Imlie Sunday Update 6 November 2022


Imlie Sunday Update 6 November 2022

Aditya returns home and asks family if they want to talk to him. Pankaj asks if he went to meet Imlie. Adi says he goes to a lot of places whole day. Pankaj insists. Adi agrees. Tauji asks if he went to meet Imlie o Malini’s insistence. Adi asks why would Malini do that. Aparna says that means Nishant’s doubt is right. Adi asks what is wrong in it. Nishant says Malini like to Anu that she came home by bus, but truth is Adi dropped her outside house; Anu came here and created such a big drama that he cannot even imagine. Adi asks if Anu told something to Imlie, if she is fine. Taiji says she cannot believe this boy is still worried for Imlie not bothering about others. Aparna says she doesn’t know what happened to him, they all want him to reconcile with Malini and take her for honeymoon, but he is still not paying attention towards his wife; when they cannot sleep on same bed living in same room, how can they expect the problem to solve. Adi asks if he Malini informed this. Taiji says Malini is still covering his mistakes. Adi says when there is a problem between 2 persons, its not necessarily either one person’s mistake or even without both’s mistake, problem can arise and he is trying to solve his problem, even then they are shamelessly barging into his room and entered his personal life. Aparna warns to shut up, Sundar found extra mattress and pillow in his room, he has betrayed them instead and should answer. He asks what answer. Pankaj asks why did he go to meet Imlie even after so much happened. Nishant asks if its just his concern or her or something more to it. Adi says he couldn’t do what he had to, they didn’t see how Imlie’s mother meets him and thanks him for his help; a lonely mother brought up her daughter and sent her with him trusting him; his family instead sent Imlie to ruthless Anu’s house even after knowing how Anu would behave with Imlie; he went to Imlie’s college to know her condition as its his responsibility; when its a question of him and Malini, thinks now both him and Malini have secret and hence he need not worry. Aparna asks what. He walks away saying they both will find out the solution themselves. Aparna tells Pankaj that she is worried that they will find a solution which we all don’t want to.

Adi walks to Malini and asks why did she lie everyone that he went to meet Imlie on her request. She asks if she made a mistake. He says obviously she made a mistake, he didn’t do anything wrong by dropping Imlie outside Anu’s house. Malini says she didn’t question him yet, but her mother had many questions when she came here and she just calmed her down with this answer. He says he frankly doesn’t mind what her mother thinks about him. She says it affects his family though as both families think they both live like a husband wife. He says he doesn’t care what families think and she should explain her mother not to bother him and do something else instead. She says parents consider children as their top most priority, she can understand her mother’s worries but not his anger; if he is angry on her that she lied to protect him; if he had not gone to meet Imlie secretly and left her outside house without meeting the family, this problem wouldn’t have arisen. He says he is not angry on her and she is overreacting. She says he is overreacting instead and she will not say anything from here on as fears by mistake his and Imlie’s new secret comes out. He says they need to tell 100 lies to hide 1 truth, so she shouldn’t drag Imlie repeatedly in between. She says she didn’t drag Imlie between them.

Next morning, Imlie reaches college of college and thinks Adi is not seen here and good if he stays away from her; reminisces Adi fighting with her and thinks Malini needs Adi the most, so its good if she goes away from them, Adi can pay attention towards Malini then. Aparna, Pankaj, and Nishant walk into Adi and Malini’s remote and asks if they are ready for their honeymoon trip. Malini says she couldn’t get leave from her job, so they will go later. Adi asks Nishant to refund the tickets and don’t plan anything without consulting them. Aparna thinks their last hope also failed. In college, Imlie sees students preparing monetary campaign to help their fellow student who is suffering from leukemia. She asks them to make a receipt even for her and asks what happened to their friend. They say leukemia. She remembers Nishant discussing with doctor that he is having leukemia and asks friends what is leukemia. Friends say its a dangerous illness, blood cancer. She is shocked and asks they are joking again. Friends say they cannot joke as their senior is severely ill and anything can happen to him. She questions teacher who informs that leukemia is a blood cancer which starts from bone marrow and spreads to other organs. She reminisces seeing cancer medicines in Nishant’s room and thinks of informing whole family about it.

Satyakam feeds Mithi and asks since when she is ill. Mithi says since she found out that Imlie has a sautan. Satyakam asks if she has gone mad. Mithi informs that Prakash told and says she realized that her daughter lied to her. Satyakam picks gun and says he will go to city to find out truth and do justice.

