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Imlie June Teasers 2023


Imlie June Teasers 2023

Aryan and Imlie get caught in the explosion and succumb to their injuries. Coming up on Starlife Imlie June 2023 Teasers:

Starlife Imlie June 2023 Teasers

Thursday 1 June  2023

Episode 560

Imlie feels embarassed when she has to help Aryan with his pyajamas. Malini calls goons to sabotage the celebrations. Later, Chini goes missing.

Episode 561

Imlie gets worried as Chini is kidnapped from the Janmashtami celebrations. Meanwhile, Chini tries to sweet talk with her kidnappers and decides to escape.

Friday 2 June 2023

Episode 562

Imlie and Aryan frantically look for Chini after her disappearance. Later, they come across the goons who have abducted her but Chini ends up in an accident.

Episode 563

Aryan and Imlie work together to rescue Chini from a deep ditch. When Chini notices them arguing, she gives them a glass of Bhaang to cool down.

Saturday 3 June 2023

Episode 564

Imlie and Aryan apologise to each other for breaking their promises and spend a romantic moment. Later, Chini distracts Malini when the latter is about to find them.

Episode 565

Imlie feels worried when Aryan is unable to recollect the previous day’s occurrences. Later, she rescues Malini from a blast set by the latter to harm Imlie.

Sunday 4 June 2023

Episode 566

Imlie advises Aryan to look after his family and focus on his future. Aryan returns to the office the next day, leaving Imlie speechless.

Episode 567

Imlie intends to leave the Rathods. However, Chini becomes unconscious and needs surgery immediately. Later, Malini gets a shocking news.

Monday 5 June 2023

Episode 568

Malini visits the hospital to meet Chini and tries to manipulate her against Imlie. Aryan gets shocked when Malini reveals the truth about Chini’s real identity.

Episode 569

On learning that Imlie lied to him about Chini, Aryan takes Malini’s side. Chini refuses when Imlie tries to take her away. Later, Malini throws Imlie out of the house.

Tuesday 6 June 2023

Episode 570

An enraged Aryan voices his displeasure at Imlie’s continuous appearance in his life. Meanwhile, Imlie is determined to reconcile with Chini.

Episode 571

Chini calls Imlie and informs her about how Malini is trying to scare her. Malini hears them and sends goons after Imlie so that she can’t help Chini.

Wednesday 7 June 2023

Episode 572

Chini and Aryan distribute Imlie’s posters around the neighbourhood. While Aryan remembers his interactions with Imlie, Meethi receives some shocking news.

Episode 573

Malini is shocked to learn that Aryan went to Imlie’s village and that she is still alive. Elsewhere, Aryan decides to bring Imlie home after discovering she’s pregnant.

Thursday 8 June  2023

Episode 574

Imlie takes a firm stand for herself and refuses to accept Aryan’s help. Later, Imlie and Aryan are shocked to learn that Chini wishes to get her parents together.

Episode 575

Malini stays resolute about depriving Imlie of Aryan and Chini. Later, Preeta lashes out at Malini for wanting to marry Aryan for her selfish gains

Friday 9 June 2023

Episode 576

Malini panics when suddenly all the evidence against her comes out in the open before the wedding. She tries to harm Imlie when she confronts her for her evil deeds.

Episode 577

Malini confesses her villainous act against Imlie and her desire to ruin the latter’s life. Later, a guilt-ridden Aryan welcomes Imlie to the Rathod mansion.

Saturday 10 June 2023

Episode 578

Aryan panics when Imlie goes into labour and rushes her to the hospital. While Imlie delivers a baby girl, Malini plans one final attack on her and Aryan.

Episode 579

Malini visits the Rathore house to plant bombs at the naming ceremony of Aryan and Imlie’s baby. Later, Aryan and Imlie get caught in the explosion and succumb to their injuries.

Sunday 11 June 2023

Episode 580

Aryan and Imlie’s daughter, little Imlie, has grown up. She goes to the inauguration of the temple she has built. Meanwhile, Chini feels neglected because of Imlie.

Episode 581

Chini lies to Ruby that she is going to the temple and plans to attend a concert. She feels annoyed with Imlie and deserts her in the crowd.

Monday 12 June 2023

Episode 582

Imlie gets apprehended in a drug case. Atharv helps a worried Chini to get Imlie out of jail. Meanwhile, Narmada gets furious to learn about Imlie’s arrest.

Episode 583

Narmada blames Imlie for her parents’ death and refuses to let her celebrate her birthday. However, the rest of the family members celebrate with Imlie in secret.

Tuesday 13 June 2023

Episode 584

When Parul states that she is in love with someone, Chini asks her to elope with the guy. But Imlie asks Parul to persuade her parents about the alliance.

Episode 585

Arto and Chini pair up to make Parul elope from her wedding as the latter wants Imlie to get into trouble. Later, Imlie seeks Arto’s help in getting Parul back.

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Episode 586

Imlie devises a plan to catch Parul’s boyfriend who turns out to be a thief and a cheater. Imlie, dressed as an old lady, exchanges all her ornaments with Parul’s boyfriend.

Episode 587

Imlie spoils Chini’s plan as she reunites Parul and Puneet and their wedding begins. Later, Atharva’s father likes Imlie and plans Atharva’s wedding with her.

Thursday 15 June  2023

Episode 588

Chini tricks Imlie into buying a new phone for her and gives her the old phone. Later, Atharva’s parents visit Imlie’s home to discuss something important with Narmada.

Episode 589

Narmada agrees to Rudra’s proposal for Imlie’s marriage with Atharva. Anu informs Chini about it and incites her to ruin the plans of Imlie’s wedding.