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Jodha Akbar April Teasers 2021

Jodha agrees to marry for Amer’s sake, unaware that she is about to marry Jalal. Read Jodha Akbar April 2021 Teasers.

Zeeworld Jodha Akbar April 2021 Teasers

Monday 12 April 2021

Episode 1

Bairam Khan’s guidance turns Jalal into a vicious ruler, whose aim is to conquer the entire nation. Jodha is presumed to be the one who can bring a change in the heartless ruler. Jodha pledges to behead Jalal. Later, Shaguni Bai predicts Jodha’s future.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Episode 2

Bharmal plots against Jalal. Contrarily, Jalal is desperate to learn about the Rajputs’ most valuable asset. Later, Bharmal decides to choose a groom for Jodha. Rajput kings arrive for the conference. Further, Bharmal appoints his son, Chiranjeev Bhagwant Das as the new king. Later, Jalal decides to attack the Rajputs during Gangaur.

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Episode 3

Jodha wishes to be the reason behind Jalal’s downfall. Bairam informs Jalal that Bharmal is planning on uniting with the other Rajput kings. Sukanya is enraged to learn about Suryabhan’s proposal. Later, Jalal disguises as a Rajput. Jalal is mesmerised on seeing Jodha for the first time and wishes to pursue her.

Thursday 15 April 2021

Episode 4

Jodha tells Mainawati that she saw Suryabhan’s reflection. Bharmal declares Jodha’s wedding with Suryabhan. Later, Bharmal orders to behead Abdul when Suryabhan reveals his truth. When Bairam penalises Zahir by blinding him, Anga warns him against killing Jalal’s loyal followers.

Friday 16 April 2021

Episode 5

Jodha asks Jalal to prove that he is a Rajput soldier. Further, Abdul escapes from prison with Jalal’s help. Later, Jodha realises that she had seen Jalal’s reflection. Bharmal is livid after being unable to capture Jalal. Suryabhan, enraged, vows not to marry Jodha till he captures the fugitive. Jalal and Abdul find a battery of soldiers approaching them.

Saturday 17 April 2021

Episode 6

Hamida feels blessed after hearing a saint’s prophecy. Jalal and Anga meet each other. Jalal fumes red with anger after knowing that Bairam had ordered to gouge Zahir’s eyes out. Furious, he leaves for Agra.

Sunday 18 April 2021

Episode 7

An over-protective Anga insists on Jalal’s security. He meets Ruqaiya after a long period of time and engages in a game of chess with her. Shaguni’s scornful words fall on Mainawati’s deaf ears. Suryabhan and Jodha realise that they have been conned. Soon, they encounter a furious Bharmal.

Monday 19 April 2021

Episode 8

Anga throws away a HinduRuqaiya’s assassin Resham, a eunuch, is on a mission to poison Zahir. When Jalal rebukes Ruqaiya, Bairam defends himself and accuses Zahir of spreading canards about Jalal. Ruqaiya meets Jalal during his bath time and tries to sweet-talk. woman’s religious locket into boiling water. Hoshiyar requests Jalal to free Zahir from Bairam’s clutches.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Episode 9

Sujamal seeks Sharifuddin’s help in attacking Amer. At Meena Bazaar, Ruqaiya comes up with a plan. Jodha takes a dip in the holy Yamuna river. Bairam sentences Takhthamal to death. But, Jalal revokes the order as a token of gratitude toward’s saving his father Humayun’s life.

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Episode 10

Jalal summons Tabbasum, the painter, who painted his portrait, to create a portrait of Jodha. Jalal gets Jodha’s portrait made only to burn it. Meanwhile, Adham Khan reports to Anga how Bairam has disobeyed Jalal and killed Takhatmal. On hearing this, Jalal gets furious and has a heated debate with Bairam. Salima learns of Farida’s pregnancy.

