Jodha Akbar Friday Update 17 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 17 April 2020

Scene 1

sharif ask who did give that fort, do you have any proof, document or agreement.

Thanks that it is jodha’s sister marriage thats why we are not doing anything, fil says that we are also respecting that otherwise we know about war, earlier you promised that at marriage time you will give that fort to us, sharif promises on his honesty adham supports him saying he cant lie infront of jalal, pratap angrily leaves from there, they promises on their goddess that sharif is saying lie, maham gets up and says i am sure sharif is not telling lie, fil says you are lying, your son adham, sharif and you.

Jalal shouts enough., all are tensed, jalal says you saying bari ami is lying, my brother in law lying, i promised jodha that i will not create scene in this marriage but we dont count bodies after the war, bharmal ask for his decision, jalal says my decision is i will NOT give the fort at any cost, all are stunned. Jalal says like i found this guy i can find another rajvanshi, this marriage is not happening, jalal looks at jodha and leaves.

Scene 2
all amer family discusses, das says how this happened, we were afraid of pratap and jalal fight but what happened, bharmal says fil swear about fort and here jalal is not accepting it, jodha says maybe both are not wrong, but i know jalal didnt talk about fort, das says but sharif is his brother in law, they fixed this marriage, jodha says yes jalal wanted this marriage thats why he took step and fixed this then gifted them many things, he kept quite even when incident happened with his elephant, fort is his.

Bharmal says i dont know anything, mena says one side is my daughter’s would be in law other side other daughter’s in law, jodha ask so you jalal to compromise why will he? Fort is his, das says but they promised to give it, it will be cheating, jodha says cheating is with jalal, what is this they will ask for anything, she ask bharmal to say no to him, jodha says jalal is right and i am with him, mena hope for best.

Scene 3
pratap says insult will be of sukanya only and we dont play with our daughters. This is not marriage but a deal, they says but they promised the fort, pratap says if you want fort then fight with them and win it like rajvanshi, vajendar says i respect your thought, fil stops him and says they promised then cheated you should take our side, pratap says you are playing with rajvanshi limits, you are not able to protect yourself, you are rajvanshi so be a warrior, pratap says i cant take dealer’s side, he says to vajendar that for warrior its not their honour to return without bride.

Scene 4
maham offers jalal juice, he says what did i not do for this marriage, took responsibility of their safety, came here tolerated everything even then they are doing this, maham says you cant rule black hearts, only power can answer, you were weak but attended the marriage, i came here on your request but now i will not stay silent, we should leave from here, jalal says you are right, we will leave by tomorrow inform all, maham is happy.

Pratap is leaving bharmal ask him to stay, he says now there will be no marriage but a deal and i cant see it, bharmal request but he says that i know how to do war but i stayed silent, but now i cant see this, he leaves. Bharmal talks to fil that we know you are not lying but maybe there is some misunderstanding, fil ask MU they promised us and now our respect is at stake, bharmal its our respect on stake, vajendar try to say something, fil stops him and says no fort then no relation, bharmal ask for time, fil says you promise we will get it, bharmal says i cant promise but need time to solve it, fil says we wont stop but you are rajvanshi so i am giving you time.

Scene 5
Moti comes to jodha, and gives her letter given by dasi’s husband, jodha reads and says i have to go , moti says where, i cant allow you, jodha says its for sukanya’s life, she ask for moti’s dress.
Jodha in moti’s dress, comes to meet vajendar who says after talking to pratap i think what ever happening bcoz of fort is not right, they are dealing a women, jodha says then why are not talking with father, he says i cant talk to him, but i want to marry sukanya,

my father is fighting for his respect, but its true sharif promised that fort to us, i think mughals are playing with us and more with you people, my father dont lust for fort but he will not say yes to this marriage now, jodha ask so for you fort is more important then sukanya for you? He says then why would i come here, this is not right, jodha ask him to go now, moti comes and ask what happened, jodha remembers past encounters with sharif and says i have to go to sharif otherwise barat will leave tomorrow.

in amer, maham comes to hamida and says i was informed that you denied going to agra, hamida says yes bcoz things will get worse if we leave, maham says they are misunderstanding sharif is right, hamida says we have to clear mu, maham says i understand sukanya’s life is destroying but we should think about jalal only, hamida says jalal’s respect is at stake only he did this relation so he has to clear all this,

maham says i am his servant only and his order that we will leave so all have to leave tomorrow, hamida thinks i have to talk to jalal otherwise things will spoil. She comes to jalal who says that he didnt know how lustful people they are, i will not give that fort, hamida says no fort is important than relation, think about sukanya, jalal says i will find another relation for her, hamida says no rajvanshi can false swear on his goddess, jalal promises on god that he didnt talk about fort, hamida says then one is lying either they or sharif, jalal says its fil lying, we will leave tomorrow.

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