Imlie Sunday Update 2 October 2022


Imlie Sunday Update 2 October 2022

Malini drapes blanket over Aditya seeing his cold and gives him kadha/herbal decoction saying his cold will go away with it. He says its very bitter. She asks why didn’t he carry raincoat with him, if she was with him, she wouldn’t have let him drive. He says even if he had carried raincoat, he would have given it to Imlie and good she didn’t accompany him as he would have worried for her. Imlie passes by sneezing. Malini forcefully makes him drink kadha. Malini then forcefully feeds Imlie kadha with Nidhi and Parul’s help while Imlie resists with her usual jokergiri. Sundar taunts her showing ice cream. She stuffs ice cream on his nose and shoos him away. She then smells pudina on kitchen table and thinks nobody would like Malini didi’s bitter kadha. Adi enters and giving her kadha asks to drink it. She says she already had it and its bitter. He says it will feel bitter at first and soon she will she will feel good. Malini with Rupal and Nidhi returns and asks Imlie why she is drinking kadha again. Adi says she was sneezing, so he gave his half kadha to her. Imlie says she told him, but he didn’t listen. Rupal says good Imlie drank kadha with Adi’s fear. Malini hopes they both get well soon. Adi and Imlie both sneeze.

Family gathers in living room. Aparna asks Pankaj why he is changing his dresses repeatedly. He says so that Nishant should feel he hasn’t changed. Nishant says house has changed. Tauji says when he is coming after 10 years, he would obviously notice change. Imlie says she will introduce him to family again. He asks what she means. She says he stayed in US for 10 years, but doesn’t know English properly, asks whom he wants to meet first. He says Nidhu. She calls Sundar and murmurs in his ear to mimic as Dhruv. She mimics Nidhi’s discussing about makeup . Everyone laugh hearing that. Nishant asks her to mimic Tauji next. Imlie mimics Tauji puffing cigarettes. Tauji says he has stopped smoking. Everyone laugh again. Rupal says Adi next. Imlie mimics Aditya that he is a serious journalist. Family laughs more. She calls Malini and continues mimicking. Adi hearing her voice walks down. Family stops laughing seeing him. Sundar nervously signals her to stop, but she continues mimicking and mimics how he ordered to dare not enter his room. Family are shocked to hear that and each family member tongue lashes him reminding each event. Adi finally says he didn’t Imlie before as Pagdandiya villagers forcefully sent her with him. Pankaj says if he is forced, even Imlie was forced. Nishant reminisces Adi telling about same. Family continues scolding Adi.

Dev takes paneer noodles to Anu and reminds that she used to crave for his prepared paneer noodles during her pregnancy. Anu says her father was angry during her pregnancy as she chose a struggling author, but she did was determined. Dev says he sacrificed a lot for him. She says it was his love for him, but now her husband is not hers and wants to go to Pagdandiya. He says whatever was hers will be hers forever, he is going to Pagdandiya to fulfill his responsibility and will return only to her forever. She asks promise and he says yes. Daadi watches them standing near door.

Adi walks to Imlie and asks if she is crying. She nods no. He asks why is she lying, if it because he doesn’t want to see her face. She asks why he reminds her repeatedly, she has become a slippery pot now. He says then? She says she was dumb to reveal the secret and everyone felt bad and scolded him, she didn’t want this. He says truth is a sun and they cannot hide its light via curtains; he just wants that nobody should be hurt when the truth comes out; he is afraid that if his family finds out truth from somewhere else, everything will shatter.

Imlie tells Adi that she is dumb and spoke the secret which she didn’t have to speak in front of everyone. Adi says he is afraid that if his family finds out their truth, everything will shatter; he is tired of lying and accepted his mistake today. She continues crying. He asks her to stop crying, he didn’t like her before and not now. She asks what about now. Pankaj with family enters and asks if he said sorry. Imlie holds her ears and apologizes Adi. Aparna says Adi should apologize her. Malini twists Adi’s ears and makes him apologize Imlie. Nidhi says good problem solved today as they shouldn’t tomorrow. Rupal asks what is there tomorrow. Tauji says its Sunday tomorrow and he doesn’t want to go to shopping mall. Nidhi says its valentine’s day tomorrow. Imlie says she heard about republic day children’s day, independence day, which is this new day. Sundar explains they express their love to their partner by saying I love you. Dhruv taunts and asks if he has a girlfriend. Nishant says Valentine’s day is a foreign concept where they make their partner feel special with gifts and express their love for them. Imlie says she can do that daily without any gift. Nishant asks how. She tells everyone individually that she loves them. Rupal asks her to stop as they know she loves them all. Imlie feels nervous.

Next day, Dhruv wishes valentine’s day to Nidhi with a teddy gift and asks her to hug him. She hugs teddy instead. Taiji says Valentine’s day celebration was not present during her days, but she knows Harishji/Tauji loves her. Malini asks Aparna if Pankaj expressed his love to her. She says he doesn’t say I love you, but does something once a day that shows his love for her. Malini says Adi hasn’t gone on his father and gets nervous when he has to express his love for her. Imlie says why only men should express their love and give gifts, even women can express their love for men. Aparna says she will prepare kheer for Pankaj. Tauji says Pankaj likes gajar halwa more. Malini says they should get out of kitchen and think something else romantic. Everyone agree.

Nishant has his medicines thinking he has to take 3 tablets at once hiding. Adi walks to him, and he coughs seeing Adi. Adi asks if he is fine. He says yes and felt weird seeing dirty shoes. Adi says if he wants to give fashion tips, he should consult Anu who also comments on his shoes.
He asks where are others. Tauji, Pankaj, and Dhruv walk in. He asks them if they thought of anything romantic for their parents or not. Dhruv says he already gave teddy and flowers to Nidhi. Tauji and Pankaj scold him. Drama continues. They don’t like Nishant’s idea. Nishant tells Adi just like he goes to gym to keep his body fit, he should do something childish to keep his partner happy.

Ladies decorate living room. Nidhi says Dhruv is unnecessarily overshowering his love on her today. Malini says she should feel jealous of her seeing Dhruv’s romance as Adi is so unromantic. Rupal feels sad hearing their chat and walks down. Tauji and Pankaj bring gifts for Tauji and Aparna and hope they like them. They see Rupal and ask her not to inform about their surprise gifts to Taiji and Aparna. Adi also brings gift for Malini and hides it in room. Malini returns to room and asks where was she. She says she had gone for an afternoon walk. Their chatting continues. Imlie walks in to give something, and Adi notices her torn dress. In the evening, all ladies get happy seeing their gifts and their lovely words for them. Imlie also gets happy seeing Adi’s gift for her. Nishant takes all men blindfolded to the living room. They all get happy seeing decoration, Pankaj asks Sundar if he decorated the hall. Sundar says he is not their valentine, so they should praise the ones who did it. Malini with ladies walk down. Each lady expresses her love for her partner. Nishant chats with Rupal and says his parents and uncle aunt are looking very happy. Imlie enters wearing her new dress. Aparna asks who gifted it. Imlie says Khalandar/Sundar and reminisces Sundar seeing her gift asking who gave her gift and she asking him to tell that he gave it. Adi stands amazed.