Thursday 22 April 2021

Episode 11

Akbar learns of Farida being pregnant with Bahadur Khan’s child and decides to kill them both but Hamida intervenes.  Jalal and Ruqaiya set out to hunt and Jodha saves the deer Ruqaiya targets. Jodha and her brothers get surrounded by local rebels while performing a ritual, and Sujamal comes to their rescue.

Friday 23 April 2021

Episode 12

Anga keeps instigating Jalal to kill Bairam even though Jalal’s mother suggests otherwise. At last, Jalal forgives Bairam. Anga plans on binding Adham Khan and Bakshi in a wedlock. Mainawati consoles an unhappy Jodha, who regrets her marriage.

Saturday 24 April 2021

Episode 13

The Raj Purohit comes up with Jodha’s wedding date as Sujamal and Sharifuddin decide to wage war on Amer. Anga pretentiously informs Jalal of Bairam’s death leaving Jalal shattered. Jodha prepares for her wedding as Sangram informs Bharmal that Amer is under attack while Suryabhan joins the battle.

Sunday 25 April 2021

Episode 14

Sharifuddin raids the Rajputs and sends a message to Bharmal along with Suryabhan’s severed head. A heartbroken Jodha convinces Bharmal to comply with Sharifuddin’s condition. Later, Anga is elated to learn that Jalal wants Bakshi and Sharifuddin to tie the knot.

Monday 26 April 2021

Episode 15

Jalal weds Salima, Bairam’s wife. Jalal wants to kill Adham for his betrayal. Anga rescues Adham by slyly eliminating witnesses and acquitting Adham of all charges. Later, Chughtai convinces Jalal to meet Bharmal.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Episode 16

Chughtai suggests Jodha’s alliance with Jalal for the better. Bharmal initially refuses but later agrees. Jodha agrees to marry for Amer’s sake, unaware that she is about to marry Jalal.

Wednesday 28 April 2021

Episode 17

A disguised Rajput attempts to murder Jalal but fails. Bhagwant Das attacks Sujamal and flees. Mainawati breaks down as she is unable to stop Jodha’s marriage to Jalal and Apoorva consoles her. L

Thursday 29 April 2021

Episode 18

Sharifuddin presents the gifts that Jalal has sent for his marriage. Jalal agrees to the two conditions Jodha puts forward. Later, Dadi Sa spots Sujamal, disguised as a worker, at Jodha’s wedding and rebukes him.

Friday 30 April 2021

Episode 19

Adham Khan’s plan fails and he kills Aslam before he reveals his name. Later, during the wedding ceremony, Jodha’s sisters steal Jalal’s shoes. Jalal is annoyed as Jodha does not show up to sing. Further, when he visits Jodha, she attacks and wounds him. Pratap rebukes Sujamal for trying to form a treaty with the Mughals and compels him to repent.

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Jodha Akbar Last Episode

Nisar says to his soldiers that Jalal doesnt know about our plan, we will attack him, Murad comes and says you said you will not attack him, what is this? Nisar says dont worry, this news will not reach Salim, you will get throne, we will ask Salim to give his throne after everyone is calmed down after Jalal’s death, then we will give you that throne, if we take Jalal to Agra then he will become powerful again, Murad says you are right, he leaves, soldier informs Nisar that we have seen forces near our den, Nisar says we dont have much time, we have to attack Jalal tonight only.
Ruks is shouting in her room that i wanna go from here, Hamida comes and says Jalal and Jodha are in danger and you are making issue here, eat food, Ruks says i am worried for Jalal, i want to go from here, Hamida says if you want to do something for Jalal then pray for them and you can do that in this room only, she leaves, Ruks says all are saing Jodha’s words.
Murad comes to Jodha and Jalal and says they will attack on you tomorrow, Jalal says dont worry, we will handle it, he leaves, Jalal says to Jodha that i am sorry you are in problem because of me, Jodha who am i? Jalal says my wife, Jodha says then i have to share your everything, i am with you in happiness and sadness, i will be with you for 7 lives, Jalal says i dont know about 7 seven lives but people will remember our love many years to come.

