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Aditya arrives at the venue to surprise Imlie on their wedding anniversary. However, he is devastated to receive divorce papers from her.

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Episode 325

Aryan catches Imlie in the office when she comes out after taking a bath, but she keeps her homelessness a secret. Later, Malini tries to steal Rupali’s phone.

Episode 326

Malini makes an anonymous call to Aryan and lies to him about his office catching fire. Aryan spots Imlie taking shelter in the office and warns her.

Thursday 2 February  2023

Episode 327

Imlie gets rescued by Aryan while a man takes advantage of her. Later, as Aryan offers Imlie his house to stay, someone secretly clicks their picture.

Episode 328

Aryan takes Imlie to his home and notifies his family of the situation. Later, he gives Imlie vital survival advice.

Friday 3 February 2023

Episode 329

Aditya infiltrates the Rathod Mansion to take Imlie with him. Meanwhile, Aryan reflects on his history with Aditya and vows vengeance on him.

Episode 330

Aparna chastises Aditya for his horrible attitude towards Imlie. Later, Aryan makes Imlie drive his car and instils confidence in her.

Saturday 4 February 2023

Episode 331

Aditya gets irritated when Aryan assigns him an unfamiliar task. Furthermore, he asks Imlie to assist Aditya with the new project.

Episode 332

While Aditya mocks Imlie for being promoted, she confronts Aryan for criticising Aditya. Later, Aparna presses Aditya regarding his final decision on Imlie.

Sunday 5  February 2023

Episode 333

Aditya asks Malini to leave the Tripathi house so that Imlie can return. Meanwhile, Aryan declines Malini’s offer to help ruin Imlie and Aditya’s relationship.

Episode 334

Aryan chastises Imlie for being distracted at work. Later, during a heated argument, he reveals to Imlie the pain he is experiencing.

Monday 6 February 2023

Episode 335

Aditya arrives at the venue to surprise Imlie on their wedding anniversary. However, he is devastated to receive divorce papers from her.

Episode 336

As Imlie breaks down, Aryan consoles her and gives her the strength to fight back. Meanwhile, Aditya gets confronted by the Tripathis for divorcing Imlie.

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Episode 337

Aditya publishes the news of his breakup with Imlie in the newspaper. He also misinterprets Aryan’s statement about his relationship with Imlie.

Episode 338

Seeing Aditya fight with some people, Imlie rushes to him. Further, he declares his marriage with Malini and gets Imlie’s sign on the divorce papers.

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Episode 339

Aparna is adamant that the Tripathis will always regard Imlie as a family member. Meanwhile, Malini mocks Imlie for losing Aditya, and the latter replies aptly.

Episode 340

Anu tells Aryan that she wants Imlie to cover Malini and Aditya’s wedding. With Aryan’s encouragement, Imlie accepts Anu’s proposal.

Thursday 9 February  2023

Episode 341

Imlie tries to put off going to work as she feels hesitant to visit the Tripathi house. While Aryan makes Imlie face her fear, Anu pulls a shocking stunt.

Episode 342

Malini is shocked to see Imlie at the house to cover the wedding. While Aditya refuses to let her in, Malini blames Anu for Imlie’s arrival.

Friday 10 February 2023

Episode 343

Imlie comes up with a clever plan to make fun of Anu when the latter orders her to take her interview. Later, Aparna and the Tripathis boycott Malini’s wedding.

Episode 344

Aditya leaves no stone unturned in his quest to hurt Imlie. However, Imlie stands firm to face Aditya’s insults with the help of Aryan.

Saturday 11 February 2023

Episode 345

Aditya leaves no stone unturned in his quest to hurt Imlie. However, Imlie stands firm to face Aditya’s insults with the help of Aryan.

Episode 346

As Anu tries to humiliate Imlie, Aryan intervenes. Later, Aryan becomes speechless upon seeing Imlie dolled up as a lovely Bollywood persona.

Sunday 12  February 2023

Episode 347

Anu gets furious at Imlie for ruining Malini’s Mehndi and tries to slap her but Aaryan protects Imlie. On the other hand, Malini gets confused after seeing no weakness in Imlie.

Episode 348

Malini learns that Imlie and Aditya are both missing and rushes to find them before her truth gets exposed. Later, Aryan learns a shocking weakness of Aditya.

