Jodha Akbar Friday Update 1 May 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 1 May 2020

its morning, ruks is in bath tub and remembers jalal and jodha talking, hoshiyar says jalal did wrong he should have, ruks says you are adding get out of here, he goes, jalal comes and put water on her , ruks says you dont have to do this, jalal says i have as i cant stand against your anger so putting cold water on you, jalal ask the reason behind anger that he didnt spent night with her or was with jodha?

Ruks says i have no if you spend nights somewhere else but it was my night and somebody snatched from me, jalal says are you jealous of her that jodha have snatched me from you, ruks says she dont have this capability, jalal ask then why angry? Ruks says my wish, ruks
ask why you spent night with jodha , jalal says my wish and goes, ruks thinks that jalal cant hide anything from me.

Scene 2

jijianga is telling humanyun’s story and praises her relation with her husband and mughal kingdom, javeda comes and says i also to tell story of maham to make book on her, they says yes maham had many credits in her life, she took care of jalal well so book can be written on her, javeda says i know many spicy and hidden things about her and we cant separate from each other, they are to write a book, javeda leaves happily.

Scene 3
moti is making jodha’s hairstyle, jodha says i was outside all night so hairs are like this, moti says you both were entangled in talk or hairs? Jodha ask her to stop, moti says there must be something important jodha says no we were talking generally, moti says Then there must be lots of sweetness in their discussion everything is sweet in your life whether food or talk, jodha says my changed behavior for jalal is for his goodness, 1st he made sukanya marry then fulfilled his promise that didnt force me that means there is goodness somewhere in his heart,. And if someone is good, i am good with him its my teaching.

Scene 4
adka discusses with jalal priests are against jalal, they discuss political strategy Jalal orders to invite the priests to special court then jalal sees jodha in garden, jodha outside meet rahim who is angry that jodha didnt tell him story, jodha says sorry, jalal comes and says to rahim you made her learn our religion so she should tell you story, jodha promises, rahim leaves, jodha also start leaving but see there is no anklet in her feet, jalal sees it and picks it up he remember ganghaur anklet and looks at jodha, jodha comes to him and ask for anklet, jalal says its for feet so i will make you dont worry i will not stretch, jodha says hubby dont touch wife’s feet , jalal says i wanted to see that this anklet is same as that of amer that you lost in ganghaur its your old habbit, jodha says its your habit to steal my anklets, jalal ask moti to her wear it and ask jodha that if she want that anklet then come and ask him as its safe with him (ishq h wo ehsas plays) he leaves, moti teases jodha with anklet.

Scene 5
Sharifuddin confronts jodha and asks her why was jalal so generous on her first he gave her sister the fort and Now he allowed her to retain the religion
She replies that he knew jalal longer than her so he should be knowing better. Jodha replies all the inside news she knows about his planing with adham khan and She knew all his plans about fort, Sharifuddin is shocked and scared and She orders him out of the way.

Scene 6
jalal comes in court where all are there, jalal ask what problem all you have, priests says you are inclined towards other religion, you are 1st muslim then king, you have practice it in which you failed, jalal ask if someone insults king on his back then he is right? Priests says he is betrayer and you should give punishment to him, moti says jalal is intelligent, jodha says yes he is and know what to talk on time.

Jalal comes to priest and ask what punishment i should give you, you spread this news in people that i am not following islam, i dont deserve this throne, but i am a true muslim and i dont need to prove it. I talked with biggest priest(mufti azam) and he said that i am innocent, jalal says even then you dont care for your king, they say we have to see whether all things, jalal says your work is to give me suggestion which you didnt and did politics, other priest agrees with jalal that one should not combine government with religion, jalal says they did this crime, priests says sorry, jalal says its religion’s insult, priest says you are doing that by taking jodha’s side, didnt force her, jalal says i would have gone down in god’s eyes by doing that and that islam could not be forced.
he declares the priests as betrayer and ask them to leave india as punishment. And was doing a favour to them by not imprisoning them and not beheading them. as “Mazhab ke naam pe siyasat karna gunaah hai ” (doing politics in name of religion is sin)
He further declares that it is his duty as the shehenshah to take all religious and administrative decisions and That he would not consult any priest hence forth. he makes this declaration. jodha praises him and says he is educated but lil twisted in his words.

jodha comes hamida, hamida ask jijianga to present her fav juice to her. jodha comes to hamida and ask you called me? hamida says i thought of taking your test today, jodha is blank. She makes her sit and says you are jalal’s wife, you are special so whats your take on jalal’s decision today in court, it was right or wrong? Jodha says it was right, it was taken against politics in religion so it was right, hamida ask so what was wrong? Jodha says his way was wrong, he didnt ask for anyone’s suggestions before announcing decision, there was you, adka and many people in court but he didnt discuss solution and this will present his wrong image in people and today his decision was right but when it maybe wrong then this will wrong that he didnt discuss it with anyone, hamida says you passed the test and you are intelligent.
Jodha comes out and meet ruks and ask how are you? Ruks says asking this bcoz you spent night with jalal, jodha says its not like that, ruks says he was to spend his night with me but you signatured it with him, anyways it was one night only, i dont care, jodha if its more than one then you care? To tell you he spent all his nights with me in amer and on way back to agra also, ruks says a close one and you want to say that i hate jalal, i find him cheap, i am angry on him…. Your arrogance was gone in one night only, she ask how do you feel now? Jodha says strange i thought he tell you everything.. I have no issue you said all this but it didnt happened, ruks says so what he did?

