Imlie June Teasers 2023


Imlie June Teasers 2023

Aryan and Imlie get caught in the explosion and succumb to their injuries. Coming up on Starlife Imlie June 2023 Teasers:

Starlife Imlie June 2023 Teasers

Thursday 1 June  2023

Episode 560

Imlie feels embarassed when she has to help Aryan with his pyajamas. Malini calls goons to sabotage the celebrations. Later, Chini goes missing.

Episode 561

Imlie gets worried as Chini is kidnapped from the Janmashtami celebrations. Meanwhile, Chini tries to sweet talk with her kidnappers and decides to escape.

Friday 2 June 2023

Episode 562

Imlie and Aryan frantically look for Chini after her disappearance. Later, they come across the goons who have abducted her but Chini ends up in an accident.

Episode 563

Aryan and Imlie work together to rescue Chini from a deep ditch. When Chini notices them arguing, she gives them a glass of Bhaang to cool down.

Saturday 3 June 2023

Episode 564

Imlie and Aryan apologise to each other for breaking their promises and spend a romantic moment. Later, Chini distracts Malini when the latter is about to find them.

Episode 565

Imlie feels worried when Aryan is unable to recollect the previous day’s occurrences. Later, she rescues Malini from a blast set by the latter to harm Imlie.

Sunday 4 June 2023

Episode 566

Imlie advises Aryan to look after his family and focus on his future. Aryan returns to the office the next day, leaving Imlie speechless.

Episode 567

Imlie intends to leave the Rathods. However, Chini becomes unconscious and needs surgery immediately. Later, Malini gets a shocking news.

Monday 5 June 2023

Episode 568

Malini visits the hospital to meet Chini and tries to manipulate her against Imlie. Aryan gets shocked when Malini reveals the truth about Chini’s real identity.

Episode 569

On learning that Imlie lied to him about Chini, Aryan takes Malini’s side. Chini refuses when Imlie tries to take her away. Later, Malini throws Imlie out of the house.

Tuesday 6 June 2023

Episode 570

An enraged Aryan voices his displeasure at Imlie’s continuous appearance in his life. Meanwhile, Imlie is determined to reconcile with Chini.

Episode 571

Chini calls Imlie and informs her about how Malini is trying to scare her. Malini hears them and sends goons after Imlie so that she can’t help Chini.

Wednesday 7 June 2023

Episode 572

Chini and Aryan distribute Imlie’s posters around the neighbourhood. While Aryan remembers his interactions with Imlie, Meethi receives some shocking news.

Episode 573

Malini is shocked to learn that Aryan went to Imlie’s village and that she is still alive. Elsewhere, Aryan decides to bring Imlie home after discovering she’s pregnant.

Thursday 8 June  2023

Episode 574

Imlie takes a firm stand for herself and refuses to accept Aryan’s help. Later, Imlie and Aryan are shocked to learn that Chini wishes to get her parents together.

Episode 575

Malini stays resolute about depriving Imlie of Aryan and Chini. Later, Preeta lashes out at Malini for wanting to marry Aryan for her selfish gains

Friday 9 June 2023

Episode 576

Malini panics when suddenly all the evidence against her comes out in the open before the wedding. She tries to harm Imlie when she confronts her for her evil deeds.

Episode 577

Malini confesses her villainous act against Imlie and her desire to ruin the latter’s life. Later, a guilt-ridden Aryan welcomes Imlie to the Rathod mansion.

Saturday 10 June 2023

Episode 578

Aryan panics when Imlie goes into labour and rushes her to the hospital. While Imlie delivers a baby girl, Malini plans one final attack on her and Aryan.

Episode 579

Malini visits the Rathore house to plant bombs at the naming ceremony of Aryan and Imlie’s baby. Later, Aryan and Imlie get caught in the explosion and succumb to their injuries.

Sunday 11 June 2023

Episode 580

Aryan and Imlie’s daughter, little Imlie, has grown up. She goes to the inauguration of the temple she has built. Meanwhile, Chini feels neglected because of Imlie.

Episode 581

Chini lies to Ruby that she is going to the temple and plans to attend a concert. She feels annoyed with Imlie and deserts her in the crowd.

