Indira’s father lookalike “Taoji” to make his entry on iron lady

Indira’s father lookalike “Taoji” to make his entry on iron lady

One of Zee World’s most funny series, Iron lady has been hitting rough patches these past days with the sudden appearance of new mysteries in form of lookalikes. First, it was Indira that we saw to have a look-alike named Zara and now, her father also known by the name Inder Sharma will be seen to have an exact copy of himself named Taoji. Taoji Diwan is one of Rishi’s paternal relatives who comes to the city with a mission. Taoji is different from Inder in appearance and dress style because he comes from Chandila, a traditional village. But we can’t deny the fact, that he looks exactly like the latter. When Rituraj Singh(Inder Sharma) was interviewed about his feelings towards playing a double role character, he replied with a cool statement that indicates how enthusiastic he is as he looks forward to donning Inder&Taoji at the same time.

Well, Inder can be compared to a chameleon as he changes every day so let’s see how the story shapes with his lookalike emerging, Read December Teasers Season Finale.

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Indira's look alike on Iron lady
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