Monday 13 February 2023

Episode 349

Aditya refuses to partner with Imlie during the game but Aryan stops the latter from leaving and dances with her. Later, Aditya opposes Imlie’s remarriage.

Episode 350

While Aparna makes an emotional request to Aditya to not get married to Malini, Anu accuses her of conspiring. On the other hand, Malini feels jealous of Imlie.

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Episode 351

During the Haldi ceremony, Anu tears Imlie’s dress to teach her a lesson. However, Aryan rushes to Imlie’s aid and saves her from being humiliated.

Episode 352

Anu boasts of the price of the Lehenga to Imlie. She calls her a slave and belittles her in front of the guests at the wedding venue. However, Aryan takes Imlie’s side.

Wednesday 15 February 2023

Episode 353

Aditya tells Malini that he cannot marry her as he still loves Imlie. While Imlie tries to run away from the wedding, Malini gets her abducted.

Episode 354

While Imlie is trapped in the car, Aditya grows restless, waiting for her at the temple. When she fails to show up before him, he becomes adamant and goes to the wedding venue.

Thursday 16 February 2023

Episode 355

Imlie arrives at the wedding venue as Aditya applies Sindoor on Malini’s forehead. When she asks for her lost love, Aditya behaves rudely with her.

Episode 356

As Malini and Aditya’s wedding concludes, Imlie bids goodbye to the family and leaves for good. Later, Aryan tries to convince Imlie to stay strong.

Friday 17 February 2023

Episode 357

Imlie comes home with the unbearable pain of leaving Aditya but suddenly gets in the mood of cooking, shocking Aryan. Later, Malini invites Imlie over with an evil motive.

Episode 358

When Malini tries to ridicule Imlie, the latter answers back with a superb Hindi muhaavra that goes over Malini’s head. Later, Imlie replies to Aditya’s taunts.

Saturday 18 February 2023

Episode 359

When Aditya keeps mum after Malini’s confession, Imlie loses control. Moreover, Imlie tries to expose Malini but Aditya stays adamant.

Episode 360

Aditya asks Imlie to leave Aryan to salvage their relationship, but Imlie refuses. Meanwhile, Aditya undertakes a dangerous assignment.

Sunday 19  February 2023

Episode 361

Imlie urges Meethi to watch after Aditya and prays for his safety. Later, Aditya suffers the wrath of Pagdandia’s people for divorcing Imlie.

Episode 362

During the interview with Atanki, Aditya asks him tough questions that he can’t answer. As Aditya’s live news feed goes blank, Imlie suspects danger.

Monday  20 February 2023

Episode 363

Aryan defends Imlie when Anu insults her for living in Aryan’s home and calls her a freeloader. Later, Imlie sings a beautiful song at Aryan’s request.

Episode 364

While Imlie reveals her emotional new year’s resolution, Aryan feels disappointed by her. Later, Imlie convinces the Tripathis to relax and enjoy the party.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Episode 365

Anu intoxicates Imlie and abandons her beneath the grocery sacks. Meanwhile, Aryan becomes concerned as he is unable to locate Imlie.

Episode 366

Anu starts a fire to prevent Imlie from approaching Aditya. Later, Imlie vows to prevent Aryan from assisting Arpita.

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Episode 367

Imlie assists Arpita in overcoming her Pyrophobia. Later, she learns that Anu has been spying on her and decides to teach her a lesson.

Episode 368

Imlie is surprised when Aryan brings in a life-size idol of Seeta Maa. Further, she persuades him to let Aditya broadcast Atank’s interview live.

Thursday 23 February 2023

Episode 369

Atank proves that he is not lying about the bomb, and the Tripathis start arranging the ransom money. Later, Anu offers to help them.

Episode 370

While Aryan hires the best lawyer to get bail for Imlie, she learns about a blast in her village. Later, Satyakaam aids Imlie to escape from the lockup.

Friday 24 February 2023

Episode 371

Malini reveals to the Tripathis about Imlie’s escape from prison. While Dev saves Imlie from the goons, Aryan accompanies her on her journey.

Episode 372

Malini is enraged when she discovers Imlie and Aryan have gone to Pagadandia. Meanwhile, Imlie encounters some unusual folks in the woods.

Saturday 25 February 2023

Episode 373

Imlie and Aryan try to escape from the tribals as they consider her their reincarnated Goddess. Meanwhile, Aditya is given an ultimatum by Atank.

