Jodha Akbar Friday Update 26 July 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 26 July 2020

Friday Jodha Akbar  Update 26 July 2020: Jalal and jodha comes to palace, hamida says whats all this, jalal says some mad people tried to attack, hamida says jodha got hurt, call doctor, jalal says call doctor for me, hamida ask whyu, atgah says you should be there, jpdha is great warrior, jalal says she mves swrd very fast, she killed 20 goons in one go, they msut be thinking whom witch jalal brought with him, maham says thank god you are fine,l jalal says I have many prayers with me, don’t worry ammi I am fine he leaves.

Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 25 July 2020
jalal and jodha are going, shehnaz sees them and says thank god you came back fine because if you get killed by other then what I will d, you are my hunt, I will destry you, I will take everything frm yu.

Jodha Akbar 26 July 2020

jalal is in his room, doctor says to jalal that apply this cream on your wounds, jalal says I am fine, apply it on jodha’s wound, jodha sits beside him and says I want you to apply this cram this is good for your wounds, jalal agrees, doctor apply it on his wounds, jalal says to jodha that I should meet ruks now, jodha stops him and says I don’t think that you should meet her in this state, you are injured and she will not bear that someone attacked you, jalal says you are right, I will meet her after some time.

ruks shouts on hoshiyar that jalal was attacked and you are telling me now, she runs towards jalal’s room. jodha says to jalal that we should not tell ruks and also we are safe now, jalal says this is palace here news spread like fire, I am worried that if she gets to know from someone then she will be angry, jodha says I have to go to ruks to give her sacred thread so I will talk to her indirectly that she will not be angry.

ruks is running, all wives talk that ruks is very angry she will kill someone, she have to be careful fro her child. jalal says to jodha that you are right, I will not tell her, ruks comes there and says what you will not tell, you got attacked and is injured and I get to know from some bandhi, there was a time when you sneeze and I used to get to know it 1st, I used to know small and big things related to you, ruks says you left soldiers and went to isolated place, someone attacks you and kidnaps you both, you fight with them all and come back in injured state, everyone knows this even bandhies but I am not aware of this, why? jalal says me and jodha thought..

ruks says I don’t care about anyone then you, and I can expect this from you that you will tell me everything 1st as I am your 1st wife, you childhood friend, jalal says you are pregnant, I thought its not good to tell you, see hoe much tensed you are now, that’s why I hide it, ruks says I am worried not because that you were attacked but I came to know this from a bandhi, I know you can fight with whole force of enemy but why you didn’t tell me, why are you snatching my right from me, she coughs, jodha says calm down, ruks ask her to leave, jodha says calm down, we are doing fro you good, ruks says no you are not doing good, jodha says sit and ask to bring water, ruks says I don’t need your sympathy and when I am talking to my husband I don’t like someone interrupts me,

jalal ask her to sit, she sits, jalal says look I am fine, ruks says what if anything happened to you, what was the need to go in jungle, jalal says there was need, jodha prayed for our child and we went to orphanage to ask kids to pray for our child that’s why I went with jodha there, jodha says to ruks I brought this sacred thread for you, she ties it on her hand, jalal says jodha was with me, I was worried how I will fight with them alone and how I will protect jodha but she fought with them alone, jodha says he is exaggerating ,jalal says no she fought with all goons. jalal says now I will always go with jodha everywhere, why to take soldiers she is a great fighter, thank god I am not her enemy. . ruks thinks that now jodha is more closer to jalal, and I am more away from jalal, I am worried and still jalal is talking about you, ruks says I wants to go to my room, jalal says I will take you.

Jodha Akbar Update 26 July 2020

jalal brings ruks to her room, he makes her sit and says you are still angry with me, he says this much anger is not good, ruks says what if anything had happened to you, jalal says that’s why I didn’t told you, ruks says these days you talk a lot but I will not come in your talks, jalal says then I have to ask forgiveness, he says I am sorry special wife, ruks doesn’t look at him, jalal kisses her forehead and ask now you happy, she smiles, jalal says I will go now, ruks says tell jodha to come in my room, jalal says okay, he goes. ruks looks at thread which jodha tied and breaks she says I don’t need your care neither your prayers for my life. you made jalal away from me.

adham comes room, maham comes, adham ask you here this time, maham ask where were you, adham says I went to revenge for you, I couldn’t bear your insult, today jalal and jodha were in my hands but their fates saved them, maham says did you attack them? adham says yes but they saved, if atgah didn’t came there then jalal’s deadbody would have come here today. maham says I am giving you this dagger, kill me, maham says I don’t want to mourn on my son’s death, adham says neither me nor you will die, our enemies will die, maham says I don’t know to laugh or cry on your talks, don’t you know who is jalal, he is king of this country, he is most powerful, if he gets to know that you are against him then, maham sits on his feet and says I beg for pardon, I cant bear my son’s death, adham says don’t do that, shout on me but don’t beg, whenever I try to kill jalal, fate saves him, maham says promise me you will not do any stupid thing, I promise I will not disappoint you.

