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Imlie November Teasers 2022

A guilt-ridden Malini thinks of Imlie’s sacrifice and decides to apologise to the Tripathis. Read Imlie November 2022 Teasers:

Starlife Imlie November 2022 Teasers 

Tuesday 1 November  2022

Episode 141

Blaming Imlie for Malini’s suicide, the Tripathis ask her to leave the hospital. Later, Imlie donates blood to Malini and prays for her recovery.

Episode 142

Malini apologises to the family. While Imlie blames herself for Malini’s condition, Aditya is asked to tell the truth.

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Episode 143

When Imlie goes to the hospital, Anu lashes out at her. She blames her for creating a rift between Malini and Aditya. Later, Imlie visits her mother.

Episode 144

Malini confronts Aditya and confesses that she is in love with someone else. Aditya humbly accepts it and leaves, leaving her in tears.

Thursday 3 November  2022

Episode 145

Malini informs Aditya about her decision to return home. However, Anu tells the Tripathis that Malini will come back only if Imlie leaves the house.

Episode 146

Anu behaves rudely with Imlie after she comes to their house. While Aditya tries to reach Imlie through phone calls, Anu smells something fishy.

Friday 4  November  2022

Episode 147

Dev gets into an argument with Anu when she lashes out at Imlie. While the Tripathis miss Imlie, the latter pleads her innocence before a professor.

Episode 148

Imlie refuses Aditya’s request when he tries to convince her to come back home. Meanwhile, Meethi falls severely sick and constantly worries about Imlie.

Saturday 5 November  2022

Episode 149

Anu lashes out at Imlie for ruining Aditya and Malini’s married life and throws her out. Later, Dev finds out about the situation and confronts Anu.

Episode 150

Malini is shocked when Anu makes an unexpected revelation about Dev. While the Tripathis worry for Aditya and Malini, Anu takes a dig at Imlie.

Sunday 6  November  2022

Episode 151

The Tripathis confront Aditya for prioritising Imlie over Malini. Later, Imlie visits Aditya’s house after learning a shocking truth about Nishant.

Episode 152

Imlie takes a strong stand when Anu humiliates Meethi. Later, Anu questions Aditya and Malini about cancelling their honeymoon.

Monday 7 November  2022

Episode 153

Imlie cautions Anu when she unleashes her fury on her. Later, Aditya makes a shocking confession to Malini.

Episode 154

Malini is shocked to learn that Aditya and Imlie love each other and are married. Meanwhile, Imlie packs her belongings and leaves for Pagdandiya.

Tuesday 8 November  2022

Episode 155

Imlie decides to stay with her mother instead of returning to Aditya. While Malini gives up on her relationship with Aditya, Imlie learns about her father.

Episode 156

Aditya goes on a lookout for Imlie after learning about her disappearance. Unaware, that a vengeful Satyakaam is on his trail with a murderous intent.

Wednesday 9  November  2022

Episode 157

After ending things with Malini, Aditya leaves home to bring Imlie back. However, he gets attacked and held at gunpoint by Satyakaam.

Episode 158

When Aditya goes out looking for Imlie, some angry villagers try to bury him alive. However, Imlie arrives in the nick of time and saves him.

Thursday 10  November  2022

Episode 159

Malini feels upset as she fails to find a way out of her relationship with Aditya. Elsewhere, Imlie talks to Aditya after he recovers from a deadly accident

Episode 160

Malini sides with Imlie and questions Anu and Dev. Later, he overhears Malini speak with her lawyer about divorce.

Friday 11  November  2022

Episode 161

Aditya asserts Imlie and Meethi that she will get her dignity back from the Tripathis. While Dev tries consoling Malini, she grows suspicious of his relationship with Imlie.

Episode 162

An emotional Satykaam and Meethi express their love and tie the knot. However, his sudden arrest leaves Meethi devastated.

Saturday 12 November  2022

Episode 163

A guilt-ridden Malini thinks of Imlie’s sacrifice and decides to apologise to the Tripathis. Later, she lies to Imlie about having a new lover.

Episode 164

Imlie declines Malini’s request of revealing the truth to the Tripathis. Later, Malini decides to visit Pagdandiya to find answers for herself.

Sunday 13  November  2022

Episode 165

An insecure Imlie requests Aditya to leave her and go to Malini when he loses his cool. Later, Aditya emotionally expresses his feelings for Imlie.

Episode 166

After shocking her family with the divorce, Malini arrives at Pagdandiya and bumps into Meethi. Elsewhere, Aparna decides to teach Imlie some dance moves.

