Iron Lady On Zee World Tv Series Full Story Cast Summary

Iron Lady On Zee World Tv Series Full Story Cast Summary


Premiere date: Iron Lady starting on the 6th of July ( Replacing My Lost Home)Dstv and Gotv, Monday to Sunday

Iron Lady series shows the story of a girl struggles in her life by taking all the responsibilities, how she loses interest in everything because of family pressures and tensions In this series title ‘Iron Lady’ is given to the  Indira sharma because she never laugh. She always act like Hitler.. Her family consists of herself, her mother, father (who has deserted her family to marry someone else), her two brother’s Vidit and Munna, one sister in law- wife of Munna and one younger sister Mandira who is into affairs with every other guy and one nephew Ishaan.

She works for a travel Agency Monalisa Travels. She manages the whole affairs of her family. A story of a common girl who has to manage her finances while taking care of her family needs. She works to make her family happy but her family members never support her in her times of need. All of them act selfish. They never care about her emotions, feelings. Her father has left the family for marrying someone else but her mother still believes him. When he gets a heart attack Indira is the one who takes him to the hospital and gets him treated. Still her father goes back to the other woman – Jhumpa Lahiri.

Her elder brother Munna is idle. He just loafs around and keeps on fooling people for making money but doesn’t do any work.

To make more money Indira rents out her upper room to a new tenant called Rishi Kumar. However, as the story progresses, Rishi turns out to be much more than your usual tenant.

From saving Indira’s sister, Mandira from all sorts of trouble to constantly fighting Indira’s battles with her manipulative father, Inder, as well as helping Indira out personally, Rishi’s charming light-hearted personality slowly breaks through Indira’s cold and stern demeanour and she gradually begins to fall in love with him.

However, as it turns out, Rishi is responsible for running over Indira’s other brother, Viren, in a drunken driving incident, which crippled Viren. He has only come into the Sharma House and Indira’s life looking for redemption.

However, Rishi also falls in love with Indira, but what will become of this love story once all the truth comes to light?

My Take:

The show is 1 Episode old and it focuses on Indira’s life only for now; That was the main concept, So there may not be any mushy mushy romance happening in the show at least not now. it’s inevitable that a love story will creep into the series.

Love sells. True fact. Nothing we say will change that, but I don’t want Iron lady to become a full-fledged love story. I want the show to be extraordinary.

Love in the real world is a beautiful thing. But whatever that is portrayed in Indian series in the name of love is tasteless and always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. For this very reason, i want Indira to find her smile and happiness herself. She is mature and intelligent enough, yes she needs some semblance of a support system but in my view the series can work wonders if they show Indira re-evaluating her life and inching step by step towards the happiness that she craves.

My Analysis:

The drama started with the story of a young woman named indira sharma, whose fight for survival relates the story to anyone of us in the real world; everything around her life seemed real, whether that be her attitude towards life, or be her attitude towards relationship. Whether it be her rudeness to people around her, or her unconditional love for her family. Everyone of us found indira sharma among one of us, alive and breathing. And the writer beautifully balanced this theme of reality with fiction in the beginning. Not a knight in shining armor, but a regular young man, someone like us came into indira’s life and started changing everything around her. This man rishi,made indira find a friend in him, made her once again trust in men, which she had lost after her father’s betrayal; rishi made her feel like a woman, wanted to be loved and love in return. But their love didn’t find an easy way; like fairy tales they also had to fight the evil.


Brief Information and Details on My Golden Home on Zee World

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode:6th July 2018
  • Total number of episodes: 448
  • Total numbers of season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name:Hitler Didi
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Category: Indian Soap opera and drama

Iron Lady Actress/Cast,Characters picture and Real name Zee World Series

Indira actress cast real name age on Iron Lady zee world

Indira Sharma Real Name Rati Pandey

Her name is Indira Sharma. Nicknamed  as HITLER due to her strict attitude. She is a no nonsense type of a girl with a strong character. Indira don’t have even smile with her…such dreams are far  away from her. She Play the Female Lead Role in Iron Lady.

Actress Rati made her television debut with Zee TV’s Shaadi Street and also acted in Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai where she played a character called Prarthna.

About Rati Pandey; Born from brahmin on 11 1982 Assam. Her family hails from patna and Rati nickname she goes by is Pammi. Her father owns and runs a construction company, she has a strong relationship with her father.

Rati is business minded and wanted to go into business. She tried many business in mumbai india that never worked out. She worked with Ajay sinha

She made her debut on television with a series named Shaadi Street, she also starred in Har ghar kuch kehta hai.

She became famous for playing a role in Miley jab hum tum.

Rishi-Kumar-cast-real-name iron lady zee world
Rishi Kumar Diwan Real Name Sumit Vats

Rishi (Sumit Vats) is the person who will bring happiness in indira’s life

Sumit studied at bhagat singh and finished his postgraduate at bhahe studying journalism, he likes singing dancing and partying.

He started his career with kashi and starred in 12/24 karol bagh on Zee Tv. He also starred in Mukti Bandhan and Surya the super cup, and finally, he was the main star of Iron Lady on zee world.

Sameer cast real name on Iron Lady zee world

 Sameer Diwan Real Name Mrunal Jain

Mrunal jain a contestant of gladrags 2007 and finished at 10th He learn acting and has acted in many series like Dabur Vatika, Raheja Buiders Fleet Mangement, Mahindra, mahabharat, bandini, looteri dulhan.

Rishi’s brother

Indu actress cast real name age on Iron Lady zee world

Indu Real Name Shruti Bhist

Mandira cast real name on Iron Lady zee world

Mandira Real Name Gargi Sharma

Ishaan cast real name on Iron Lady zee world

 Ishaan (Young) Real Name Rahul Pendkalkar

Sumer-cast-real-name-age-on Iron Lady zee world

Sumer Singh Real Name Abhinav Shukla

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