Jodha Akbar Friday Update 24 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 24 April 2020

Sharif uddin is furious with the priests for being weak after the letter from chishti and now All the non islamic powers will get stronger. They feel it was an attack on their religion and they all get together to do something about stopping hinduism from spreading in agra, sharif is happy that now priests are against jalal.


Scene 7
In Salima’s room rahim is being taught by salima, jodha comes to rahim who is reading she ask the meaning which is with anger and hurry nothing can be rightly done, with slow and thoughtful move everything can be done even snake can come out from hole. Jodha says we have same thoughts salima says maybe religion are different but true things come from heart, rahim says you didnt tell me story and leaves, jodha ask for that line again from salima, salima says you like to learn so from now on i will things about your religion and you will about our religion from me.

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