Monday 14 November  2022

Episode 167

Aparna has not forgiven Imlie and blames her for even the little things. Meanwhile, Malini makes an excuse and visits Imlie’s mother in Pagdandiya.

Episode 168

Despite Aditya’s objections, a sick Imlie goes to perform for the charity event. Later, she collapses on stage, much to everyone’s shock.

Tuesday 15 November  2022

Episode 169

When Dev comes to meet Imlie, she tells him that Satyakaam is her father. Elsewhere, Malini is shocked after Meethi reveals Dev’s relationship with Imlie.

Episode 170

Malini is shaken after Methi reveals a shocking truth. While Malini informs Imlie that she has some important news, Dev goes through a harsh realisation.

Wednesday 16  November  2022

Episode 171

Malini tells Dev that she is aware of his relationship with Imlie. A guilt-ridden Dev worries about confessing the truth to Imlie and suffers a heart attack.

Episode 172

Malini returns the ring gifted by Aditya but he denies accepting it. Later, Dev requests Imlie to consider him her father.

Thursday 17  November  2022

Episode 173

Imlie fights back when Anu tries to throw her out of the hospital. While Malini brings Imlie to Aditya’s house, Aparna overhears a shocking conversation.

Episode 174

Aparna reveals the reality to the Tripathis. Later, Imlie puts forth a condition that once Malini settles down happily, she will also unite with Aditya.

Friday 18  November  2022

Episode 175

Kunal agrees to fight Satyakaam’s case, and Imlie grows happy. However, when Imlie asks her to introduce her boyfriend to all, Malini pleads with Kunal.

Episode 176

Dev decides to tell Imlie about their relation despite Anu’s objection. Elsewhere, Imlie and Aditya get romantic while performing some rituals.

Saturday 19 November  2022

Episode 177

An upset Malini leaves the place after she finds Imlie and Aditya together. While Anu asks Malini about Kunal, Aditya informs Tripathis about his divorce.

Episode 178

Anu disbelieves Malini’s story about Kunal and decides to take a firm step. Later, she brings the police and accuses the Tripathis of torturing Malini.

Sunday 20  November  2022

Episode 179

After Anu’s complaint, the police put Aditya and his family in the lock-up. Meanwhile, Malini helps out Kunal with Satyakaam’s case.

Episode 180

Malini gets furious when Anu reveals how she sent the Tripathis to jail. While Nishant gets a blast from the past, the family celebrates Aditya’s birthday.

Monday 21 November  2022

Episode 181

Nishant collapses when Aditya and Imlie are about to disclose their truth to the family. The Tripathis are shocked when they learn that Nishant is terminally ill.

Episode 182

Imlie comforts Nishant and promises her support. Elsewhere, Kunal is warned by Malini’s family to stay away from her.

Tuesday 22 November  2022

Episode 183

Anu and Dev warn Kunal against interfering in Malini and Aditya’s life. While Malini apologises to Kunal for it, Imlie sets her secret plan in motion.

Episode 184

The Tripathis are delighted to meet Pallavi and try to tell her about Nishant’s illness but he hides the truth. Later, Malini gives a stern warning to her parents.

Wednesday 23 November  2022

Episode 185

Imlie complains to the Tripathis about the punishment given to her by Aditya. When Aditya makes her understand his point, Imlie confesses her feelings to him.

Episode 186

Imlie tries to bring Pallavi and Nishant closer by locking them in a room. However, her plan fails when Nishant loses consciousness, and Pallavi becomes helpless.

Thursday 24  November  2022

Episode 187

Aditya promises Malini that he will always be there for her as a friend. Elsewhere, Pallavi finds out about Nishant’s cancer.

Episode 188

Nishant urges Aditya to fulfil his last wish. Later, Imlie plans to make Nishant confess his love for Pallavi.

Friday 25 November  2022

Episode 189

Malini decides to leave her parent’s home when they tell her that they are ashamed of her. Elsewhere, Nishant is shocked to hear about Pallavi’s decision.

Episode 190

Aditya plays his role perfectly and Imlie’s plan to make Nishant feel jealous works. However, when Aditya comes to the Tripathi house, Nishant gets suspicious.

Saturday 26 November  2022

Episode 191

The Tripathis and Pallavi’s family finalise her and Nishant’s wedding. While Aditya learns that Malini has left home, the latter lies to Imlie.

Episode 192

Aparna invites Meethi to Imlie’s surprise party. While Aditya and Imlie insist Malini stay at the Tripathi house, Nishant surprises Pallavi by proposing to her.

Sunday 27  November  2022

Episode 193

Imlie gets dreamy seeing Nishant get engaged with Pallavi. While Aditya kneels before Imlie to propose her, Nishant sees them.