Monday 12 June 2023

Episode 582

Imlie gets apprehended in a drug case. Atharv helps a worried Chini to get Imlie out of jail. Meanwhile, Narmada gets furious to learn about Imlie’s arrest.

Episode 583

Narmada blames Imlie for her parents’ death and refuses to let her celebrate her birthday. However, the rest of the family members celebrate with Imlie in secret.

Tuesday 13 June 2023

Episode 584

When Parul states that she is in love with someone, Chini asks her to elope with the guy. But Imlie asks Parul to persuade her parents about the alliance.

Episode 585

Arto and Chini pair up to make Parul elope from her wedding as the latter wants Imlie to get into trouble. Later, Imlie seeks Arto’s help in getting Parul back.

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Episode 586

Imlie devises a plan to catch Parul’s boyfriend who turns out to be a thief and a cheater. Imlie, dressed as an old lady, exchanges all her ornaments with Parul’s boyfriend.

Episode 587

Imlie spoils Chini’s plan as she reunites Parul and Puneet and their wedding begins. Later, Atharva’s father likes Imlie and plans Atharva’s wedding with her.

Thursday 15 June  2023

Episode 588

Chini tricks Imlie into buying a new phone for her and gives her the old phone. Later, Atharva’s parents visit Imlie’s home to discuss something important with Narmada.

Episode 589

Narmada agrees to Rudra’s proposal for Imlie’s marriage with Atharva. Anu informs Chini about it and incites her to ruin the plans of Imlie’s wedding.

Friday 16 June 2023Episode 590

Imlie’s family is excited for her to meet Atharva but Chini takes her to a parlor to mess up her looks. Atharva argues with Rudra as he does not want to meet her.

Episode 591

Imlie grabs a bottle from Atharva and uses it to cool her burning face; not knowing the truth. Atharva gives his approval, assuming that he is going to marry Chini.

Saturday 17 June 2023

Episode 592

Chini sends a message and rejects the marriage proposal on behalf of Imlie when Atharva messages Imlie. Atharva is shocked to learn the truth about his would-be wife.

Episode 593

Atharva is astounded when Rudra announces Imlie is the daughter-in-law of the Rana family. He reasserts his love for Chini and his unwillingness to marry Imlie.

Sunday 18 June 2023

Episode 594

Atharva sends a text to Imlie stating his love for Chini, but she doesn’t read the message. Atharva puts a ring on Imlie, misunderstanding her to be Chini.

Episode 595

Atharva feels restless after getting engaged to Imlie as he wishes to confess his feelings to Chini. Atharva asks Chini to meet him at night.

Monday 19 June 2023

Episode 596

For the sake of Imlie’s happiness, Rudra asks Sundar and Arpita to stop Chini from meeting her after her wedding; Sundar finds Atharva and Chini together.

Episode 597

Chini grows anxious when Rupali warns her not to interfere between Imlie and Atharva. Later, Atharva is shocked when Rudra advances Imlie and his wedding date.

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Episode 598

Tension brews between Imlie and Chini when Chini constantly eyes the necklace, which Imlie believes is a gift from Atharva. Chini wants Atharva to reveal the truth.

Episode 599

Imlie is in danger when she sits under a burning effigy of Raavan without being aware of it. Before the burning idol lands on her, Artharva hurries to assist her.

Wednesday 21 June 2023

Episode 600

Atharva finds himself at crossroads, unable to figure out how to deal with Chini and Imlie. Consequently, he asks his family to start preparing for the wedding.

Episode 601

Seeing Imlie’s jewelry, Chini steals it and plans to flee from the house. When Imlie spots her with the suitcase, she cooks a tale to save her skin.

Thursday 22 June 2023

Episode 602

Chini finds herself in a difficult situation when Rupali forces her to get married to Jatin the next day. Atharva feels heartbroken after hearing this.

Episode 603

Atharva meets Chini and is about to profess his feelings to her when he gets disrupted by his relatives. Chini overhears Atharva claiming that he loves her.

Friday 23 June 2023

Episode 604

Chini calls off the wedding; Rupali asks her to reconsider her decision. While Atharva feels relaxed, Imlie convinces Jatin’s family to accept the reality.