jalal is washing face, atgah says after investigation, I came to know who is behind attack on you and jodha in jungle. jalal says I am king, things happens with king but there were my wife with me and she was also attacked, I will not leave a person who tried to attack jodha, atgah says so what now, jalal says call all ministers in court and.. suddenly he listens jodha singing bhajan, jalal says I will meet you later and goes to jodha.

he comes to jodha who is busy in singing, jalal sits behind her and folds hand infront of Krishna and smiles looking at jodha. after bahjan, jodha stands, jalal also, she turns and sees jalal, she says you here, jalal says what to do whenever I listen to your voice, I get attracted here, jodha gives him aarti, jodha says I want to learn one thing from you, will you teach me, jalal says what is this joke, you want me to become your teacher as you know I am not educated, you have found the way to make fun that I am literate. jodha says don’t say that, you may be not educated but you have knowledge then amny educated people, I want to know how you pray, how you take blessing from god, I want to learn, jalal says really, jodha says yes, I know many things s I have seen salima and hamida offering, jodha drapes dupatta on her head and says they do like this then they sit and offers namaz but I don’t know what they say. jalal and jodha comes to offer namaz, jodha kisses her forehead and says I will make you learn, jalal offers namaz, jodha also offer namaz with jalal.
after namaz jalal sees bruises on jodha’s hand and says meet me in court, I want to pay back your every bruise to the who attacked, he kisses her forehead and leaves. jodha looks on.

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in court all are present, jalal comes, he sits and says someone attacked me and this time jodha was with me, if my enemies thinks that they will attack my own and will be pardoned then they are wrong, jalal says I know who attacked me, maham thinks that don’t do anything adham, jalal ask to bring a deadbody, jalal says this goon ran away from me but his master killed him, atgah says he has a special tattoo on his hand and I got to know for whom he works from this tattoo, jalal says I get to know that he works for someone who is between us, he works for razi khan, adham recalls his meeting with razi khan and offering him that as you are against jalal, if you help me then you will have luxury life, I will give you any state after we kill jalal, razi says deal is good, adham says it is not easy to kill jalal, razi says just tell me when jalal comes out of palace my goons are ready, fb ends. atgah informs that razi is with rajvanshi shehenshah ram chand, jalal says ready our forces with maan singh, we have to attack razi khan.

maan singh comes to jodha and says I am going on war, bless me, I am just afraid that rajvanshi don’t call me betrayer as I have to fight against rajvanshi king, jodha says maan you have to understand one thing that enemy is enemy, he doent have an y religion, you have to fight for right, he took mughal’s betrayer under his support and you are Mughal soldier now so you have to follow king’s order, you have to raise our pride, she does his aarti, jalala comes there, jalal says I am sure of your capacity and excellence, I am happy that you are with me in this war, now I want to take revenge who tried to injured your phuphi(jodha). maan says okay shehenshah qazi khan will be brought here, jalal says okay go for war now, he leaves.

shehnaz is going, she sees some dasies going with a painting, she ask whose painting is this, they says its painting of one of wife of humayun, don’t touch it, It will get dirty and jalal will be angry, we are going to put in museum.

dasies go to museum and places it there, she thinks whose painting is this, shehnaz ask dasi to make her see only once, they takes off curtain from painting and its chand begum’s painting, shehnaz is surprised and get emotional, dasi ask her to not touch the painting and leaves.

shehnaz comes to her guardian house, she says can we talk outside, they sit, shehnaz says I saw my mother’s pic in palace today, guardian says then they remember her, shehnaz says no it seemed like painting was made now, gaurdain says so jalal is trying to find your mother, shehnaz says I sent letter to jalal by putting in jodha’s palanquin, I know jalal have kidnapped my mother so that I cant claim that I have right on dehli’s throne, as humuyun gave it to me, now jalal is pretending to find my mother but actually he has kidnapped her, shehnaz says I am sure jalal have put her in prison, guardian says you have to protect yourself, shehnaz says I want to know what jalal think about my mother, = I just want to know where is my mother, guardian says maybe somebody else have kidnapped her so that you don’t get throne, shehnaz I know she is alive and I tried to find her everywhere but couldn’t now only one place is left that is prison of agra palace, shehnaz thinks how to get the truth, how to know she is in prison but I know she is in agra, jalal has hidden her somewhere that nobody can find her.

ruks is sleeping, jalal comes there, and ask can I come in, ruks gets up and says you don’t need permission, come in, jodha comes there too, ruks thinks that I knew you will not leave jalal alone, jalal and jodha come in and jalal says jodha have brought a beautiful gift for your child, ruks says give it too dasi, jalal says will you not see it, she says why not, jalal ask to bring in gift, they brings swing for child, ruks sees it and says its beautiful, jodha gives great gifts, jalal says I am waiting for the day when my child will lie in this swing, ruks thinks I feel pained that your dream will be a dream only, jalal says I am waiting for the day when my child will hold my hand and will walk with me, when he will say be baba, he gets emotional, ruks says tears in your eyes?

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