Episode 194

Meethi is humiliated by Anu in the shop. While Imlie is surprised to meet her mother, Dev stops Anu from visiting the Tripathis.

Monday 28 November  2022

Episode 195

Malini leaves the Tripathi house while they enjoy the function. An enraged Anupriya talks rudely to Meethi and blames her for spoiling their lives.

Episode 196

A furious Anupriya informs Imlie about her relationship with Dev. Aditya comforts a distressed Imlie while Malini shares the reason for her divorce with Kunal.

Tuesday 29 November  2022

Episode 197

Meethi worries about Imlie. While Anu and Dev get into a tiff, Aditya consoles a shattered Meethi.

Episode 198

Dev offers to give Imlie her rights, but she refuses him. Elsewhere, a restless Aditya fears losing Imlie and becomes unconscious.

Wednesday 30 November  2022

Episode 199

Malini gets upset on seeing Aditya and Imlie together. Later, she lashes out at them for hiding their relationship from the Tripathis.

Episode 200

Imlie comes to her college with Dev after Satyakaam requests her. Later, Anu throws awkward questions at Imlie about her relationhip with Aditya before the media.

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Imlie Upcoming Episodes

Anu suggests Malini that she has has to fight for her rights and not let someone else take away her husband sacrificing her 7-year-old relationship. Malini agrees and says she will fight for her right. Anu asks if she is sure and gives her a medicine bottle. Malini mixes medicine in prasad and throws bottle in dustbin. Imlie notices her and asks what is in the bottle. Malini says its a high end game now and takes prasad with her. She serves prasad to whole family and orphanage children. Dulari says let her taste first. Imlie enters and asks everyone not to eat it. Anu asks why did she prepare it when she didn’t want to serve it and asks Aparna if she has kept her maid bahu to create drama at each function. Guruji takes orphanage children away saying Harish they will never forget this humiliation. Harish scolds Imlie. Imlie alleges that she couldn’t let anyone eat prasad as Malini mixed poison in it to blame her. Anu warns to mind her language. Malini shouts if she is blaming her and eats prasad. Adi also tastes it and says there is nothing in it. Malini says Imlie blamed her as she served her prepared prasad and hates her to the core, she will not stay here after so much happened. Adi stops her and says Imlie did wrong and should apologize. Imlie and her supporters stand shocked. She apologizes Malini. Adi says Imlie proved that she doesn’t respect him and walks away. Aparna says she curses a day when she let Imlie inside her house and takes Malini along. Harish says he made some sin that he bears humiliation daily because of Imlie. Radha says Imlie lost her remaining respect. Imlie’s supporters Pankaj, Rupali, and Nishant also walk away. Mithi and Nani try to console Imlie. Imlie says she wants to be alone and stands crying.

Next morning, Imlie cries and tells Seeta Maiya that she herself saw Malini mixing poison in prasad, then how are children not affected. Malini enters and says she fooled her as she wanted to prove her a liar in front of Adi and mixed medicine in juice instead and served it to family already. Rupali walks in inebriated and says she hates Malini for hating Imlie. Malini says feelings are mutual, even she doesn’t like her much for the same reason. Rupali asks her to befriend Imlie as she is so cute and after hugging Imlie tries to hug her. Malini pushes her away. Rupali walks away complaining Radha. Imlie asks why is she doing this and asks to go away from Adi’s life as he loves only her. Malini says she is Adi’s legally wedded wife and has a 7-year-old relationship with him, Imlie came in between them. Imlie says she is Adi’s first wife. Malini asks why did she hide the truth for so many months. Imlie says they can’t hide truth. Malini asks why did she make a joke out of her emotions, now she will make a joke out of Imlie and orders her to go and handle family.

Imlie walks to family and sees them acting weird inebriated. Harish and Dulari dance and drag her along. Malini walks in and says he needs to talk to them, Aditya’s only and only legal wife Malini wants to inform them that she still loves Adi immensely and asks Aparna if she considers him as Adi’s wife; they were very happy before Imlie’s interference in their lives, she is still Adi;s legally wedded wife and will take back her rights. Tripathi family laughs loudly. Malini says tomorrow they will not remember whatever she told today. Imlie remembers Imlie’s warning.