Jalal and Jodha come in function, Nisar present him wine, Jalal takes it and looks at Murad, Nisar ask can we start function, Jalal says why not, a dancer comes and starts dancing, Jalal stealthily throws it.
Rahim is going to Nisar’s den, solders are tired so Rahim decide to have short stay in jungle.
Maan sys to Birbal after this night, we will take revenge from them, Nisar offers Jalal more drink, Jalal takes it, Nisar ask did you like function? he says yes, Jodha says now Jalal should rest, Nisar says he can stay for while, Jodha says he is not well, she ask Jalal to stop drinking and we should leave, Jalal leaves drink and leaves from there with Jodha, english man ask Nisar why you are letting him go? why not executing plan? Nisar says once guards sleep, we will attack him then/
Jodha is taking off jewelry, Jalal comes to her and says i am warrior and i am in war, i dont know if i can see tomorrow or not so i want to tell you today that how much i love you, Jodha says dont talk like that, that day will not come when you are not with me, Jalal says i want to make this night special, he takes her to bed and caresses her hairs, she shyly smiles, both share eyelock, Jodha rest her head on his shoulder.
Nisar says to his men that go inside Jalal’s tent and makes this last night for him, they go.
Murad is waiting for Nisar, Nisar comes and hugs him, he tells Murad that we will kill Jalal and Jodha tonight only, maybe soldiers have killed them till now, Murad gets tensed, Nisar ask arent you happy? Murad says i am happy, i will see them dying, lets leave, he is hurt.
Soldiers come in Jalal’s room and attack person lying on bed with sheet on him, they uncover it to find pillows there, Jalal and Jodha are standing infront of them, Jalal says you are attacking at wrong side friends, they attack Jalal but Jalal fights with them, the fight start in whole region, Maan, Birbal starts fighting with soldiers, Murad saves Maan and ask him be careful, Murad starts fighting, Nisar says you betrayed me, Murad says you betrayed mughal saltant.
Jalal is fighting with soldiers, one soldier is about to attack him from behind but Jodha takes sword and kills him, jalal hugs her, they come out to find soldiers fighting, Jalal and his soldiers are caught by Nisar’s soldier, Nisar says you cant be saved now, Jalal ask Jodha what you say? Jodha says we have to run behind death not death behind us, if we have to die then we will fight, Nisar ask Jalal to throw away his sword, Jalal says i am not that weak that i will do that, i will go from here only after putting you in grave, we cant compromise on respect even if we die, i dont care if i die in battlefield, Nisar is about to attack him but Rahim comes and put sword on his neck, Jalal force come there and catches nisar soldiers, Jalal comes to Nisar, Jalal fights with Nisar and throws him on ground, soldiers catches him, Jalal ask to take him to jail, Jalal comes to Jodha, Jodha says i thought i lost you, Jalal says nothing can happen to me as you fast for me, your love is my protection, he3 hugs her, she smiles.

Jalal and Jodha alongwith with others reach palace, Hamida thanks God for Jalal’s safety, Jalal says i am safe because of Jodha, Hamida says my daughter in law has saved you again, Jalal says i dont know what magic she does on enemies, next time i will ask her to stand infront of enemies, Jodha says see he is teasing me, Hamida says to Jalal i will pull your ears if you tease my daughter, Salima says i am with Hamida, Hamida does their aarti and says everytime when Jalal comes after winning war Jodha does his aarti, this time i will do my daughter’s aarti, she does her aarti and says you have accepted al our rituals so why cant i? Jodha smiles, Jalal and jodha leave to take rest. Murad greets Salima but she ignores him and leaves.
Hoshiyar comes to Ruks and says Jalal and Jodha have returned safely, Ruks gets happy and thanks GHod for Jalal’s return, she says he will call me, he will undersrtand my helplessness and free me from this house arrest.
Jalal and Jodha are lying together in bed, he says you are complete women because of 4 things, Jodha ask what? he says you are excited to listen your praise, Jodha ask him to not tease, Jalal says first you are very pious women who feels for enemy too, 2nd is you know how to protect yourself and family, this soft women can win wars, 3rd is you are not only brave but sensible too, see how you are doing business, i will announce something in court tomorrow, i knew after reading my letter, you will come to my rescue, Jodha says i didnt get your any letter? Jalal says where it go then, Jodha says leave it, tell me 4th thing about me, Jalal says you know how to keep your husband happy, Jodha shyly smiles and hugs him.

