Jodha Akbar Friday Update 23 July 2021


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 23 July 2021

In agra, Moti and some Hindu Servants wish to see Jalal; Jalal orders them in .. They sing praises of Jalal’s broadmindedness and thank him for removing the tax. Moti adds that had Jodha been here , she too would have been elated ..Jalal hopes that this news does reach Jodha and she at least will remember him on this pretext.

Jodha is praying to Kali maa, Saguni Bai informs Jodha Begum that her time to depart has come .. Jodha smilingly agrees and says she has completed her prayers and will be leaving soon..saguni corrects her pointing out that she had called her Jodha Begum and not Kunwri Jodha .. Jodha is puzzled, she falteringly replies that she has not understood Saguni’s cryptic talk.. Saguni grows even more enigmatic, retorts that destiny is always inscrutable ..
Jodha walks out .

Scene 4
in agra, Hamida and Jalal have a chat.. Hamida has begun to treat Jalal as the King addressing him respectfully ..Hamida hesitantly brings up the issue of Maham and involving her in running of government.. Jalal doesnt agree with her.

Scene 5
in amer, Jodha is handing out coins to Hindu pilgrims so that they can pay the tax for pilgrimage when a maid comes hurrying , tells Jodha that a messenger from Agra has come with the news that Lagaan has been abolished .. Jodha is very surprised and comes out from temple , she is ecstatic to hear everyone singing praises of Jalal. Jodha realizes that Jalal’s heart has awakened.
Jodha says she began to recollect each and every word that he had said.. we get the flashback of Jalal apologizing, of all the other moments…

in agra, maham is in her room, gnashing her teeth n riling against the overweening influence of Jodha .. maham is angry that jalal is veering towards Hinduism away from Islam, She blames Jodha for this change. Hamida walks into Maham’s room.. Hamida and maham engage in conversation..Hamida informs Maham that her faults have been many but at the same time, Hamida says one cannot overlook Maham’s contribution and her sacrifices .. Hamida encourages Maham to try and decrease the distance between jalal and herself.. Hamida points out that Jalal still respects her hence he has overlooked many faults of Adham and hers.. Hamida wishes the best for Maham n leaves.. Maham who was looking all broken with tears rolling down her cheeks gets back to cruel mode again. Maham says unto the empty room that she is least bothered about Jalal’s opinion nor concerned about him.. From this moment on, All her energies, her planning will be towards getting her own Son Adham to the throne .. in amer, All have sat down to dinner and are waiting for Jodha to come.. Jodha bustles in, declares that she was foolish n pushed her stubbornness beyond limit n wants to return to Agra , that too on that night itself…All in one breath…. Mainavati reminds Jodha that it is night n not safe plus one has to see auspicious time but Bharmal shoots down this suggestions saying that Since Jodha is returning to her home, there is no need for such formalities

in amer, jodha is leaving fro agra, she meets kaki and maasa, they cries, she touches bharmal’s feet, he blesses her, meena does her aarti, jodha comes out of palace and sit in palanquin, their caravan starts journey to agra.

Scene 2
in agra, in court, atgah says some hindu people want to thank you for removing tax and wants to gift you, adham says this was left only, sharif says don’t burn your blood, just enjoy drama. hindu representative comes and thanks jalal, jalal says it was my duty, they say you took your duties and told this world that everyone can follow their religion. you told us that you have big heart and you lessen our burden. jalal says emperor is like father, I hope I keep all you happy always and serve my people, thye say that the have brought some gift, jalal says its not needed, they say please accept it, they gifts him a big quran paak, qazi says they are playing with jalal’s feelings to make him on their side, jalal is happy to see it and prays.
soul talk- jalal says that day I realized that what is eid is actually karvachauth, when god didn’t make wall between people then why we make it, that day I hoped that you come back.