Aditya apologizes Malini on Imlie’s behalf and says don’t know what happens to Imlie often. Malini says its okay, Imlie is her sister and she knows how to handle her. She offers him juice and he drinks it full and feels inebriated. Imlie rushes to him and tries to hold him. Malini tries to take him away when Dulari holds Malini. Imlie takes Adi with her. Inebriated Adi asks if they were fighting. She says no. He says he was searching her, where was she. She says she didn’t go anywhere, he goes away from her though; their path is same and she will not let him divert his path. He says she does everything and not him. She says every time he goes missing and she searches him always. He asks if she can searching him from anywhere. She says yes. He asks her to close her eyes and runs. She runs behind him. He plays hide and seek with her. Piya Tose Milne.. song plays in the background. She sees Tripathi family dancing insanely inebriated. Dulari and Harish hold her. She pushes them away and runs searching Aadi again and asks Nishant where is Adi. Nishant shows Adi getting into his room. Imlie guards room from outside, thanks Seeta Maiya, and thinks Babusaheb will sleep in his room and Malini cannot do anything. She falls asleep.

Next morning, Imlie wakes up and thinks a lot happened yesterday, but Malini couldn’t harm anyone. She hears footsteps and thinks she will remind Adi what he did last night. Malini opens door with crimpled hair and says she told her that Adi still loves her and proved it last night, everything was like before. Adi enters room and shatters to see Adi in his innerwear. Anu asks why she looks shocked, legally she and Adi are still husband and wife. Dulari hearing her rushes into Adi’s room and shouts that a sin happened. Family walks in and asks what happened. Adi wakes up and asks why she is shouting early morning. Dulari shouts he ruined her granddaughter’s life. Aparna looks at Malini, and Malini runs away. Aparna asks Adi if she and Malini spent night together. Adi looks at crying Imlie and walks to her. She walks away from him. Whole family walks away looking at Adi.

Imlie cries more reminiscing Malini telling Adi consummated with her last night. She asks Seeta Maiya why didn’t she look at Malini and Anu’s conspiracies, she should erase her memory. She washes her face repeatedly and cries more looking herself in mirror with her faded sindhoor. Malini walks to her and asks her to stop crying and wipe her tears and sindhoor. Imlie asks what did she gain. Malini says whatever she wanted. Imlie says she betrayed her, she should have taken her life instead. Malini says Imlie is so overdramatic, intimacy between husband and wife is common, Imlie always lied that she didn’t want to interfere between her and Adi but did and not sacrificed herself, then why should she. Adi walks in. Malini acts as crying and asks Imlie to stop crying. Adi says he doesn’t know what is happening with him, he just remembers that he was with her last and don’t remember what happened next; he just knows that he cannot think of it even in his dream, he doesn’t remember anything, does Malini remember anything. Malini says she doesn’t and knows she was feeling drowsy. Imlie shouts to stop acting.

Malini starts crying seeing Aditya. Adi says he doesn’t know what is happening with him, he just remembers that he was with Imlie and nothing after that. He asks Malini
if she remembers anything. Malini says no, her head was spinning. Imlie shouts to stop her lies. Malini says Imlie is shocked, but she is also shocked as wrong happened to her and she just remembers.. Imlie shouts to she mixed a hypnotic pill in juice. Malini cries more. Imlie walks away fuming to family followed by Adi. Malini wipes her fake tears and walks to family. Aparna asks Imlie why were they all inebriated last night. Imlie says Malini mixed a hypnotic pill in juice and served them. Malini asks her to stop blaming her, asks why Adi brought her here to get humiliated by Imlie repeatedly, people will blame her now. Harish asks her to stop crying as its not her mistake. Aparna says only Imlie can feed them hypnotic like she did before many times. Imlie calls her maa and says she didn’t. Aparna warns her not to call her mother and says she can’t believe Imlie can stoop so low. Dulari rudely yells at her to shut her mouth and says she is not humiliating her as she is Imlie’s MIL, asks which sautan will send her husband to her sautan to humiliate her, she should question her son who did wrong. Adi says he doesn’t remember anything and only Malini can answer. Malini says how can she answer when she herself doesn’t know anything and asks Imlie what did she gain with this heinous act. Radha consoles her. Aparna asks Pankaj what will they answer Imlie’s parents. Harish says they need to bear humiliation and inform them, asks Aparna to call Anu.

Anu with Mithi rushes to T house and cries hugging Malini asking why god is punishing her daughter, she told her not to stay here, she has a stamp of divorcee and now this humiliation, they cannot face anyone now. She asks Adi why did he do this to her daughter; its not late now, if he held her hand for just 1 night or can he support her whole night; will he accept Malini as his wife or not. He says he doesn’t know what was mixed in his juice that he doesn’t remember anything except being with Imlie last, only Imlie is his wife. Malini cries more loudly. Adi walks to Imlie, and Imlie walks away to her room. He walks behind her and says says he just loves her. Imlie says he loves her but. He asks if she doesn’t trust him. She says her amma also trusted Dev when he told he loves her, but she got betrayal in return. Adi says Dev consciously betrayed her amma, but he doesn’t remember anything; his love became so weak that he needs to give explanation to his love, he shouldn’t have consumed that juice. She says juice was mixed but not trust, how did he change suddenly. He says he just remembers that he didn’t do anything consciously, he remembers being with her last, and its an accident. She says its Imlie’s conspiracy. He says he knows Malini since years and she can’t stoop so low. She asks if he stooped low then, who will mix hypnotic in juice then. He says he made a mistake and is sorry for that.