Episode 605

Chini gets jealous when Imlie receives gifts from Atharva’s family for Karva Chauth. Chini secretly meets Atharva and he professes his love for her.

Saturday 24 June 2023

Episode 606

Chini and Atharva confess their feelings. Atharva wants to tell Imlie the truth about his feelings, but the latter performs Karvachauth rituals.

Episode 607

Chini manipulates Atharva and asks him not to leave his house; the Rathores are shocked to see Atharva’s reaction after learning about Chini’s transfer letter.

Sunday 25 June 2023

Episode 608

Anu manipulates Chini against the Rathores and advises her to marry Atharva. Chini and Imlie are overjoyed when Meethi visits the Rathore house.

Episode 609

Atharva and his family arrive for Imlie’s Mehendi; while Atharva and Imlie dance in the program, Chini replaces the Mehendi with spinach paste.

Monday 26 June 2023

Episode 610

Atharva feels guilty for not being able to tell the truth about his love for Chini. While he asks Chini to meet at his house, Imlie misunderstands the gesture and goes to him.

Episode 611

Atharva is astonished when Imlie climbs up to his room at night. She tries to confess her feelings to him, but Chini creates trouble.

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Episode 612

In a bid to degrade Imlie in front of Atharva’s family, Chini informs Rudra about her disappearance; Imlie confesses her feelings for Atharva.

Episode 613

Rudra confronts Atharva and Imlie after spotting them together. Chini pretends to commit suicide to prevent Atharva from telling the truth to Imlie.

Wednesday 28 June 2023

Episode 614

Atharva feels sceptical about Chini’s idea, but the latter reassures him. Chini plans to take Imlie’s place during the wedding ceremony.

Episode 615

Chini harms Imlie by mixing poison in her makeup, which makes her faint. Chini decides to marry Atharva by replacing Imlie and decks up exactly like her.

Thursday 29 June 2023

Episode 616

Chini walks into the temple in place of Imlie and meets Atharva. Chini is abducted by Rudra’s men and Rudra tricks her.

Episode 617

Bribing her with a bag of cash, Rudra threatens Chini and asks her to stay away from Atharva. Some armed men cause chaos at the wedding venue.

Friday 30 June 2023

Episode 618

Chini tells Atharva that despite knowing about their relationship, Imlie wants to marry him for his wealth. Atharva and Imlie take part in the wedding rituals.

Episode 619

Imlie and Atharva complete the wedding rituals and tie the ceremonial knot. Chini feels overwhelmed and intends to dominate Imlie and Atharva’s relationship.

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Imlie Upcoming Episodes 

Chini gets jealous seeing Arto reaching to rescue Imlie from his angry fans. She angrily tears Arto’s poster. Abhishek calls her and asks where is she as he is leaving for the charity event at an orphanage. Chini angrily says she is busy and disconnects call. Rana family watches Imlie and Atharva’s performance and prays god to keep them together this new year. Rudra hopes god gives some conscience to Atharva this new year. Keya comments only Imlie got all the conscience. Diya says lets count and welcome new year. Atharva hugs Imlie when 12 ticks in the watch. Imlie feels nervous. Atharva gets conscious and separates. Chini feels more jealous seeing that and cries that she is alone today because of Imlie.

