Iron Lady 2 Teasers December 2018 Season Finale


Iron Lady 2 Teasers December 2018 Season Finale

Iron Lady 2 Teasers December 2018 Season Finale

In this month, Iron Lady will be coming to an end with Indira leaving her family to live with her in laws in a remote village. Indira meets her mother in law who is just a ‘Hitler’s like her and their character clashes. Zara also returns to cause turmoil in Indira and Rishi’s lives. Read more in the teasers below

Monthly/Highlight Iron Lady 2 Teasers December 2018.

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Spoiler Ahead

Saturday 01 December

Episode 75

The court gives Indira an ultimatum before considering an abortion. Meanwhile, the Sharma family are dying of hunger and Indu anxiously awaits Rishi’s return. Would he be able to arrive in time to save his unborn child?

Sunday 02 December

Episode 76

Rishi seems to be making so much sacrifices for his family even when Indira is oblivious to this. Indira has a plan to get rid of the child once again and on learning this, Rishi decides to use mind games with her.

Monday 03 December

Episode 77

Rishi disguised as Pappi manages to bring Indu and Indira close. Pappi also seems to have Indira’s heart as she agrees to give the child to him once he is born. Although, his happiness isn’t complete as he thinks how to prove himself innocent in front of Indira.

Tuesday 04 December

Episode 78

Indira finally sees Inder’s true colours when he tries to mess with Pappi but what punishment would she give him for this? Just when Rishi unites with his wife and daughter, Kutumbh intervenes forcing him to leave the house.

Wednesday 05 December

Episode 79

Thanks to Inder, Indira lands in a critical condition which requires a huge amount of money to get her treated. Rishi looses all hope and might have to do the worse to save her.

Thursday 06 December

Episode 80

Taoji arrives and he is a lookalike of Inder in a different avatar. Rishi taunts Indira so she decides to show him what she is capable of by agreeing to Taoji’s decision. How will the Sharmas cope without their breadwinner?

Friday 07 December

Episode 81

Indira prepares to live with her in-laws and everyone is overwhelmed with emotions except Kutumbh. Indira arrives at their destination and is shocked to see the old-fashioned and primitive lifestyle of Rishi’s family. Could he really be testing her through all this?

Saturday 08 December

Episode 82

Jwala Devi hands over the responsibilities of Indira to Jamna, an old lady. Indu outspoken nature causes more problems for Indira in front of Ammu.

Sunday 09 December

Episode 83

Jamna knowingly gives Indira the wrong directions in the house and when Indira walks into the wrong room, she finds Rishi been beaten up but by who? At Sharma Niwas, the family suffers a heavy financial burden and Meher sees this as an opportunity to boss them around.

Monday 10 December

Episode 84

The entire Diwan/Chandila family drug Ammu and they play an interesting game throughout the night. Jamna tries to get her daughter close to Rishi while her hatred for Indira continues to grow.

Tuesday 11 December

Episode 85

Beera and Jamna continue to maltreat Nanda. Even with all these, Nanda makes a big sacrifice by agreeing to Sugantha and Beera’s marriage. Indira witnesses this and decides to stop the wedding from taking place.

Wednesday 12 December

Episode 86

Rishi supports Indira so they take the wrong methods as their last alternative. However, their efforts pays off when the doctor gives them a good news concerning Nanda. Indira suggests Surrogacy for Nanda but will Ammu accept it? Minna arrives at the Jagotias with Sugantha in his arms.

Thursday 13 December

Episode 87

Meher makes the Sharma family feel pangs of hunger, this make Kutumbh miss Indira. Ammu seems to be hiding a secret of the dark room from the family. Indu and Indira try to find out the secret but their search might land them in danger.

Friday 14 December

Episode 88

Munna smells something fishy with Ammu while Jamna makes everyone believe Indu as the culprit. The face of the ghost is revealed and it’s someone from Rishi and Indira’s past.

Saturday 15 December

Episode 89

Ammu confronts Zara and makes a promise to stand by Indira. Zara manages to get Jamna on her side. Will Rishi and Indira become separated once again?

Sunday 16 December

Episode 90

Indira learns the truth about Zara from Ammu and before she could make any move, she suddenly gets a call from Delhi. In the meantime, Zara disguises as Indira to get more close to Rishi.

Monday 17 December

Episode 91

Jamna gives the poisoned milk to Zara instead of Indira. Munna sees this and tells the family but Zara traps him. Indu becomes suspicious of Zara’s behaviour.

Tuesday 18 December

Episode 92

Indira outsmarts Zara but Rishi is at a loss on what to do when he is unable to decide his real wife. Zara steps up in her game as she manages to confuse the whole family.

Wednesday 19 December

Episode 93

Zara falsify the medical reports at the hospital leading Rishi to opposing the rightful one. Even with all these, Indu recognizes who her actual mother is.

Thursday 20 December

Episode 94

Indu and Indira gets more forces on their team to expose Zara. However, Zara succeeds in getting Indira behind bars.

Friday 21 December

Episode 95

Rishi is declared paralyzed. This news gives Zara a hard time in comprehending that her husband will no longer be useful. Indira disguises into the Sharma house and this time, Munna sees her true intentions.

Saturday 22 December

Episode 96

Zara realizes that she has been scammed. She then goes further ruthless as she looks to do the unthinkable to separate Indira abs Rishi.

Sunday 23 December

Episode 97

Before Zara leaves, she makes a statement that may divide Rishi and Indira forever. Indira is devastated on learning this and might have to do the worse for Rishi’s sake.

Monday 24 December

Episode 98


Indu uses the family weakness to make them responsible. Indira gives birth to a son and she passes the “Iron Lady” baton to Indu

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