All are in court, Ruks taunts jodha that i told you Jalal will free me from arrest, Jalal comes there and says i was saved by Jodha so i am announcing ceremony in her respect, i will distribute coins of her name in ceremony. He calls Murad in court and says Murad got involved with enemies but then returned to his family and helped me so i will lessen his punishment, he will not stay in Agra, he will go to Paten and will handle things there, i am giving responsibility to him, he then calls Ruks and says Ruks first deliberately drenched spices in water and put them on fire, she also burnt my letter which i sent to Jodha, Ruks says but.. Jalal says this is not your harem but my court, only i will speak, i have been soft towards her but now i will punish you, you should thank Jodha who doesnt want you to get punished but what you have done, you wil be punished, you will be deported to Kabul, you will live there from now on and cant return without my order, till then she will be house arrested, Ruks cries and says but.. Jalal says enough, he ask Soldiers to take her, soldiers drag her from there, Jodha is tensed.
Salima ask Hamida to eat something, Hamida says how can i eat, Jalal has ordered Ruks to leave, Salima says we cant do much, this is Jalal’s order and it cant be changed, eat something, Hamida says how will ruks live alone there, Salima says Ruks have done so much to put Jodha down, she had put Jalal in danger by hiding Jalal’s letter, if Murad wouldnt have told truth then anything could have happened, Murad should be punished more, he should be put in jail, Hamida ask Salima to now worry, Jalal will call Murad back soon, he is his son afterall, Salima ask her to eat, Hamida says you eat with me, they both eat together.

Scene 3
Ruks is all messed up, her hairs and make up is smashed, she ask Hoshiyar did you give my message to Jalal? is he comign to meet me? Hoshiyar says he denied meeting you, she cries, he ask will i amke hukkah for you? Ruks says i am not in mood, he ask should i lit lighter as its dark in room, Ruks says no my life is dark without Jalal, she ask him to leave her alone, now i will have to live with loneliness, Hoshiyar leaves, Ruks cries.
Jodha is eating food, Hoshiyar comes and greets her, he says i know my status but i want to request you, i still remember those days when i my birthday was celebrated here, your heart and thinking is very big, i know what Ruks did was wrong but she is not fine, she is not mentally fine, Jodha says i know, Hoshiyar says i know she cant be forgiven but she just want to meet Jalal last time, only you can do this, he leaves. Jalal comes to Jodha and says its all my favorite food, Jodha says i wanted to surprise you with food but yu spoiled it, Jalal says lets eat, he eats and coughs, Jodha gives him water and smiles, she says you know why you coughed? as you want to finish all this alone, Jalal says if you wanted to eat then you could have made it for yourself, this is all mine, Jodha says you act like kid sometimes, Jalal sit in her feet and says you have given me heart and i can become kid infront of you too, she ask him to sit on sofa, Jalal sit and says i am lucky as God has sent you in my life, you are a good cook too, Jodha smiles and says i am lucky too, she says i wanna says something, meet Ruks once, Jalal says you know what you are saying? Jalal says to Jodha that Ruks have betrayed him, Jodha says i accept but you have spent large part of your life with her, meet her once, Jalal says its her punishment, Jodha says you have swear on me to meet her, Jalal says why you do this, Jodha says agree to me then, they smile.