Jodha says he protected my integrity. jodha says to ruks that i remember what happened between me and jalal but surprisingly jalal didnt tell you,Jodha further says that however close they get or however long they stay together .. It did not matte but without my permission jalal will not break his limits,. And about your rights i didnt ask him to spend night with me, he came on his own and if i knew you were waiting i would have asked him to go to you bcoz i still have no interest in snatching jalal from you, jodha leaves, ruks is furious.

Jodha is asked to come in playing area by jalal but jodha denies to come, moti says he is your husband its not right to deny his order, jodha says i have no problem in going to jalal but ruks use to play with him and i dont want to snatch her right, jalal comes and ask i called you but you didnt come, jodha says i want to rest so denied, jalal says you didnt want to play with me thats why denied, jodha again twisted thought by twisted person, you should play with ruks as you use to play with her , jalal says but i just wanted to play with you sometime, jodha says its ruks right, jalal says so she showed her angry to you jodha says yes, jalal says ok if you are saying i will play with her but you have to bare punishment just like i did in amer, jodha agree, jalal ask her to sing now, jodha hesitate but agrees, she sings hay man mohan beautifully, jalal says you are not wife but queen….. Talent queen. Jodha smiles.

jalal offers prayer, soldier informs that his other brother in law Abul mali, husband of jalal’s step sister is preparing to attack agra, jalal says i knew he could do something like this and orders adka khan that even before he can attack, the mughul army should destroy the attack. adka says yes will be done.

jalal comes to jodha and says there are knifes here but nobody hurt anyone(pointing jodha), he sees book and says you like to learn a lot thats why reading this, jodha says its bhagwat geeta, jalal says i can make you learn my religion more than rahim, jodha says in return i will make you learn geeta. Jalal agrees and leaves.
Jodha comes outside where moti tells her that its your birthday today and there use to be celebrations in amer jodha says but its agra, moti says so what we will celebrate, jodha agrees, rahim listens their convo, he runs, jalal stops him and ask why in so much hurry, rahim informs that its jodha’s b’day today and i want to prepare for surprise for her so can i go, jalal leave him and thinks so its her b’day today.

Jalal in ruk’s room and says takliya ,
Ruks says i want to know who is lying is it jodha or him ? She wants to know if he did it with her, Jalal says he did nothing .. He was joking with her ruks then exclaims that she was very hurt as she had the rights to know being his friend and she is getting the news from a third person, They are interrupted by messenger who informs that her bath is ready . jalal leaves an angry ruks alone and goes out

Jodha is sleeping and dreaming of her last birthday in amer that How she was woken up by a rose petal tickling her by dadisa, Flower garland by her lil sis, her mother and every one giving her gifts Then the celebrations and rejoicing, Jodha then wakes up . She sees that moti bai, salima, hamida , gulbadan were there greeting her, Jodha scolds moti for telling every one . Moti denies. hameda replies that jalal had informed every one and she adds that she would get the same treatment and same celebrations would be carried out here as she got at amer so that she does not miss her maika .

All give her gifts, Hamida then tells her to get ready for tula daan rasam which would be done just like in amer. Jalal is getting ready in his room jodha reaches there and he utters takliya .. When alone he says saalgira mubarak ho jodha begum (happy b’day). Jodha accuses him of spying on her .. He laughs That he is not the spy . Jodha wants to know who it was who was leaking info she would punish him for spying on her … Soon rahim comes there and jalal points out to the cute spy , Jodha rahim sweet moments as he greets his choti ammi and gives a cute gift . They hug each other.

Jalal informs that there would be jashn in evening, jodha is apprehensive But jalal says she is the favourite of his ami jaan and could not refuse her request of having jashn of jodha begum.
At amer menawati. Dadisa, bharmal are missing jodha and weeping and plan to carry out the same celebrations as they did when she was present
, Soon their message reaches jodha at agra .. Moti reads the letter as jodha sheds tears and feels nostalgic, Shivani has sent Jodha a garland
, Next sukanya’s message from her sasuraal arives with her message which Brings smile and tears on jodha’s face, She has sent jodha a box of green glass bangles, Jodha puts them on as the BG song ..”behen ka pyaar ..”
Jalal is waiting as jodha arrives … Kaazi blesses her with bunch of peacock feathers ..

Then she sits on a huge weighing balance which has been decorated with flowers and she is being weighed in gold ..all come there and give gifts to jodha in gold .. Gold is falling short, Hamida comments that jodha is weighing heavy due to her happiness, Jalal comes there and adds a single gold ring which then tips the balance ..all exclaim subhaan allah subhaan allah !! Jalal orders that all this gold would be distributed amongst the country men.

Moti comments that every one had gifted her something except jalal ..moti wonders what might have he planned for her, Jodha comments that he might give her some expensive jewel, Ruks is furious with jalal because jalal has arranged a jashn for jodha and that her position has been threatened and That jodha has become more important for him than ruks, Jalal lovingly hugs her and pacifies her saying She would always remein his begum E khaas.

None could take that position she would always have all her wishes fulfilled at her slightest demand. He Gives her rose juice lovingly . At last ruks is pleased and satisfied ,happy, she Comments he did know how to pacify her,
She then asks jalal what gift had he planned for Jodha, Jalal is hesitant, She then offers him her shahi necklace . Jalal smiles at ruks n says that ruks never forgot her duties.

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