Indira to make a comeback after 8 Years on Iron Lady


Indira to make a comeback after 8 Years on Iron Lady

Indira to make a comeback after 8 Years on Iron Lady

After Indira falls into a coma, we are shown an 8 years leap. Post leap, Rishi, Shweta and their child Indu will be living their lives without Indira while Zara Khan(a look-alike of Indira) will add some drama to the story with her entry. Everyone believed Indira to be dead but actually, she did not die.


After the eight years leap, we will be shown new entries in Iron lady. The two main characters include Zara and Malik Khan. Zara is a police inspector who resides in the city of Mumbai. She is also the wife of Malik Khan. They are both going to spice up the show with their entry. However, here comes a twist as Zara Khan is an exact look-alike of Indira Sharma. This new development will raise questions in the viewer’s minds. Is Zara Khan, Indira or not?

We shall find out in?
Zara look-alike of Indira on iron lady

Zara look-alike of Indira on Iron lady


Malik Khan husband to Zara Khan



Zara and Malik Khan Iron Lady

An assistant doctor in the hospital named Niyati saved her. Rishi’s mother, Simi Diwan hates Indira and wants Shweta to be with her son so she bribed the hospital staffs to harm Indira. Niyati overhears this conversation and decides to save her. She broke the news of Indira’s death to Sharma Niwa’s members and Rishi is broken on hearing it. However, she quickly manages to swap Indira’s body with someone else and move her to a safe place in Chandigarh. After 3 years, Indira would completely recover from her illness and return back as our Hitler to Sharma Niwas.
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