Manager informs Atharva how Imlie manager managed crowd with her poem. Atharva is surprised. Manager asks Imlie to receive a few poems. Atharva says Imlie is not a poet and recites one of Imlie’s poem, but stops midway. Imlie completes her poem, leaving Atharva in shock. Manager, Ripu, and Ginni praise Imlie and leave wishing them happy new year. Atharvasays Imlie must be knowing these poems as they belong to Chini. Imlie reveals that she writes these poems in Bhaskar Times and her pen name is. Athara says Shayara and asks if she is Shayara? She asks if he identified her. Atharva says he loves Shayara and realizes that Chini lied that she is Ms Shayara. Imlie smiles. Atharva asks if she is not surprised. Imlie says she got tensed, pain, and now can’t get surprised; she since childhood told Chini that whatever belongs to her belongs to Chini, Chini snatched whatever the right she couldn’t give her.
Imlie clashes with Chini. Chini shouts if she can’t see. Imlie confronts Chini for being such a traitor elder sister. Chini gets afraid thinking Imlie will slap her again. Imlie says she slapped her today instead and confronts her for snatching her husband, herself, and today her poems which were her painful voice. She says she used to express her feelings to her mother via poem. Chini says Imliya belonged to even her. imlie says she will not let Chini snatched her voice and walks away from there. Atharva returns home and looks at Imlie’s poems recalling confusing Imlie’s poems as Chini’s. He recalls all the events where Imlie recites poems and thinks he couldn’t understand Imlie’s voice via Imlie herself. Imlie says its okay and offers her new unpublished poem. Atharva asks if she is sure. She says yes.
Atharva recites poem describing about him. Imlie says her world revolves around him. Atharva says he doesn’t deserve her goodness, her friendship, and her poetry. Imlie says art is a blessing, but it became a curse for her. She asks god not to give that art to her again and tears her poems. Atharva says it was her dream. Imlie says it was Imlie’s dream who used to dream, but now both Imlie and shayara are finished. She leaves from his room. After some time, she gets a call from editor to go on a field trip tomorrow and feels excited. Devika and Rudra walk in and praise her for convincing Atharva to attend a concert. Imlie says parents don’t thank children and informs that she is going to a village on a field trip. They bless her. Keya overhears their conversation hiding and plans a conspiracy against Imlie. Atharva doesn’t get sleep recalling Chini’s lies.
Imlie makes preparations for her tomorrow’s field trip before going to bed. Atharva walks in and says if she not getting sleep, she should let Seeta maiya sleep at least. Imlie asks if he didn’t sleep yet. Atharva says he made so many mistakes that he can’t sleep while repenting. Imlie says he should repent after 6:35 a.m. Atharva says his dad used to sing a lullaby for him whenever he used to not get a sleep and requests Imlie to sing a lullaby or recite a poem for him. Imlie switches off light and says Imlie who had light in her heart used to recite poem, now there is only darkness over here. Atharva says he can switch on light and requests her to recite one poem at least. Imlie recites a poem. Atharva claps and asks why did she hide that she is shayara. Imlie says when he can hide so much, why can’t she hide a simple thing. Atharva apologizes and says he didn’t mean that. He asks if she is nervous for tomorrow and encourages her. He falls asleep on chair.


Next morning, Imlie gets ready for the field trip and nervously seeks blessings from her parents. She walks down and learns about a shanti pooja at some. Keya asks Imlie if she doesn’t want to prepare prasad and recalls brainwashing Shivani and convincing her for shanti pooja at home tomorrow. Shivani asks Imlie if she doesn’t want to prepare prasad and asks her to prepare it before Rudra and Devika return from temple. She yells at Imlie that she doesn’t want to do household work. Imlie rushes to kitchen. Keya thinks Imlie can’t handle both house and field work together.

Rathores check Chini’s wedding cards. Anu walks in and asks what are they doing. Arpita and Rupali taunt her that they are busy in wedding arrangement, she must be irritated that they didn’t involve in wedding arrangements. Anu leaves from there fuming. Chini gets angry on Abhishek when she learns that he gave all his savings to orphanage. Abhishek says he doesn’t need money when she is with him. She disconnects call and fumes that he is wasting money on somewhere else instead of her. Anu walks in and tries to brainwash her that she took a wrong decision by leaving Atharva and thinking of marrying Abhsihek. Chini says Atharva is her past and Abhishek is her present.

Atharva smiles remembering Imlie and thinks she must be busy in her field work. he calls her and when she doesn’t pick call messages her to continue her fighting attitude. He walks down and learns about shanti pooja at home. Shivani asks servant to check if Imlie prepared prasad. Atharva thinks Imlie missed her field trip for this pooja. He walks to Imlie and insists her to attend her first field trip and not bother about pooja. Imlie’s boss calls and asks when will she reach. Imlie says she has some work at work. Boss says its her first assignment and he overestimated Imlie and Arav’s daughter and asks her to reach the field soon. Atharva tries to convince Imlie to stop worrying about pooja and go for her field trip.

