Jodha Akbar Friday Update 12 July 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 12 July 2020

Friday Update 12 July 2020 on Jodha Akbar, Ruks is lying on ground and reclls how dasi said that jalal is in jodha’s room, dasi comes for cleaning her room, she shouts to go, hoshiyar comes there, ruks says why you came get lost from here, he says I am your servant I cant leave you, ruks says you know jalal stayed in jodha’s room yesterday night, hoshiyar says lets go in court, ruks says I will not go, jalal should know I am angry on him,

Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 11 July 2020

hoshiyar says jalal will not notice it as he is in pain of what maham did that, he needs your support, you are only one left for him, ruks says what? I was only one in his life then jodha came inbetween us, she changed jalal, jalal is living in her room, jalal doesn’t know what he is doing, he is punishing maham that too for jodha, because of jodha so much is happening, hoshiyar says its not about maham or jodha but jalal need you, ruks says I don’t know what he wants.

all are in court. jalal comes in court to tell his decision about maham, he sits with proud like a shehenshah, he ask to bring maham, he says people say that while doing justice emperor should not bring in his emotion, today I will try to control my emotion, he ask to start the case hearing.. adham is taking out his sword one minister ask him to control his anger, maham comes there and greets jalal, ruks is also there. jalal says there is allegations against you that you used your powers wrongly and tried to fill shehenshah’ ears with wrong things, ghe ask atgah to tell everybody her deeds, atgah says maham knew that one eunuch was in harem who was a man and a rajvanshi, he was sujamal, she didn’t take action neither told jalal and when real dilawar came to tell maham she asked him to leave from there so she hide truth from all, adham fumes and thinks atgah I swear on maham that I will not leave you for the insult you brought to my mother.

jalal says thinks why you did that with me, I never thought in my dreams, atgah says she played game and told jalal by her man that sujamal is away from agra, jalal says not only this, she put doubt in me against my pure wife, she filled my ears against her, jalal ask what will you say in return of thses allegations, maham thinks and says nothing, what atgah said is right, jalal says so you accepted your crime, you are culprit now, are you ready for your punishment, maham says yes with tears.

jalal says she accepted her crime, you mislead mughal sultanat, are you ready to listen your punishment, maham nods. Jalal says you failed to do your duties, you allowed man to enter in harem so from now on you will not involve in political and managing matters. maham is stunned, jalal says you will not give any advice and atgah will see everything, every power is being snatched from you, maham is broken. Jalal says looking at your years long services, i am not giving you any severe punishment, you can go. Maham in tears greets everyone and goes. Jalal ask to inform all about new positions. Atgah is new finance minister and will see everything. Munim khan is given many states to look. Manager says now atgah and munim will look after empire of mughals. Adham and sharif fumes.

Scene 2
adham says to his men that till now I was silent but now I will take revenge of my mother from jalal and this revenge will start from atgah’s blood. Maham comes and says no adham, you will not do anything. She says we cant do anything at this time, she says jalal took powers from me but adham is still important to him, soldier says he didnt take your position of chief minister, maham says you are so innocent, he didnt take my position but he took all powers from me, she ask all to go as she have to talk to adham alone.

All leaves. Adham says why are you stopping me? Maham says to save your life, if jalal catches you then he might either kill or put you in jail, adham says we have lost everything. Maham says closing one gate means opening another gate, i have found a way through which we will get alot, we will get everything that is snatched, i only want my plan to become successful.

jalal is practicing sword fighting, he is not concentrating, he imagines jodha fighting with him, he thinks you are angry on me and thats valid, he then keep looking at tulsi plant of jodha, he is distracted and soldier practising with him attacks him, jalal fights with him, atgah stops him and says jalal you are injured, he says any injury on shehenshah can be very dangerous for nation, jalal says fault was mine i was not concentrating, he says this injury is nothing, the real injury i got was when jodha said no to come with me, this injury on my hand will keep me remembering jodha as if she was here she would have applied medicine on it by her own hands.

He says anyways tell me what you wanna say, atgah says i checked financial records and their is alot corruption in money collection, we should appoint a person to collect money who should be experienced and reliable, i think mirza is good. Jalal says no let him handle kabul for now. He recall todal mal saying that he divides his money, he says i know one person that is todal mal, atgah says but he is against mughals. Jalal says he is honest so we can count on him and also he helped humayun too so he is loyal person. Call him here. Atgah agrees.

scene 4
jalal looks at tulsi plant and says jodha in wait of you these leaves are feeling dull too, he ask dasi to bring water. Jalal chants mantra which jodha uses to chant. Rahim comes there and chants with him. Jalal says how do you know? He says jodha taught me, jalal ask what else she taught you. Rahim says she told me about ramayan, mahabharat, arjun story, bheem story, and other things and i told him about quran sharif.

She also told me about geeta, jalal ask what else, rahim says something in pure hindi which jodha taught, jalal ask meaning, rahim tells him that it means do your work with concentration and dont fear because everything is of worth and you will get in return what you do. Rahim says when jodha will come i will ask her to teach you too. Jalal says hope your wish get fulfilled. Rahim leaves. Jalal says you are right jodha what you sow you will reap and i am suffering as i doubted you.

maham is thinking something, jiji anga comes there, maham says you come to see that i lost my position, that i am low than you now. Jiji says you have wrong thinking and its your fault. Maham says no its jodha, she came inbetween me and jalal, she provoked jalal, she was behind me, she instigated jalal to take action against me.

Jiji says you are still wrong, you wanted to be someone, you became then you became someone big and see you lost everything. Maham says its all fault of your husband atgah, if he wouldnt have told jalal about suja then i wouldnt be in this position. He snatched my position, jiji says enough my husband didnt do anything wrong, it was you who betrayed jalal, when some women feeds milk to a child then she becomes his mother, you still have chance as if jodha forgives you then everything will be alright, maham says what? You want me to go to jodha and pleads in feet to forgive, i will die, i will cut my head but i will never bow down infront of her, jiji you should be ashamed to call yourself a mughal as you are asking me to beg infront of rajvanshi, i will never do that. She ask jiji to go, jiji says you still have wrong thinking, maham says to get lost. She leaves. Maham says i lost but not everything. I still have something.

maham is going to secret place and jiji’s words rings in her ears to be a mother. She says to soldier that some people got to know about this place, they have doubt and can come here but stay away from them and dont tell them whats happening here. She comes inside, she takes child from ground and says i waited for long, i have lost alot for you to speak but i cant wait now. She grabs child and says i lost everything and my only way to get back all is you, you have to open your mouth now otherwise i will kill you.

one son of bharmal tells him that suja is meeting kings who are against bharmal and mughals. one brother says that jalal and jodha had fight because of suja, he first fought with us and then went to agra like a eunuch, bharmal says he has created problems. bharmal says suja and shivani brought shame to us. meena thinks why to think about that, bahrmal says my daughter ran away and didn’t talk to anyone. jodha says think from shivani’s perspective, she left her riches, she left jala’s brother and went with a common man, she had strong love,

infront of love she didn’t think of money, family anything, bharmal says how can a person leave her family for love of common man, jodha says maybe you are right and maybe shivani is also right. jodha says maybe suja is also right, he says why he went to you like a eunuch, jodha says he came there to see me then he got to know about conspiracy against jalal, because of promise he gave to me he stayed there and misunderstanding created between me and jalal but suja didn’t had wrong intension. I know you have love for them in heart and you want good for them that’s why you are so hurt.

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