Episode 374

Imlie loses her temper when the cops refuse to give her any information about Aditya. Later, Aryan prevents Imlie from going after Aditya.

Sunday 26  February 2023

Episode 375

Aditya is shocked to find out that Chandlal is Atank while Imlie and Aryan arrive with police to surround him. Later, Aryan saves Imlie from Atank’s final attack.

Episode 376

The Tripathis learn that a person has died in the explosion and that Imlie and Aryan have been wounded. Later, Imlie makes a shocking move in order to find Aditya.

Monday  27 February 2023

Episode 377

The Tripathis learn that a person has died in the explosion and that Imlie and Aryan have been wounded. Later, Imlie makes a shocking move in order to find Aditya.

Episode 378

Imlie and Aryan try to find a way through stormy weather to reach their destination. When Aryan suggests taking shelter, bad memories come to Imlie’s mind.

Tuesday 28 February 2023

Episode 379

Aryan reminds Imlie that they are not friends when the latter offers her emotional support to him. Later, they get surrounded by angry villagers.

Episode 380

Imlie is astounded when Aryan defends her in front of the locals. Later, she swears to put an end to inhuman practises against village women.

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Imlie Upcoming Episodes

Imlie performs aarti with Aryan leaving everyone shocked. Malini confronts Anu if this was her genius Imlie, Imlie doesn’t fail to grab attention. Anu says she sees Adi looking at Imlie and her plan hasn’t failed yet. Adi calls Malini and says its their marriage and they should perform pooja, some people are habituated to snatch other’s things. Malini says they can snatch things, but not love. They perform aarti while everyone watch silently. Arpita with Narmada walks in and panics seeing lamp fire, remembering her husband’s accident. Narmada gets happy seeing Aryan and Imlie performing aarti, then sees Arpita’s condition and asks if she is fine. Arpita says she is trying to cope up. Narmada says they both look so good together. Arpita says Imlie is married, so she
should stop dreaming. Narmada says whatever and continues expressing her happiness. Arpita controls her and takes her to Aparna.


Aparna thanks them for coming. Narmada says her son is also here. Aparna asks if her son is with reporter’s team. Arpita shows Aryan. Aparna stands shocked and remembers Aryan’s growing proximity towards Imlie. She says she will introduce her to her elder bahu and calls Imlie. Imlie is surprised to see Arpita and Narmada. Narmada says she is the sweet and tangy/khatti meethi imlie. Anu taunts Aparna that she is introducing Imlie to Rathores, but doesn’t know that Imlie stays with Narmada’s son. Aparna feels angry no Anu. Aryan notices Narmad and Arpita ask what are they doing here. Narmada says her temple friend Aparna invited her. Aryan says he is here on professional duty and asks them to go home. Malini warns Aryan to be professional as she sees his personal equation with Imlie even at work. Narmada tells Aparna that she really didn’t know that Imlie is her bahu and expressing her desire to get her married to Aryan. Aparna asks not to say that as she gave shelter to Imlie. Arpita says she left her bag somewhere and goes to get in.

Sundar finds Arpita’s bag and questions guests if it belongs to them. After getting a negative answer thinks of opening it, then thinks its unethical. He clashes with Imlie and their nok jhok starts. He informs her about bag. She frightens him that there must be a bomb inside. He panics. Aprita walks in. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and imagines singing a romantic song with her. Imlie shakes him up and says she has gone. Their nok jhok starts again and he runs behind her to punish her, then stops feeling emotional. She asks what happened to him. He says he missing her and hopes she returns back. She shows her reporter card and says if she had not moved out, she wouldn’t have become a reporter. He gets happy for her success. Adi calls Imlie and asks her to teach him to pose with Malini like she posed with Aryan. Imlie gets emotional. Aryan encourages her not to feel disheartened and move on. Imlie tells Adi and Malini that they are posing wrong, keeps Aryan’s hand around Malini’s waist and says she thought they were just friend, but now realized that they are more than friends.
Imlie tells Malini that she is wrong since the beginning and shows her how to pose with Aditya. She then asks photographers to click their pics. Aditya says he has one more pose and kneeling down holds Malini’s hand and tries to kiss her. Nishant tells Rupali that even Adi is troubling Imlie now. Aryan stops the shoot and says its a packup for a day. Anu says he cannot wrap up so early. He warns her that she is his client and not a boss and gives his 3 word gyaan. He then taunts her to get some fresh idea during tomorrow’s function or else her once famous painter husband and jobless daughter’s second marriage with her first husband’s story will not be printed even on page 13. He asks Imlie if she has any fresh idea. She says they should organize a Bollywood theme function and wear colorful dresses to spice up the party. Adi says its is marriage he will decide the theme. Malini says Bollywood theme is good. He says if she says so, then its good. Aryan walks away with Imlie.