Abhishek visits Rathore house. Chini scolds her for donating his earnings to orphanage. Rupali says its a good deed. Chini says poor people will get used to easy life,. Ruplai taunts that Chini knows about it more. Abhishek asks Rupali not to insult Chini in front of him and takes Chini out. Arpita, Sundar, and Rupali hope Chini changes over time. Imlie finishes preparing prasad and offers it to panditji. Shivani asks her to grind some sandwoold. Atharva says Imlie needs to visit her field trip. Shivani argues and says let the elders decide. Rudra walks in and says he has decided to let Imlie go on work. Keya says he opposed when she wanted to work. Rudra says she wanted to become MD without qualification, but Imlie is working as a intern for experience. He asks Atharva to drop Imlie to her destination. Shivani refuses to let Imlie go. Imlie agrees to finish pooja first.


Atharva tells Imlie that she is really sr Imlie’s shadow. Boss also praises Imlie. Imlie says its also Atharva’s effort. Boss says they are returning back to Delhi, will she come with them or Atharva. Atharva says its okay as he will search a route himself. Imlie says she will help him with route and asks boss to leave. Atharva smiles at her.
Imlie, Atharva, Abhishek, and Chini return to village when they learn that a bridge is broken on the way is broken. Sarpanch gives them huts to stay. Chini throws tantrums seeing a stinking cow dung filled room. Abhishek says she has to spend night here whether she likes it or not. Imlie spreads a grass on floor and prepares a bed for her and Atharva. Atharva says he thought she is from Rathore family and is not habituated to village life. Imlie says she spent 10 years in Pagdandiya and learnt to be happy with bare minimum. Atharva says even he will learn to prepare a grass bed for her. Chini frowningly says she will not prepare a bed. Abhishek notices Imlie and Atharva happily preparing bed for themselves and says she should learn to be happy from them. Chini says they would be separating soon. Abhishek says seeing them, it looks like they are made for each other and are finding happiness in each other. Atharva and Imlie play around with a lively song in the background. Chini fumes and walks away kicking a pot. Abhishek stands stunned.


Devika informs Rudra that Atharva and Imlie are staying in village tonight as a village bridge broke down. Rudra says its good. Keya comments that inauspiciousness doesn’t leave Imlie wherever she goes. Devika asks her to keep her mouth shut if she can’t speak good. Sundar calls Rudra and informs that Chini and her fiance are already at Pagdandiya. Keya says Chini will create a problem between Imlie and Atharva. Rudra hopes Chini stays away from them. Chini clashes with Atharva. Atharva shows his concern and asks if she is fine. Chini yells him to stop being too cheezy and follow her and walks away from there. Atharva stands heartbroken. Imlie notices that and thinks Atharva helped her a lot today, so she should cheer him up.
She prepares food with Atharva’s help joking with him to cheer him up. She then fils a plate for Abhishek and Chini and goes to give them.
Chini in her usual arrogant tone orders Abhishek to order a salad for him. Abhishek says they ar in a jungle where they don’t even have proper mobile network and offers her chocolate. Chini says she doesn’t eat carbs and is maintining her figure with dieting. Imlie walks in with food. Abhishek thanks her. Chini yells that she must have mixed something and prepared food in a dirty way. Abhishek takes plate and asks Imlie not to bother about Chini’s words. Imlie says she doesn’t. Chini continues to insult Imlie. Imlie leaves. Abhishek gets angry on Chini for being too rude and says there is not even a day spent without them fighting, if she is sure she wants to marry him. Chini gets afraid and tries to change her tone. Abhishek says he wants to live alone for sometime and walks away from there. Atharva and Imlie enjoy sitting in front of bonfire. Atharva thanks Imlie asks if she thinks she can forgive him and start afresh. Imlie sits silently. Next morning, Sundar calls Imlie and chats with her. Imlie describes what happened yesterday. Sundar suggests her to move on with Atharva if she wants to. Abhishek waits for Chini to leave from Pagdandiya. Chini hides. Abhishek hopes she is fine and leaves in search of her. Chini then walks to Atharva and starts her emotional drama. She says Abhishek left her and she has no other option than going in a bus. Atharva says she can come with them. She happily agrees and tries to sit in front seat. Atharva stops her and says this is not her place and asks her to sit in a backseat. Chini sits in a backseat sadly. Imlie recalls Atharva and Sundar’s words and thinks if she shoudl give a chance to Atharva again. She notices Chini sitting in Atharva’s car.