Jodha Akbar Friday Update 19 June 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 19 June 2020

Maham tells ruks to get up and fight for her rights, ruks says i didnt lose but my game fired back, maham says you played wrongly, you involved jalal in it, it would have been in harem only, they would have turned against jodha but with jalal’s involvement he made everybody believe that jodha is inocent, look how much trust he have on her, ruks says he took her side and insulted me, she saved his life but that doesnt mean i will my precious thing to her, jalal is only mine, maham says thats the spirit i wanted just consult me in every matter i know politics alot, she ask maham why would you help me, maham says i hate jodha alot and want her to go from jalal’s life.

Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 18 June 2020
Jodha comes back in her room, moti ask where were you, jodha says i was in garden, moti says why this smile then? jodha says nothing, moti says why you took so much time sitting lonely, jodha says jalal came there, moti says oh you both are together rverywhere in boat, in journey, in garden, why dont you tell him your feelings, jodha is thoughtful.

Outside jalal thinks maybe she has feelings for me but i will not go to her again as i was insulted earlier and i cant bear that again, mirza comes there, jalal ask if you have feelings for someone then what should one do, moti says to jodha that if you have feelings then go and tell him,jodha says i cant, mirza says he should tell his heart out, jalal says if he is rejected once, mirza says then he should not go again else his friendship can be in danger too. Jodha thinks if moti is right that i have developed feeling for jalal. Jalal thinks that he will not take step this time else it will be dangerous.

Hamida says to jiji that i dont know why ruks is so jealous with jodha gul badan says she cant do this cheap thing, hamida says she was so innocent in childhood, thank God jalal believed jodha, hamida says ruks disappointed me alot, she says gul you are her aunt, explain to her that power is not anything, she should not be blinded by it. hamida says one should listen to her heart.

Sharif is seeing beautiful painting of jodha and she looks beautiful but this painting is not defining your beauty, it can be felt by taking you in arms, touching you lips. He says i cant wait anymore, soon you will be in arms. he says artist should be given some gift for this painting. bakshi comes there, he says i was saying that this painting is good but it should be of yours, he says i know whats going on in harem, he says you women do good politics. he looks at painting and says tabassum artist is amazing and she sketched it beautifully seems like jalal calls her often to make jodha’s pic, bakshi says we should send this to jodha as its looking odd my our room, sharif says yeah send it to her.
Jalal comes to salima, he says i wanted your suggestion, i am tensed, he says i cant decide about harem’s leader, tell me something, salima says i have one idea to sort this, salima says leave kingship, jalal says what? salima says else you have to face this all, she says 2nd option is that you have to choose one of them, jalal says no other option? salima says being shehenshah you have to face these difficulties, jalal smiles.

jodha and ruks comes to meet hamida, both says thay want to meet hamida, dasi comes and tell her, hamida says call them both inside, they both greets hamida, she is happy to see her, ruks says i want you to pray for me to win, jodha says i want you to pary for harem’s peace, hamida says not anything for you? jodha says i am also part of this harem, ruks says will you not pray fro me? hamida says you are like my daughter and i pray that you go on right path, ruks and jodha goes out, ruks says to jodha that good you came to take her blessing its important for you, jodha says for prosperity blessings are important you cant win only by playing games, ruks says what you mean that i put that murtis in harem, jodha says i didnt said that but seems like you are accepting it yourself, jodha says i feel bad, you handled harem for years and did this cheap thing, ruks says its politics, jodha says i dont wanna play that cheap politics, ruks shouts, jodha ask her to lower down her voice, it doesnt look good on queen, jodha leaves from there, ruks says today i will make you loose.

All harem begums and bandhies come in court, jalal says i used to choose harem leader but today there will be voting, candidates are jodha and rukiyya, he says it will done openly, you will tell name openly, in end we will count votes and that will be leader.

Jalal ask hamida to start, she says from many years ruks have taken good care of harem but she neglected some problems so new leader can be given chance so i take jodha’s name, gul badan chooses ruks, jiji anga names jodha, then maham says i give my vote ruks, salima takes ruks name, bakshi remembers sharif looking at jodha’s pic, she takes ruks name.

Otherside sujamal enters agra, he says to bhaan singh that i have to see jodha once to see if she is alright, bhaan warns him, he says go from here i will meet you after meeting jodha, he goes. in court, all begums votes for their candidates, after counting it is found that there is a tie between them, only you,ruks and jodha are left, jalal ask jodha about her vote, jodha remembers suffering of bandhies. she says i am giving my vote to myself, ruks says i request jalal to tell 1st to whom his vote is given, jalal says you both are very important for me but if i have to choose then i will choose the one who was with me in my thick and thin so i choses ruks, jodha looks at jalal and nods to him. she gets the flashback where Jodha comes to jalal and says i want favour from you, jodha says i want your vote, jalal says you know its against rule to ask vote like this, you are bribing why you are doing this,

jodha says i dont want to come between you and ruks so if you take my name in court then her heart will break so i want you to give your vote to her, jalal says you always surprises me, he ask what will i get? she says what can i give to shehenshah, she leaves. FB ends. bandi says now they both are on tie only ruks vote is left, she says i am happy that harem people loves me, jalal supported me which is honor for me, i tried my best to serve to harem but some people think that i am not deserving to this post so i want to give them a chance, i chooses jodha’s name for this post, all are stunned. all congrats jodha, maham smirks to jodha.
Jodha Akbar 19 June 2020
Jodha Akbar Update 19 June 2020

all begums are discussing that how ruks can leave her right, she is pretending to be nice, in room jodha says ruks loves to be harem leader then why she took my name? moti says i thought she will bring storm if you win but she gave it to you smilingly, she says i dont understand why salima took ruks name, jodha smiles and says i said to her to take ruks name.

FB shows that salima says i will choose you only, jodha says ruks is your sister and if you dont choose her then dispute will be created between you and her. salima says she is my sister but you understand relation better.

hamida says i know ruks she cant give her right to anyone else, gul says maybe she is tired and wants to gove jodha a chance, hamida says i hope you are right, jalal outside thinks that why ruks backout after coming at winning line, what win is hidden behind giving this position to jodha.

Scene 3
Jodha and moti comes in mandir, jodha says i wanted to take blessing to maa before starting harem work, she is giving food to poors, sujamal in disguise is also sitting there, he drags jodha and takes her aside, he says its me sujamal, jodha is happy to see him. She remembers their sword fighting, their time spent together then she remembers jalal’s words that sujamal has killed his soldiers,

jodha says i dont want to see your face, 1st you fought against bharmal then with jalal, he says these wars are happening from years, mughals are our enemy, jodha says that mughal is my husband, suja says i didnt kill them they died in war so i sent their body respectfully to agra, she says every mughal is here is thristy for your blood so go from here, he says i just wanted to see you, he leaves, jodha is emotional.

In court, atgah says rana pratap is plotting against us, jalal orders to look in this matter, jalal says when jodha got consciousness i announced jashn, so there will be grand jashn in haveli, i will myself tell this to jodha.

In room, maham says to ruks that you played wonderful game, all were so shocked, ruks says she will not get saved from me unlike benazir, she says jodha will involved in harem matters, she will be solving problems of harem and jalal will be solving my hairs, jodha will get no time for jalal, she says other thing is that harem is not easy to handle, she have to do arrangements of food, solve fights, then she will know. she says now i attacked only jodha didnt involve jalal in it.

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