Jodha Akbar April Teasers 2020


Jodha Akbar April Teasers 2020

Jodha is pregnant, Jalal accueses Jodha for having an extra marital affair, Who could be the father of Jodha’s unborn child ? Read Jodha Akbar April Teasers 2020.

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Wednesday 1 April  2020


Jodha makes the women celebrate holi festival. Jalaal is furious when he sees colours on Maham, caused by Jodha. Jalaal orders Jodha to leave the palace but Mena refuses to take her back home….. It is left for Jodha to make a decision now.

Thursday 2 April  2020 


 The entire palace is thrown into unrest when Jodha goes missing. Jalaal saves Jodha from dying in the river. Jalaal has to attend a prayer , which the priest announces that the wife to go along will be one which the first ray of sunshine fall on. Who will it be?

Friday 3  April    2020


 Adham and some ministers plans to attack Jalal in the jungle. Jalal almost kills a man who say dirty things about Jodha. He also saves her from a snake at night. The prayers are being performed ;Jodha  gets opportuned to see the humble side of Jalal.

Saturday 4 April  2020 


 Jalal is severely wounded after a tiger attacks them. Maham and the rest panic over the enemies finding out. Rukaiya is shattered to know about the king’s condition. Hakim applies Jodha’s remedy on jalal but it worsens his condition.

Sunday 5 April 2020 


 The palace is falling apart considering jalal’s condition might lead to his death. Hamida gifts Jodha a Quran when she manages to heal jalal despite the odds. Maham worries about Rukaiya blind of the fact that Jodha and jalal are getting closer.

Monday  6  April  2020 


Jodha-Jalal in the bed, Jodha with the dagger, Jalal asks what happened, she says it seems that someone is out there near the door and gives the dagger to him and signals him to go and check.

Tuesday 7  April  2020 


Jalal praises Jodha beauty, she noticed her jewelry was being stolen, Jalal ask who did it, Jodha says Jalal’s soldiers

Wednesday 8 April  2020


Jodha is in tears as Maham had destroyed the gift given to her by Amer royal family right before her eye. Maham says to Jodha you felt bad when i asked Jalal same way it felt bad to me when you burned the dress from me given by Jalal.

Thursday 9 April  2020 


Jodha is lying in jungle, unconscious, Jalal comes, checks her fever and lifts her in his arms. Next day, As Jodha wakes up in sleepy confusion, she tries recalling the events that occurred last night,but everything after she saw him arrive near the tree was blank.


Friday 10  April    2020


Maham blames Jodha, that Jalai went to the temple only because of you and the questions that are raising against him. so it was necessary that she convert to Islam,to sort things out.

Saturday 11 April  2020 


Jodha and Jalal are cheerfully conversing in the garden. Sharing certain jokes,as Jodha imitates Jalal, Ruqaiya sees them and is burning in jealousy.

Sunday 12 April 2020 


Jodha says to moti, Jalai followed his promise as he didn’t force me that means there is goodness somewhere in his heart.

Monday  13  April  2020 


Ruqaiya lashes out her anger on Jalal for keeping her waiting all through the night, Jalal replies that when she was busy with the management of the harem even he used to wait for her. It was no big deal, Ruqaiya retorts that she was busy because it was her duty and requirement as queen and she did that for him But what Jalal had done to her was an insult for her, Jalal is confused and looks at her wondering what had he done.

Tuesday 14  April  2020 


The entire royal family and important members are sitting (Maham was not seen ) Jodha is sitting next to Jalal and enjoying the songs and dance. Resham comes and offers Jodha a juice. Soon Jodha feels dizzy and faints, Every one is alarmed and rushes to her side and wonder what could have happened to her.

Wednesday 15 April  2020


Jalal tells Jodha that he didn’t break her promise.So,it was very much possible that she had an extra marital affair. Jodha replies by saying that is not true. Jalal cuts in between saying,she is pregnant and that is the truth.

Thursday 16 April  2020


Jalal asks Jodha who is responsible for her adultery and whose child is this, Jodha is still thinking how could she be betrayed by her own husband.

Friday 17  April  2020

Jodha accuses Jalal of breaking his promise .. Having relation with her when she was unconscious, And then accusing her of adultery doubting her character, She hates him, Jalal is deep in thoughts.

Saturday 18 April  2020 

Jalal and Jodha are walking. Jodha tells him that she will leave Agra once she gives birth. Ignoring whatever she said,Jalal tells her that he had thought of names for their child. Salim would be the name if he was a boy and if it will be baby girl then her name will be sultana.

Sunday 19 April 2020 

Jalal calls all his people and addresses them from a balcony of his fort. He informs them that he is not going to father a child and none of his begums are pregnant but he is not childless as his subjects are his children. Everyone has tears his eyes at the end of the address.

Monday  20  April  2020 

Jodha asks Ruqaiya how much she loves Jalaal and whether she would still love him if he was not the Emperor. Ruqaiya is furious and yells at Jodha.

Tuesday 21  April  2020 

A soldier asks Sharifuddin about the real intentions behind creating rift between Jodha-Jalal, Sharif recalls the FB about him lusting after Jodha, how he wanted to marry Jodha but Jalal got married to Jodha and then how he played a trick after returning from Amer.

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