Jodha Akbar Friday Update 10 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 10 April 2020

The attackers shouts that nobody should go back, attack them. Jalal says stay here to jodha, arrows are being fired from the group, jalal says to jodha dont worry. Jalal sails the boat safely to bank of river.t adka shouts on soldiers that after this much security how come someone attacked king. Jalal comes and says to adka that nobody should know about this attack, investigate who is behind it.

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Jalal says i have one question, after this much tight security can anybody think of attacking me? Adka says no. Jalal suspects that someone close to did this, he ask adka to find that traitor. Here sharif says that anybody can suspect us, adham says you only think while i execute my plans, sharif cant believe that is maham’s son, adham says one day i will sit on throne, sharif says your false dream will destroy us one day, he says now they will put more security for jalal’s safety. He ask adham to stay calm, adham says calm people cant be made a king and leaves. Sharif is irritated.

jodha comes to jalal, he says you here? Maybe you are in wrong tent. Jodha says i am in a right tent, actually i will stay in your tent, jalal says for the first time someone is ordering me, jodha says and you cant deny this order? He ask why? Jodha says hamida said this. Jalal says then i cant deny else you will feel bad, anyways i welcome u to my tent, i have no problem in sharing my tent, jodha says i will sleep on couch, jalal says hamida will feel bad if she get to know about so you sleep on bed. I will sleep on couch.

Jodha says no, i dont know what you will ask for this generosity. Jalal says ok today i will not save snake, i am tired of saving lives. He goes to bed and sleeps. Jodha remembers snake incident and goes to other side of bed and sits. Jalal smiles and blow off the candle. Jodha think why he blew off the candle? Now he will not answer me even. Jalal smiles while eyes closed.

Scene 3
voiceover says that amer is being decorated as mughals are coming for the first time in amer’s function, palace is decorated, expensive jewelries are brought,sukanya is happy.
mughals reach amer, amer family greets them, mena comes forward and does the aarti of jalal-jodha, she offers jalal-jodha milk, they drinks it. Bharmal says my daughter and son in law has come for the first time, come inside. Jodha ignores mena and dont meet her. She meets everybody. Jodha comes to her room,sees everything like before, servant says everything is same like before, every girl feel peace in her mayka, jodha ask them to go and meet her family. She remembers how she said to sukanya that every gift of her is important for her.

Mena comes and says you are angry with me, jodha says yes i am angry, what was my fault, everything is same here but you are not the same masa, did you think when you denied to take me along to amer, what i felt, mena says do you think what i felt when you asked that, i have to think about many things as a mother after daughter’s marriage, for a small fight, it doesnt mean you should come to mayka, understand my problem, when you will become mother you will know, jodha hugs her and says sorry for being angry.
sukanya comes and meet jodha, sukanya says after you left i missed fighting with you, younger sister says i also missed you not only sukanya, jodha says i have brought many dresses for you both, both sisters starts first to show the dresses first to her, jodha stops them and says lets go and see.

Scene 4
Jalal is seeing the palace along with maham and adham, das says you should rest as your wounds are not healed completely, das says ok you wanna see palace, jalal says yes, maham says it can be dangerous for you, jalal says if they are with me then there is no danger, they proved it in war, maham is furious and ask adham to have lunch. Jalal leaves with das. Other side pratap with family arrives, bharmal greets him and thanks him for coming, dadisa ask about his mother he says she is seeing dream when will india get freedom from outsiders. Bharmal says hope everything goes well, pratap says your daughter is marrying rajvanshi so i have no problem in coming. I am here to attend wedding not as worrier.

Scene 5
jalal compliments their palace, he says your palace has very good architecture, voiceover says that marriages binds people but this marriage has some danger with it also, all are tensed that jalal should not meet pratap as it can dangerous for all, jalal comes to terrace and locate their mandir, and ghanguar pooja site, das says your memory is strong. Pratap says strong memory ir required for a worriar. He sees jalal security and thinks here security is tight, i want to see jalal to know him. Jalal says to das that security is tight for me? Das nod, jalal says sometime attacker is your own,in your palace. Both pratap and jalal walks in corridar, das and bharmal is tensed. pratap and jalal comes face to face,they have a faceoff, they looks in each others eyes .

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