Malini picks DDLJ style kurta pajama for Adi and says they should enact Raj and Simran. He remembers Imlie gifting it to him and insisting him to become her Raj. He denies to wear it. Imlie dances on Mere Khwabon me Jo Aaye.. song, wears Simran’s dress, and thinks she should ignore Aditya’s taunts and be professional. She then walks to Narmada who says she looks so beautiful and she says she is Simran from DDLJ. Arpita says she won’t be able to attend function as she is having cold. Imlie promotes Vicks Vaporup Extra Strong balm. At T house, T seniors discuss that they don’t want to attend tonight’s function, but want to for Imlie’s sake. Rupali says they need to stop Adi from marrying Malini. Radha asks why she is worried for Imlie when she is bothered about only Aryan. Aparna says its not like that. Radha asks why Aryan is only focusing on Imlie when he has many businesses to take care of, gave her promotions and kept her at his house. Aparna says she doesn’t doubt Imlie’s intentions as she is pious.

Imlie requests Apartia and Narmada to attend tonight’s function. Arpita agrees and says they will love her Bollywood costume party. Narmada says she wants to enact Hum Saath Saath Hain’s Reema Lagoo and hopes to get at least one bahu with her good luck. Imlie says she is worried for Aryan who is in akkad bagga character always and will not get out of it; she wants him to enact Gabbar Singh and mimics him. Aryan hears that and scolds her. She turns and he mesmerized with her beauty says she looks cute. Surprised, she asks if he said cute. She says she is not and criticizes her to be professional. She continues her nok jhok with him and says she wants to get into people’s mind and make an impression in their brain and walks out smiling, leaving Aryan dumbstruck. Imlie’s anklet falls down. Aryan picks it.
Tripathis continue to discuss how to protect Imlie from humiliation. Anu enters with shooting props and tells Tripathis that her daughter’s marriage will be better than Vicky and Katrina’s marriage. Rupali smirks getting an idea and asks Nishant is she is thinking same. He says yes. She says she will attend party for sure today. Tripathis disguise Bollywood stars and praise each other. Rupali says Imlie will be very happy seeing them. Anu taunts them and calls them a chameleon. Radha warns that she is speaking too much. Anu continues. Aparna says they are attending party for Imlie’s sake and they realized their mistake and correcting themselves. Anu says whatever, she needs to organize function and walk away. Imlie with her team walks in. Anu taunts her that she doesn’t look like DDLJ’s Simran as Simran was from London and of high standards, she is from PGD. Imlie says costumes and a person within are different. Malini with Adi walks in and says they are same even from within as Paro and Devdas were friends earlier and then became couple. Anu performs their nazar praising their jodi. Imlie asks photographer to take Anu’s pic as people think villagers are superstitious, but even high society people are superstitious. Anu warns photographer to delete that pic and asks howmuch money Imlie needs. Imlie says she will think of not printing her pic if she speaks properly.


Imlie then walks to Tripathis and praise their costumes. Harish mimics Shahenshah’s Amitabh Bacchan, Imlie jokes on him. Pankaj mimics Khalnayak’s Sanjay Dutt, Aparna mimics Zeenath Aman, Nishant Mimics Amir Khan, Sundar mimics Munna bhai’s circuit. Aparna says she was remembering Imlie and pray god to keep her happy. Adi comments why she is troubling god and asks Imlie how can she be so happily and act, Rathore has turned her heart into stone. Imlie asks if she should cry if he doesn’t trust her and counts what all he did against her, says she is not weak to cry and breakdown remembering Aryan’s advice and says he lost right to question her and see her crying, etc.

