Jodha Akbar Friday Update 15 October 2021


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 15 October 2021

Arama comes to Jalal and says i am not fine, he ask why? Aram says i am angry with Jodha, in your absence Jodha didnt make me wear dress of my choice, Jodha says but i made dress of your choice only, Aram says you forgot my favorite, without Jalal she cant remember anything, please scold her, Jalal says when my daughter wants it then i will fulfill it, he says to Jodha that you did mistake and you have to say sorry, Jodha holds her ears and says i am sorry, it will not happen again, Aram says you will get punished, you have do sit ups 10 times, Jodha says what? Jalal says you should forgive her this time, this is her first mistake, if she do it again then give punishment, Aram forgives her.

Mann is getting ready, her friend says that you want to spend time with Salim thats why going out, Mann says no i made a promise to God that when i will get married.. Ruks comes there, Mann stops, Ruks says you are looking beautiful like Jodha begum, she finds same peacock jewelry, she thinks that this jewelry did work, Mann you may look like Jodha but your couple with Salim wont be like Jalal and Jodha.
Jalal is passingby, he finds Jodha in garden and smiles, he calls Aram bano and says you have to give my message to someone, he ask her to write that you are looking very beautifu, i am confused if moon is more nice or you, Aram ask for whom it is? Jalal says for Jodha, Aram brings letter to Jodha, Ruks says give it to me, we will also see what Jalal want to say, she takes it from her and reads it, she laughs, Jodha ask what it is, Ruks gives it to Jodha, Jodha reads that you are very clever, i am confused if you are more clever or moneky of zoo, Jodha is stunned, she looks at Jalal, she comes to him, Jalal ask how you find my message, Jodha says so now you think that i am monkey, Jalal says what i didnt call you monkey, oh God this Aram.. i asked her to write that that you are looking more good than moon and she wrote that joke, Jodha says dont blame kid, Jalal says i swear on God, i wanted to make you sit on sky and Aram threw me on floor, i am serious you are my life, you are most beautiful, even moon would be jealous of you, Jodha smiles shyly.
Salim and Mann comes to Mandir, she says i forgot red flower to put in mandir, Salim says dont worry, you go for Pooja, i will arrange it, Salim leaves, Mann finds Anarkali there, she says you here, Anarkali is shocked, she says i went to mosque, greeting princess, Mann says you are my friend why talking like

that, i saw dancing that day, how you became dancer? Anarkali says time forces people to do things, she thinks how to tell you Mann that the one who is going to be your destroyed my life, she says to Mann that congrats you are going to marry heir Salim, Mann says yes Salim is very nice, he loves me alot, i always wanted to marry him and now my dream got fulfilled, Anarkali says may you remain happy for life, Salim comes there and fumes seeing her, they look at each other, Rabba is pyar mein plays, Salim comes to them, Mann says she s Anarkali my friend, Salim says a dancer is your friend? Mann says she is not dancer, she used to do my make up in Amer, i dont know what made her become dancer, you have to promise that you will help my friend, Salim says why not, she is your friend and my.. my nation, i will help her, Mann says Anarkali that dont worry, Salim will help you, she hugs her and leaves for pooja, Salim is about to leave too, she looks at Anar, they share an eyelock and recall their moments, she get in tears, Salim leaves, she looks at him and thinks i wish Mann i could tell you reality of Salim, the one you gave heart to only know how to break heart of others, he is most cruel person in world.

