wrong about him, i was hating him for his

childhood acts but he is nice person, Sakina says so you love him? Anar says i cant think about it, he is fiance of Mann, Sakina says for love, nothing matters, Anar says i cant love anyone as i am dancer but i am repenting that i assumed him wrong, Sakina says then you should say sorry to him, anar thinks.
Jalal tells everything to Hamida and says now you understood why i didnt tel it to Jodha, we have to find solution, Hamida says we have friendship with Iran, how can they talk like this, Jalal says i will not force Jodha to change religion, i have told you everything as your point matters to me, i have called meeting of my ministers and i want you to attend it.
Jalal and Hamida come in meeting, he ask ministers did you find any solution for this problem? priest says i tried to find some solution but Islam clearly says that one have to change religion to Islam after marriage, Jalal says we dont have solution then that doesnt mean we will agree to Iran, till now no one had problem, i wont force Jodha as king i have to respect everyone, i have already said that everyone is free to follow any religion in my reign, Hamida says we cant force Jodha but then people will suffer, they all discus the matter but cant find solution, Jalal says one thing is clear i wont ask Jodha to change religion.

Scene 4
Qutub ask Salim are you still worried? Salim says i am worried about Irana’s matter, Jalal always want me to attend every meeting but he didnt call me in that meeting, Daniyal says dont think about it much, lets roam around in market, it will set your mood, they go in market, Sakina gets to know that her father has become ill, Anar ask her to go while she will handle her shop, Sakina leaves, Salim comes and starts checking daggers, he finds Anarkali there, they both look at each other, she greets him, he ask any problem that you are working here? Anar says its my friend’s shop and she went to see her father, he ask whats price of dagger? Anar says whole saltanat is yours, you can take it without giving its worth, Salim says its not good, it will not effect me but poor can be effected by it,, tell me its price, Anar says it doesnt sound good to tell price to heir, Salim gives coins to her as worth of dagger, she takes it, their hands meet, he smiles at her, she looks down, Rabba is pyar main plays, she says its very much more that real price, Salim says this dagger is very special for me, Anar says i wann say on behalf of my friend that you are very nice person, Salim says that say to your friend that her thinking is great, i will pray for her father, he leaves.
Haidar comes to meet ambassadors of Iran, ambassador ask what did jalal decide? Haidar’s uncle thinks that we are trying to find whats their conditions are, Haidar says Jalal is thinking about it, Ambassador says he has to ask Jodha to change religion else people from India will not go on pilgrimage, Haidar and uncle leaves, Haidar says i will use this news against Jalal, i will lit fire in Salim and Jalal’s relation again.

Scene 4
Jodha comes to Jalal’s room, she says i was thinking to play chess with you, Jalal says i was thinking to spend time with you too, Jodha ask you remember our marriage? Jalal says yes, i did Nikah with you then married you with Hindu rituals, Jodha says you are liar, if you remember our marrieg then you must remember that you swore to share everything with me, you will never hide anything, think if i get to know about anything not from you but from someone else then how much hurt i will, Jalal says also dont want you know it from someone else but the thing is such that i was hesitant to tell you, Jodha says i know problem is severe, you can tell me, Jalal says actually king of Iran doesnt want me to make Salim king, Jodha is stunned.

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