Ruks crying in her room. jalal come in her room he see her on floor and cry. jalal say her are you want to meet me?. hearing this she stand up and come near jalal. jalal say her stay there not forgot you are criminal and i am shensha. whatever you want to say stay away and say. rusk say i understand jalal my crime is not forgettable but what i do this in jealousy and done mistake. because i feel slowly slowly becomes jodha’s. and you away from me. now you told what i do? you give business responsibility to jodha. and she become khash begum and also give malika e hind position. and you give heart also to her on which my right more. and what i get? on your life i don’t have right. your life your world your everything start on jodha and finish on her. and i can’t tolerate this. so i done mistake. plz forgive me jalal. jalal say ruks means whatever you do till today to see jodha begum down ruk. right ruk?
you know because of you today mugal saltant facing problems. because of you my life also in risk. i every time forgive you because you are my childhood friend but today you cross all your limits. i don’t want to see your face. but because of jodha begum i come here. he told her nice ruk you destroy all jodha’s wish today she fulfill your wish. she always accpet you. she always feel your pain her. i feel today shameful on your thinking. ruks plead on jalal’s feet. and say plz forgive me last time. i never do this my dream. plz forgive me. jala say her how forgive you ruk. you did not left for forgive you. how much you go down that i cant help you to up. pack your stuff and ready for go ruks. jalal left her room without listen her pleading.

jalal come in hamam. hearing this jalal come jodha become tensed and ask maid giver her cloths. jalal told maid alone. jodha told jalal are you know shensha i am bathing. jalal say i know. jodha told him you are shameful after knowing this you come here. jalal told her today is special day. so i feel way not your bath make special. no one get chance this shensha help in bath so don’t feel shy jodha begum this right no one get even malika e hind also not only one person get. my soulmate. whom i love so much. who is my life who is my jodha begum. i also know how to give bath. so look jodha give you bath my own hand. whole world seeing today how much you important in my life. jodha told jalal shensha ruks also stay in your heart. if today i am not here so ruks get this. what happened why you silent. jalal told her i don’t want to talk about this.

jodha come in ruks room she give clothes to her for jashn. but she did not accept and told her give some other begum. i can’t sarat for jashn. salima begum also come there. she also request her stop for jashn but she told now no meaning left when jalal don’t want to see her. what i do there. you told jodha begum for whom i come? plz forgive me for this. but i can’t come there.

slaima begun help murad for dressing. she help him for wearing coat. murad tole her give me i wear it. but she help her saying because of this i see you. i don’t know after this when i see you. he told her sit. he told her you always become good mother but i never become good son. you always stay loyal and help mugal saltant. and what i do? plz forgive me ammijaan. she say him don’t say this. i so much love you i don’t know how i stay with out you. i make kheer for you. i know you loved my hand kheer. she feed murad . rahim come and seeing this he say i hope shensah also sent me away. so i get love ammijan. so murad told rahim i can;t get this much love bahijaan. i am favorite ammijan’s. rahim says murad you my favorite also murad. rahim give his favorite sword murad. and this sward is my favorite and you want this. but this sward is not favorite more than you.

Birbal come in anguri baag for meet jodha. jodha say him about ruks condition and also say with out her shensha can’t stay happy so give me some solution for solving this problem. birbal say her one solution are there. and say something her.

In jalal’s room jalal say jodha you think whatever ruks do for that i give more punishment compare to her crime. why you don’t trust on my decision you feel she is not criminal. jodha say this not shensha. i know she doing big crime. i also angry on her. but i want say give one her chance. jalal said i did not want to give her chance i already give her so much chance. josha say shensha before jahsan she want to left agra. jalal angry on jodha and say why you are like this? why you every time take ruks side? she do so many things so so you go down in front of everyone. after that also you want to forgive her. jodha say because i know how much she love you. so plz one time forgive her. jalal say no. whatever happens i am not going to go forgive her. jodha say you don’t have right to give punish her. jalal say i don’t have right? so she say yes you don’t have. because this business working under me. so i have right for giving punishment. jalal say so you want to give punishment so give but don’t misuse this and and don’t forgive her. if i feel you did not give right punishment so i continue my punishment. she say him i give proper punishment to her. and you also feel i give good punishment to her.

hoshiyar come and say ruk you can’t go so ruk told now you also have this much courage that you say me like this. he say shensha this is shensha’s decision. hearing this she become happy. and say jalal want to stop me. he did not want i go. hoshiar say i don’t know that but i get to know that now jodha begum give you punishment in diwan e khash.