Malini’s mehandi ceremony starts. Anu asks mehandi designers to finish other’s mehandi and concentrate on her daughter as she wants her daughter’s mehandi to look most beautiful. She then claps and calls Imlie. Imlie taunts she is so fond of her to clap with her name. Anu asks her to apply mehandi to Malini as she is good at it. Malini says the best. Imlie denies. Malini asks if she has problem applying mehandi in her elder sister’s hands. Imlie asks if she is challenging her, she always comes first. Malini says she knows her better. Imlie taunts if she cannot digest a village girl progressing so well in 1 year, she will not fail her. Malini asks her not forget to write Adity’a name. Imlie says she need not take tension and just writes 10/10 on her hands. Malini gets angry for spoiling her mehandi.
Anu shouts how dare she is to spoil her daughter’s mehandi and slaps her. Aryan holds her hand. A romantic song plays in the background. Aryan says nobody raises voice against Anu, but he is different and will not tolerate her nonsense. He warns that her every act is being recorded and she may get into trouble and go to jail again, etc. He asks Imlie to follow him and walks away. Radha asks Aparna if she doesn’t think Aryan and Imlie are in a relationship. Aparna says she saw a lot, they couldn’t protect Imlie from Anu, but Aryan protected Imlie and did right in a proper way; she is happy that Imlie has a friend like Aryan. Radha asks if she wants Aryan and Imlie’s relationship to get stronger. Aparna says Imlie even after bearing humiliation is very strong willed. Malini asks Anu why Imlie is so strong and not feeling pain of losing Aditya. Anu consoles her and says she knows even Imlie is heartbroken, she will show her Imlie’s pain which she is hiding.

Imlie thanks Aryan for shutting up Anu’s mouth. Aryan says he was doing his job by protecting his staff, she should go and check footage. She checks footage. He says its not exciting and if they print this in their news paper, they will be at risk. Imlie says they should do something exciting. Anu says he should then as there si a lot of masala in this story, Imlie is Malini’s stepsister and her father’s illegitimate child, in fact she is Malini’s husband’s first wife. She taunts Imlie that she should concentrate on her assignment and watch losing her husband to her stepsister. Imlie stands silently. Anu asks her to give some reaction at least. Imlie says she forgot that Imlie does action and not reaction.

Imlie dances on Tere Ishq Mein Hui Awari Main.. song She clashes with Aryan while dancing. He holds her hand. Janiyaaa.. plays in the background next. Imlie dances around him, falls down, and feels ad looking at Adi. Adi walks away from there. Everyone clap after her dance. Nishant tells Rupali that both negative people Anu and Malini are busy, so they should do something positive. Rupali walks to Imlie, sends her to room where Adi is already present, and locks door from outside. Imlie’s colleague discuss that Imlie is missing after dance. Malini hears that and thinks if they talk again, they will reunite, she cannot let that happen as she got their breakup with great difficulty.


Imlie knocks door and calls Rupali. Adi taunts if she is worried that Aryan will gets suspicious. She says he got suspicious on her and questioned her instead. He confronts her back. Malini opens door and asks what were doing in room alone, asks Imlie if she was trapping Adi again with her helpless acting and emotional blackmail. Rupali tries to interfere. Malini warns her to stop and alleges Imlie that she loves spending time with men, earlier Adi, then Aryan, and now again Adi. Adi says she is mistaken. Malini stops him and says Imlie is jealous and wants snatch her happiness repeatedly. Imlie shouts back that she does same mistake repeatedly. Imlie replies that she never eyed on someone else than her husband and Adi is the evidence. She continues tongue lashing Malini. Adi interferes and says its his mistake that he couldn’t fulfill Imlie’s expectations, Imlie expects better salary and a bigger house, so she is eyeing on Rathore now. He walks away with Malini. Rupali and Nishant feel guilty for putting Imlie in such a situation.

Sundar carries mehandi, clashes with Aryan dropping mehandi on him, and apologizes.
Aryan says its not his mistake. Sundar continues apologizing. Arpita enters saying its Sundar’s mistake. Sundar imagines a romantic song with her. Arpita continues scolding him and gets him out of imagination. Aryan leaves. Sundar offers Arpita to get mehandi applied. Arpita remembers her husband’s fire accident and walks away. Sundar offers Aryan his clothes to change. Aryan gets into a room and hears Harish speaking to his creditor and pleading to give him 1 month to repay his loan and not inform anyone about it. He thinks he will use Aditya’s family to destroy Aditya, but will let him enjoy his marriage first.