Imlie returns to family and cries. Mithi consoles her and asks Seeta Maiya if something left in her daughter’s devotion towards her suhaag. Anu says woman doesn’t have any defect, but man has who is so weak that he wants to break all relationships and run away; even Adi is a man who betrayed Malini and went behind Imlie and now betrayed Imlie and returned to Malini; she always did wrong with Imlie and Malini as she thought she was betrayed, but even her daughter is betrayed now like Mithi was years ago; she is understanding Mithi’s pain for the first time, how a woman’s life destroys with one night’s mistake. She pleads Imlie not to ruin Malini’s life and if she considers Malini as her sister, will she let her dignity ruined; she should save Malini’s dignity and life. Aparna says though on papers, Malini is Adi’s legal wife as divorce is not yet finalized; Imlie should considered it as god’s wish. Anu pleads that she came here as a mother and not English madam, Imlie should save her daugher’s dignity. Dulari with her usual arrogant tone yells that she didn’t give anything to Imlie till now and is giving her daughter’s sin to Imlie. She asks Imlie not to fall for Anu’s fake tears. Anu says her daughter will be called a second woman and pleads Imlie not to force Malini to take divorce. Adi says these decisions cannot be taken in a hurry. Aparna asks him to keep quiet, and he walks away. Harish says he will take further decisions and tells Imlie that she used to say that she can do anything for this family, she should save their family’s dignity now and its better for everyone that Malini stays Adi’s wife. Anu grins hearing that and then acts as pleading again.

Imlie cries remembering Malini telling that Adi still loves her and proved it last night, Adi saying he loves only her, Aparna blaming her, Anu pleading not to force Malini to take divorce, Harish saying its better for everyone if Malini stays as Adi’s wife. Dulari walks to her and asks her to think with her brain and not heart, Anu told right that man is always mischievous, so she should forgive Adi’s mistake and compromise. Mithi says her daughter will not compromise on her self-respect and tells she should not compromise with a man who betrayed her and should do whatever is right for her. Imlie says she is stuck between right and wrong, she cannot forgive Adi and even cannot go away from her, she knows Malini and his mother conspired and lied, whom to support now and what to do. Malini tells Anu that Imlie has only one option of leaving Adi. Anu praises her and says she used servant Imlie’s plan on Imlie herself, Adi used to boast a lot, Malini controlled him whole night. Imlie cries how can Adi betray her for Malini. Anus says she didn’t know her hypnotic medicine is so effective. Malini shows Imlie’s sari and says she wore it. Anu says she should hide it and hides behind her when Aparna enters. Aparna apologizes and says she doesn’t know what will happen next. Anu says she should accept Malini for Adi or else she knows to what extent she can go for her daughter. Malini acts as hugging Aparna and crying. Imlie continues crying why did Adi betray her.

Aparna walks to Radha’s room who packs her jewelry. Pankaj walks next and asks Radha why is she packing her jewelry. Radha says to save family’s dignity, she will give it to Imlie. Aparna says they should give it to Imlie and send her from home before everyone knows about it. Pankaj asks why will Imlie leave her sasural. Aparna says just like Malini left sacrificing her happiness for family’s dignity, Imlie should do same. Imlie hears their conversation and thinks Aparna is right. She returns to her room and seeing Malini packing her clothes asks what is she doing it. Malini says she came here with a small potli/bag and will go with many bags. Imlie asks why she thinks that she will go from here. Malini asks if she will be an extra in their love story, she should understand that Adi loves only her. Imlie says Adi doesn’t even know what happened last night in inebriation.

Malini says a person feels free inebriated, Imlie had tied him, but yesterday he was himself and they spent the night like before, Adi was acting as forgetting as a person won’t be so drunk not to identify the opposite person; anyways if Imlie stays here, people will question Adi’s character and blame him that he is misusing 2 girls and he may even remove him from job. Malini asks if she wants to destroy Adi to get him. Malini says if love breaks boundaries, this is what happens. Imlie says she cannot understand it as she never loved Adi and not to name her betrayal and hypocrisy as love, she is not afraid of her threat. Malini says her mom will blame Adi and he will become criminal.