Imlie Friday Update 4 November 2022


Imlie Friday Update 4 November 2022

Aditya calls Imlie on landline repeatedly. Imlie picks call. Anu noticing that picks another receiver. Sundar speaks on the other side. She asks why did he call him and blabbers in her usual style. Anu keeps receiver. Sundar asks her to stop her blabbering and asks if she is fine, if English madam didn’t trouble her much. Adi hearing him picks another receiver and listens to their conversation. Imlie says Anu respected her a lot, performed her aarti, and gave her separate room to stay. Adi thinks Imlie has to face humiliation because of him and even his family stopped supporting her. Sundar warns her to beware of Anu. She lectures him on Tauji and other’s preferences. He says he will do mistake so that they all remember her a lot and call her back home. She disconnects call.

Malini reminisces Adi scolding her for misbehaving with Imlie. Adi walks to her and asks if she is feeling fine. She says yes. He tries to touch her forehead, but she backs off and says she is fine. He says he will give her medicines. She says she already took it and asks him to rest; says they should think of sleeping arrangements. He says she is right. He says she can sleep on bed and he will sleep on sofa. She says sofa is small and he would feel uncomfortable, so she will sleep on sofa. He says he will sleep in Nishant’s room. She says its not good to sleep in different rooms as family will get concerned, so she will sleep on floor. He says he will as he is habituated during his trips. She asks even in Pagdandiya. He says in many places. She thinks she cannot believe he agreed so easily to sleep away from her, she is still hoping that he will tell past few days were

a bad dream and there is no one else between them. She gives him Nishant’s gifted honeymoon trip tickets. He keeps in cupboard. She coughs. He offers her water. She says its okay and sleeps. He wishes good night and sleeps with his back turned towards her and thinks looks tensed, if she is also worried for Imlie like him; he cannot put all the burden on Malini alone as she cannot handle it.

Next morning, Imlie gets ready for college and thinks how will she go without knowing the route. Dev walks to her and says he will drop her to college. Daadi walks in, she touches Daadi’s feet, and Daadi blesses her. Anu walks in clapping and says a man who never went to drop his own daughter to school got ready to drop a servant. Imlie says Dev need not worry as she will go by herself. Dev insists. Anu says he should be ashamed to think of dropping a servant to a college his daughter teaches, what will people think. Dev shouts he doesn’t bother what people or she think. Imlie says she will go by herself from tomorrow. Anu shouts to shut up. Daadi asks to stop arguing, if they brought Imlie here to fight. Imlie says she cannot understand how her family consider a servant as a family member. Dev shouts whatever she says he will drop Imlie to college daily. Anu resists. Imlie requests not to fight as she will stay in hostel. Anu shouts how many relationship will she break, she feels disgusted with people like her. Dev shouts at her to shut up and hopes to show her true face to Malini. Anu asks if Malini will feel happy to call him a family seeing his true face. Dev asks Imlie not to worry as this is also his house and nobody can say anything to him and takes her away. Anu tells Daadi that her son insulted her in front of a servant and she will not forget it.

Adi joins family for breakfast and misses Imlie. Taiji asks if Malini had breakfast. He says she is resting and will have breakfast later. Aparna says its good, she will get well soon if he rests. Sundar serves Adi breakfast, but he denies saying he is not hungry. Tauji asks if anyone spoke to Imlie. Sundar says he did, she is very happy there and is being pampered. Tauji says he wants to talk to her, but cannot call other’s house so soon. Adi thinks there is only one way to meet Imlie.

Imlie reaches college. Her classmates call her GKG/goan ki gori and bully her. She confronts them. They laugh on her language. She thinks these city brats will trouble her more. Teacher walks in and asks Imlie why didn’t she bring someone from her family as her misbehavior with principal demands disciplinary action against her. Imlie pleads that it was not her idea and someone provoked them, she came here from a very humble background, etc. Teacher asks to tell who provoked her as this college as zero tolerance policy towards ragging. Classmates gets tensed hearing that.

Back to T home, Malini joins family. Aparna asks how is she feeling now. She says she is fine now and was getting bored in her room, so she came here. Aparna offers her soup. Tauji plays Suhani Raat Dhalchuki… song on tape recorder. Taiji scolds him to stop this song as he is playing it since 30 years. Their nok jhok starts. Malini laughs and says she will member their nok jhok and this house a lot. Aparna asks what does she mean, if this is not her house, and if she wants to leave home again. Taiji asks if Adi said something. Malini says she got an offer from Mumbai University and is thinking of shifting. Tauji says their bahu is very talented. Aparna says yes. Malini thinks how to inform them that she is going away from Adi and them.

Teacher asks Imlie who told her to give rose to principal, she knows they are her classmates and she should tell their names. Imlie says she is an innocent villager who trusts everyone easily; not differentiating between right and wrong even after being 18-year-old is her mistake and not her classmates’; she has to study with them whole years, so she cannot think bad of them. Teacher says they think bad of her though. Imlie says she cannot end bad with bad and cannot spoil their education, so she is ready to accept her punishment. Teacher says if they need to judge a person, they need to give him/her a power, Imlie had power to punish her classmates, but she didn’t misuse it; she could have restricate them, but didn’t, she they should apologize her. All students apologize her. She says she was fooled because of her because of village language and lifestyle, so they should teach her city language and lifestyle. They agree and walk away.

Adi watching this claps for her. He walks to her and asks how is everything at Mrs. Chaturvedi’s house. She, reminiscing Anu insulting her, says everything is fine. He asks if she is Sundar. He asks what is he asking. He asks again if he is Sundar. She shyingly says he is sundar/handsome. She praises his bodily features and style and says he looks sundar/handsome. She asks what rubbish. She says she feels herself beautiful and blabbers long in her usual style. He says he is talking about servant Sundar, if she thinks he is Sundar. She says no. He says when Sundar called and asked how is she, she lied to him. She asks how does he know she spoke to Sundar. He nervously says that is not important, she should answer if Mrs. Chaturvedi troubles her. She says no. He asks why did she go there and why didn’t she speak to him before going. She asks not to worry about her as Dev and Daadi are there to take care of her. He thinks when they couldn’t inform her amma to give their name to her, how will they take care of her. He asks her to return home with him. She says no as things started getting back to normal now, asks how is Malini and other family members. He asks her to return home and ask herself. She says she will not as its better if she stays away from them and him. He says why should he stay away from her and he can openly announce that she is his wife and he doesn’t want his wife to stay away from him. She says she will go to Anu’s house now. He asks if she knows the route. She explains route. He says its his house’s route and insists to drop her to Anu’s house. She says its wrong. He insists to obey her now and makes her sit behind him as pillion and asks to hold him or else she will fall. She holds his shoulder, and he drives bike towards Anu’s house. Anu while traveling in her car notices them and thinks that girl is cheap from before, but Adi crossed all his limits today; even after Malini attempted suicide, he is still roaming with a maid; she will confront Adi later and will teach Imlie a lesson first.

Mithi while working feels drowsy. Bindiya holds her on time and making her sit asks why is she working in high fever. Mithi says she is fine and asks if Satyakam returned. Bindiya says no, even Prakash is missing, if Satyakam is caught by police that he didn’t come since long time. Mithi says Satyakam doesn’t want to return because of her. Bindiya says she will confront Satyakam when he returns, how can he not bother when Imlie is in trouble. Mithi cries when Imlie herself lied, what anyone can do; Imlie hid the fact that Adi is someone else’s husband.