Scene 3
ruks is happy and says to jalal in room that people are going crazy fro your no tax order, jalal says most of people are thinking that I did that only fro hindus, ruks says it doesn’t matter, see how much people are happy, jalal says I should have done that before, when I went out with jodha, I was subjected to this tax, ruks says lets play chess for your celebration, jalal says I have political matters to handle, ruks becomes angry and says you care for all but not care for feelings of mine, jallal smiles and says okay lets play but only one game, they sit to play but dasi comes, ruks scolds her and says to go out, jalal says whats message, dasi says letter came from agra, ruks says jalal will come after playing, jalal says no it must be important, he goes out and gets letter, ruk sfumes that jodha is snatching him from far too, jalal comes running to her and ask her to read letter for him, ruks ask about game, he says I will play 2 games but read it 1st, ruks read and bharmal wries in letter that jodha is coming to agra, jalal cant believe it, letter says jodha have already left for agra and will reach soon, jalal says this means jodha forgave me, this is the best news of my life, I will welcome her grandly, I will play with you some otherday, he goes out, ruks is heartbroken and shouts jodha I hate you a lot.

jalal comes shouting to hamida and says my wife and your daughter is coming bac k, hamida says thank god he listened to my prayers, I don’t want it to be dream, jalal says its reality, he says I did mistake but I hoped you forgive me, hamida says let bygones be bygones, I hope that you both learn from this incident and start to trust each other, we have to welcome her goodly, jalal is excited and says my wife, queen and sunshine of agra is coming back so welcome will be done by whole agra, its only because of her that I became great emperor, she taught me how to rule hearts, he ask salima to keep check on harem’s preparation, salima nods and sasy you are so much happy, jalal says yes, he says to hamida thanks for forgiving me.

Scene 5
for celebrations, jalal assign duties, sharif thinks I am happy jodha is coming but not sad also as you are not coming for me, he ask atgah to send fast paced horses and ask them to inform me about how much distance is left for jodha to come, he ask maaan singh to do arrangement in rajvanshi style, she is our pride, I want you to go to jodha and do grand welcome of her, I want her to come here with so much happiness that she forgets about time she left from here. maan nods. he says to sharif that you have responsibility to check decorations, you have to dev orate whole agra, he agrees. jalal says I cant tell you hw much happy I am that you are coming.

Scene 6
hoshiyar tells moti that jodha is coming back, she thanks lord and says I have to clean and decorate her room, se says jodha coming here is like light coming in darkness, salima comes there ans supervise decorations of her room. in palace, it is decorating, jalal is checking, jalal ask atgah did you send faced paced horse man s they can infrom us about how much jodha reached, atgah says yes. atgah says I am happy that you have smile on your face, jalal says to atgah that when jodha went away everything was finished but now I have ray of hope in my heart and now she is coming back, I am so so happy, he hugs atgah. jalal gets the news that jodha has covered half distance, jalal gets happy and gifts soldier, jalal says i am only waiting when will you enter here, without you every minute is like year.
begums gossips that 1st she was stubborn didn’t come with jalal and now coming here, one begum says if you understand her then you would be in place of jodha, its thing of love, it was 1st time that jalal went for some wife so there is something different in her.
ruks comes to jalal and sees him restless, she thinks that the one who left you you are waiting for her and the one who is with you from childhood you are ignoring her. she ask jala what is he doing on terrace, jalal says i am waiting fro jodha, ruks says i know you are happy that she is coming back even me too but by waiting like this will she come quickly? jalal says you are right but I don’t have control on my heart, I only want to see jodha, I am not feeling to do anything or to rest.. i have only one wish that i get to see jodha. soldier tells him that jodha have covered most of the distance and she will be here till tomorrow, jalal is beyond happy and says see ruks only one night then tomorrow morning she will be here. ruks says that’s good, i have to do preparations, jalal says i am happy that you are doing all this, ruks says my happiness is in your happiness, she thinks in mind that i don’t want to do it but i fear that i don’t get away from you so i have to pretend to be nice infront of jodha. she goes.

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