In diwan e khash jalal announce before jashn taking decision about ruks. she is jodha begum’s criminal so jodha begum want to give punish. jodha and ruk come. jalal say malika e hind ruk is your criminal. you want give punish so give you right but don’t forget law is blind. but if you not give proper punishment so i continue my punishment. jodha say ruks crime is big so that’s why i want to give punishment. i also continue this punishment. i want to don’t go shensha’s against. but i want to give more punishment to her. i want you prove your self you are loyal for mugal saltant. ruk you want to take mailka e hind position so now onward you start business in kabul. you same like this in kabul and prove your self. and after that you come agra back. ruk agree for this. salim begum say hamida i say jodha begum do something. look she open way for ruk come back agra. jalal happy for jodha’s decision.. and he announce you all are come for jashn.

Jalal says to ministers that Jodha deserve all this, he present new coins on Jodha’s name and also official stamp on her name, Ruks says stop, all looks at her, Ruks says it was only me who didnt want Jodha to be given all this but today i know that only Jodha deserve all this, Fazal says she has done alot, Todar says she is excellent in business, Birbal says she can forgive anyone, Ruks says if you allow me then i want to give this stamp and respect with my hands to her, Jalal gives to her, Ruks present her coin which has name engraved on it, Jodha is impressed, she folds hand and thanks Jalal, all chant for her, Ruks ask Jodha to take coins and says you serve this respect, Jodha folds her hand to Ruks and takes it, Ruks says i order to distribute these coins to all, she chant for her.
At night, Ruks comes to Jodha’s room and ask can i come in? Jodha says yes, Jodha says i am sorry i couldnt remove your punishment, Ruks says sometime we dont understand a person whole life but you understand same person in one second, when you entered this palace, i knew you are good person, it angered me, i knew i cant stand upto your level of goodness thats why i kept disrespecting you, i wanna say sorry, she sit in her feet, Jodha ask her to get up, Ruks says you made my punishment a challenge so that i am not embaressed and also opened way for me to comeback, you have given new life to Jalal, you have changed him from Jalal to Akbar, your love has changed him, your love won over my hatred and i salute, i will pray that your love will remain same for Jalal, she hugs Jodha.
Ruks is leaving for Kabul, Jalal comes to Ruks and says no punishment is given to show ememity, it is to change person, you are my friend and i dont want you to lose, Jodha has given you challenge and i want you to win, Ruks says you think your Ruks cant do it? Jalal says the Ruks i know always win, Ruks smiles and says i will soon prove that i am not less than Jodha, i will do it as it is my life, i cant live without you for many days, Jalal says i will wait for you, he hugs her, She cries profusely, she says i will leave now, she sit in palanquin and leaves.
At night, Jodha is lying on bed and not getting sleep, she thinks Moti has come in room and without looking at her says please message my feet, Jalal starts messaging her feet, she says i have now opened door for Ruks to return here, all is fine, she turns to find Jalal there, she gets up and says why you are touching my feet, i am your wife, Jalal says you also my message my feet, Jodha says anyone can see it, Jalal says no one can come here without my order, Jodha then serve me nicely, message my hand, she smirks, Jalal starts messaging her hand seeing her that she is teasing him, Jodha then says my head is aching, message it, she lies her head in his lap, he messages her head,Jodha says everything is fine in end, Jalal says yes it happened all because of your wisdom, you have shown me way everytime, Jodha says no this all because of your faith in me, Jalal says it happened because of our love, they hug.