Scene 3
Haidar is getting jittery, his uncle ask him what happened, Haidar says that girl Anarkali had two opportunities where she could have complained to Jalal about Salim but she remained silent, uncle says what if our one plan failed, you will be successful, Haidar says i have got an idea, its fate who is playing game, Salim’s love Anarkali is now special dancer of Jalal, Jalal ordered to give her position, now she will often visit palace, Salim will be attracted to her and i will tell Jalal about it.
Jalal comes to Salim, he ask Salim to get ready, he says to Him that God do everything for good, now i will make you ready, SAlim says why you will, Jalal says mother get chance to make her son ready often but father doesnt get it so dont snatch this chance from me, Salim nods, Jalal makes him wear vest, he says i am proud of you, i got to know how you saved a girl, Salim says i did what was my responsibility, Jalal says soon i will make you wear crown if mughal sultanat, he make Salim wear turban, he says to him that i hope you liked gift, your love Mann bai, she was our gift to you, you wished for her so we had to fulfill it, you liked our gift? Salim lookst at him. in engagement function, Jalal comes in with Salim, all greets them, Jalal ask to start the engagement ceremony, Salim and Mann sit infront of each other, priests starts the function, he congratulate them, Jodha ask Salim to make Mann wear the ring, he takes the ring and recalls Anarkali, then finally makes her wear the ring, then Mann makes Salim wear the ring, all are happy, Jalal congratulate Salim and says i am very happy for you, he hugs him, Maan says to Jalal that you decided to give a gift to that dancer today, Jalal says i remember, Maan says her performance is ready, Salim thinks that now i will have to see her face again.
Anarkali starts her dance in engagement function, Salim is angry, Ruks thinks that whom Salim is dancing infront of him and he is stuck with the one whom he doesnt love, son this pain will go beyond limits and then Jodha will bear the consequences. Anarkali looks at Salim with sadness while dancing, she wipes her tears, after dance Jalal says that your performance made this function more good, i appreciate your work, Haidar thinks that girl will bring storm in Jalal and Salim’s life, Jalal ask Maan to give her lots of gifts, Salim leaves, Anarkali says i am sorry but i dont need wealth in gift, i want other thing, i want a your official statement, my father was innocent but he was called betrayer, you announce him innocent, Jalal ask he father’s name, she says Rashid Khan who used to work in palace, Jalal says i had forgive him way back, anarkali says but your people didnt forgive him, Jalal ask where is he now? Anarkali says he left the world with this tag, he is dead, Jalal ask how did he die? Anarkali says when people didnt forgive him, we left Agra but when he cameback people, he was called betrayer,

with this baggage, Jalal says to Maan that send statement in which Rashid’s cemetery will be given royal treatment, he will be called loyal of mughal family and if anyone say his family betrayer then they will be punished, Anarkali says you are great king, i wanted this only, i dont need anything else, Jalal says this is not your reward, you will be given house, you will be dasies and food, also take these coins, Anarkali says what you have done for me is more than enough, thank you so much, she leaves.

Scene 2
Anarkali is going out of palace when Salim throws tons of coins on her, he says what happened? i am giving you reward, this is gift on dance that you did in my function, take it, for these coins you have come here, you are very lucky to get so much money, now you can have whole house for your dance, she is about to leave but Salim grabs her and says your betrayer father must have taught you to backstab people, Anarkali says dont call my fathe betrayer, Salim says did you forget whom you are talking to, Anarkali sats i didnt forget you are the one reason for all my pain but you have forgot that you are going to be king, you have to be nice with people, what kind of rule will you make? it will be hell, all innocents will be called as betrayer, their will be no doctors for people, there will be no respect for girls, where a king will make a respectful girl a dancer, in your government girls will be made to sit whole night in dance rooms so that she will be disrespected, Salim ask her to control her tongue, he grabs her by neck, Anarkali says i was made thief, my father was called betrayer, nobody came for his treatment, when i went to help him then i was kidnapped in dance room because you wanted me to become dancer, what was my mistake? that in childhood i asked for justice, i told truth, or was it my mistake to love you like common soldier, the mistake of mine was that i choose wrong person to love, now i have only hate, Salim says its your habit to first do things then allege others, Anarkali says you have ordered your soldiers to make me sit in dance bars, Salim holds her by hand, Jodha finds them like this and ask what Anarkali is doing with him? Anarkali leaves, Salim thinks who did this with her? who used my name.

Scene 3
Jodha recalls how Salim denied for marriage, then hose he agreed for engagement and did it, thne how he was holding hand of Anarkali. Jalal comes to her, Jalal says i am very happy that SAlim got engaged, you will be mother in law now, now you will rule one more person than me, he says i know you are tensed about Anarkali, Jodha gets shocked, Jalal says i feel same, i am hurt with her words too, what happened with her father was very bad, now i will give her justice, now their problems will be slved, he leaves, Jodah says i have to find whats between Anarkali and Salim.

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