Aparna cuts vegetable engrasped in thoughts and is about to cut her finger when Taiji alerts her. She says she feels the problems between Malini and Adi are because of Imlie. Imlie comes to meet them. Rupali gets happy seeing her and asks why is she here, if something happened. Imlie says she came to talk to Nishant. Aparna asks what is she doing here. She greets Aparna and and hugs her, but seeing her cold reaction backs off and says she came to meet Nishant. Aparna says Nishant is not at home and even she should be in college at this time. Taiji asks what she wants to talk with Nishant. Imlie thinks she discuss with Nishant before informing family and says nothing important. Aparna asks if she informed Malini’s parents that she skipped college and came here. Imlie says no. Aparna says she stays at their house and should inform them wherever she goes. Imlie says she didn’t think about it. Taiji says Imlie doesn’t thinking before doing anything, but others are severely affected because of her acts. Imlie apologizes. Aparna says there is no use of apology. Rupali asks what happened to them, if Imlie cannot come here. Aparna says she can but after informing Anu as Anu created a big drama after Imlie’s lie. Rupali says Imlie is their dear one and doesn’t need permission. Imlie says Aparna is right that a guest should inform before coming and asks if she can wait for Nishant. Taiji asks what she wants to discuss with Nishant. Aparna says its better she leaves from here as she stays in Anu and Dev’s house and should follow their rules before going out of their house and they don’t need any more problems because of her. Imlie aays she will leave as she is happy in Malini’s house and walks towards door teary eyed.

Imlie leaves Tripathi house thinking everyone consider herself as dear one, then why did they behave rudely with her; Sundar is right that they consider her as a stranger, but she doesn’t consider them as stranger. She hides seeing Adi returning home on his bike and thanks Seeta Maiya that he didn’t see her or else he would have questioned her. He walks to her and asks why is she hiding from him. He says he found her even then. He says he lost her many times and now will not let her go from him at all. She thinks he wants to go away from her with Malini, then why is he talking to her like this. He asks why did she come. She says she had some work. He asks to come in then. She says her work finished and she needs to return home. He says he thought this is her house, if she got so close to Anu. She says it takes only a few days to build or break relationships, she came here for some and is returning. He asks what work did she have. She remembers Nishant having leukemia and says she will inform him later. He thinks she will not stop even if he stops her, he will return to her only when he informs truth to Malini, asks if he should drop her home. She says no and walks away.

Imlie returns to Anu’s house. Anu calls her and orders her to massage her feet. Imlie obeys her. Anu says her friend called and told that her neighbor’s servant had an affair with boss and was kicked out soon, she ruined a family, some people are shameless. Imlie say all are not same. Anu says how can they be, she is worried for the family and Imlie is feeling bad for the servant, what can she expect from a daughter whose mother had an affair with a rich man. Imlie angrily says her mother didn’t have an affair and married her father legally. Anu laughs and says if her mother would have really married someone, she would have informed her father’s name; her mother knew its waste to tell a man which she cannot find; a mother did sin and daughter is suffering. Imlie warns that her mother didn’t do any sin, she truly loved a person and followed her duty. Anu says her mother did a sin for money, true love and devotion cannot be used for a cheap roadside woman like her mother. Daadi hearing her warns her to stop. Imlie asks Daadi to defend her, but when its a question of her mother’s dignity, Imlie is enough for that. She warns Anu that she will tolerate anything against her but not against her mother. Anu asks if she doesn’t want to hear that her mother trapped a rich man for money. Imlie says her mother is a symbol of Devi maa and she is insulting Devi maa. Anu says one who has respect is insult, but her mother is..

Dev enters and shouts at Anu to shut up, she is not tired of insulting Imlie that she is talking rubbish about her mother. Anu says why is she interfering. Imlie says when Anu is talking about her amma, let her inform that her amma is illiterate, but got her educated; she is poor, but never begged someone; her baba left her, but she never spoke against her baba; she is purer her than gangajal, stronger than a mountain, and gentler than a flower; she prays even her mother along with god and cannot tolerate anything against her god. Dev asks her to calm down as he is proud of her. He informs that his sources from Pagdandiya/PD revealed that her baba went to Pagdandiya/PD to apologize her mother and support them, but her mother rejected his support; her mother is very strong and nobody/Anu has right to speak against her amma; her baba is a helpless person or a coward hidden behind haplessness who is afraid of accepting her and her mother in front of the society. Anu asks how does he know all this.